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  1. NixZero added a post in a topic heilang yellow bar   

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  2. NixZero added a topic in Tamer   

    heilang yellow bar
    I've noticed that sometimes in mass pvp heilang yellow bar decreases, see attached picture - didnt notice any actual change in its behaviour, do somebody know why this happens and what it entails?

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  3. NixZero added a post in a topic Issue With Pet After Patch   

    sorry but maybe you didnt use it at all, when you select your "attack" command heilang stop being passive and start attacking _ANY_ potential target in range, not what you are pointing at and will continue to attack any potential target in range without returning to its passive state (till channel lag will make it forget its state but that's another issue).
    that's the description of a "state" command, not an "attack my target" command
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  4. NixZero added a post in a topic Issue With Pet After Patch   

    now they are.
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  5. NixZero added a post in a topic PvP for TAMER is STILL POOR! THANKS!   

    do you have a filter that hides rangers and wizards in rbf? <.<
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  6. NixZero added a post in a topic Blessing of Kamasilve OP?   

    + 20% on the drop chance so if you have a 1% chance to drop a ring with the bonus you get a 1.2%, you wont get  a 21%...
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  7. NixZero added a post in a topic Selling Tri Kzarka Shortsword   

    stop spamming.
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  8. NixZero added a post in a topic Shard droprate broken cause of Medal-event?   

    shards are on a separate drop table so they wont get affected by other drops ratings
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  9. NixZero added a post in a topic leveling gear 1-50   

    grunil is generally considered the most versatile choice but gems can get in conflict between different classes, mostly attack speed ones to casting speed others.
    heve too can be a "multirole" good choice, hp is good for everybody.
    agerian its another flexible option
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  10. NixZero added a post in a topic AP/DP for Valencia?   

    you should be able to solo the easier mobs, like goats/naga/fogans, for harder mobs like centaurs your level/equip is way to low.
    frankly you wont gain anything in velia for now, get at least to 56, more dp and more ap (how much of them depends on your class), for now you have much more to gain to keep in mediah, both silver wise and exp wise.
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  11. NixZero added a post in a topic Heilang: Surging Tide   

    heilang  got a cannon hidden inside its fur?
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  12. NixZero added a post in a topic Bat hunting enabled?   

    the one to hunt its not little at all
    looks pretty fun hunting while on horseback.
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  13. NixZero added a post in a topic Enchanting Epheria Fishing Rod (Bug)   

    happened to me, the bug its actually that when degrading it wont do the animation so if you click fast you get degrade+success (failstack loss) so fast that it looks like a single try.
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  14. NixZero added a post in a topic How do you start (engange) your combos in PVP   

    cap its 60%
    checked, flow skill still get "awakening" bonus from their component
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  15. NixZero added a post in a topic What the KR Marketplace Looks Like   

    did you actually read what I write? bdo kr = player increase.  bdo na/eu = player decrease.
    if they decide that adversing so much the current playerbase its worth it in the hopes to get a new audience and new players thing have to be grim indeed.
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