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  1. RNJesus added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    My Maehwa is level 51 and has 120/162 AP/DP and 1200 HP.
    Mobs that are significantly lower than me, e.g. Giants, do little damage if they actually manage to hit me - evasion works as usual.
    However when the enemies are roughly the same level or higher, the defense DP should provide is barely noticeable. I just tested this with a Shadow Knight: One hit, without back damage modifier, took off half my health, i.e. 600 HP. My Witch barely took 150 damage on this level. There is definitely something wrong here.
    Another thing I noticed is the problem with damage. It took 2x max Red Moon and 1 full Dragon's Bite combo to kill a lvl 50 Ranger with 100 dp. That is about 10 seconds with relatively good gear (and accuracy). And some other people where landing a few hits on him at the same time.
    The wonky defense can be worked around with good movement and positioning, so this issue isn't that bad. However, this lack of damage is really irritating. Another problem is the CC. All CC stops barely halfway through each combo. This means that what mediocre damage you could deal is yet again limited by the enemy simply walking out of your biggest hits.
    I just hope my Maewha gets some some bugspray ( )  and maybe some ddamage buffs. I will continue to main it, as it is very fun to play in general.It is just not competetive at all.
    Update: The damage from Shadow Knights seems to be all over the place. Sometimes a back attack does 150 damage. Sometimes a front attack does 200 or 300. This is weird.
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  2. RNJesus added a topic in Suggestions   

    Just some QoL
    Hey everyone, I just want to share a few possible quality of life improvements with you.
    Allow us to further filter the chat - I don't enjoy gquest messages popping up 3 times every secondFamily name instead of character name in the chat 
    That's all for now.
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  3. RNJesus added a post in a topic Potion Drinking Simulator 2016 and Bonus on Karma Cap   

    Mana, or whatever you want to call it, is pretty essential to class balance and playstyle.
    You could regulate everything via cooldowns, but that gets rather complicated rather quickly. However it would still be better than the spamfest that is the current playstyle.
    Overall, I would prefer to have such a rescource, as it provides more diversity in class playstyle and also is more fun in the rescource management department.
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  4. RNJesus added a post in a topic Potion Drinking Simulator 2016 and Bonus on Karma Cap   

    I would prefer it to not have things like regeneration food in the game, as it would pretty much ruin the fast pace of the game.
    Classes that are burst-heavy, e.g. Ranger and Sorc, should run out of mana relatively quickly, but regain it pretty fast via their regeneration attacks.
    Classes that lean more towards sustained damage, e.g. Warrior and Valkyrie, should last a good while on their mana pool. However, their mana-regeneration attacks should take longer to regenerate that mana pool. Something along the lines of 25% to 50% longer.
    If this was the case then there would be no need for mana pots. It would also improve class balance, as burst classes couldn't just use their burst all the time, as is the case right now.
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  5. RNJesus added a post in a topic Potion Drinking Simulator 2016 and Bonus on Karma Cap   

    As far as I know Pearl Abyss stated that they will never make a dedicated support/healer class.
    Also, making a new class wouldn't really fix the other classe's problems. Additionally, you would force every group to have a character of that class and that is not really a good idea.
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  6. RNJesus added a topic in Suggestions   

    Costume - simple, black knee-high socks
    I don't know. I just like them. All that underwear that covers the legs atm doesn't really fit my outfit.
    Please, my Witch is cold at night and needs something to wear! Pretty please, PA?

    Some lazy paint "art" to make my point
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  7. RNJesus added a post in a topic Potion Drinking Simulator 2016 and Bonus on Karma Cap   

    It seems you are onto something there. I was looking at this from a rather narrow perspective, i.e. a player who doesn't killsteal and is generally nice to other players. Maybe tie the lost exp to something, e.g. karma or karma lost over a period of time?
    However the karma system is, as Daum is aware, not a real solution to restrict open PVP. It really favours large groups and guilds, as they can divide the lost karma between the players.
    I think they should also give you some form of bonus once you are at the karma cap.
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  8. RNJesus added a post in a topic Potion Drinking Simulator 2016 and Bonus on Karma Cap   

    I find "being salty" or "salt" just to be a much better expression and happen to like it very much. Again, sue me
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  9. RNJesus added a topic in PVP   

    Potion Drinking Simulator 2016 and Bonus on Karma Cap
    Hello..... prepare for a bit of salt - you have been warned
    I. Potion Chugging Simulator 2016
    PVP in general and the Red Battlefield in particular are pretty much the Potion Chugging Simulator 2016, no doubt about it.
    But is that really necessary?
    The short answer is as far as I am concerned: NO.
    It is absolutely unnecessary, as it does not provide any form of fun gameplay, but quite the opposite. Burning hundreds of thousands of silver in pots is just bloody irritating and absurd. And if you don't do it, you are not competitive. This is especially rediculous in the Red Battlefield atm - if you have played atleast one round, you will know what I mean.
    But most classes don't have even decent HP and MP sustain (the witch has all the sustain, atleast in PVE - not so much in PVP) and this makes potions necessary. IMO every class should be more or less able to sustain a good amoutn of HP and MP through their skills alone. This would promote player skill, as rescource management would be more than just spamming potions  every 5 bloody seconds. 
    Potions should be more of a " Oh sh*** "- button with a long-ish cooldown (like 60-90 seconds) that restore a lot of rescources.
    II. Bonus for staying at 300k Karma
    Instead of just punishing players for losing karma, why not give them an incentive to not PK in the first place?
    The solution: Once you are at the Karma cap of 300k for an hour, you get a rather meaty bonus.
    An example: +20% exp / + 1 energy per 3minutes / +10% drop rate / +1 gathering, fishing and luck
    This should only give boni to PVE activities, no bonus to stats that affect PVP. The Karma bonus is not supposed to grant an advantage in any form of PVP!
    Good day you filthy peasants
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  10. RNJesus added a post in a topic Witch Costumes - Can PA make us some good ones?   

    Yeah, if it was a full-length costume instead of the usual pay-to-wear-less "miniskirt", then that outfit would be good. However, it still wouldn't fit the "Witch" theme.
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  11. RNJesus added a topic in Suggestions   

    Witch Costumes - Can PA make us some good ones?
    All things considered, to me it feels like Witches pretty much get the shaft when it comes to costumes.
    There have been like 20 Witch costumes (not outfits) released so far in the different versions of the game. Of those I have only seen 4 that would actually be acceptable for me.
    Those, in addition to the pre-order costume (that needs pants) would be:

    I would actually like the Karlstein outfit too, were it not for the "pants".
    My point is: Not only does the Witch have too few costumes that are actually good (imo), but even those do not fit the theme. If you guys at Daum could poke the guys at Pearl Abyss to make a few, that'd be great.
    So, you might ask, what would be the proper "Witch" theme?
    Witches are not really female wizards, those are usually called "sorceress". While wizards are your stereotypical "good guy" magic caster, with all that shiny shit like magic projectiles and fireballs, witches are not. In folklore witches are much more "evil". They usually do hexes, curses and blood magic, that sort of thing. This means that they are sort of the Sorceress class in BDO. This, of course, means that they pretty much messed up the names of the classes. The WItch - when looking a her kit - is really the Sorceress, while the Sorceress should be called the Witch.
    Now that means that we should rather focus on the (real) sorceress theme. This would be all about robes and silly hats. Although, it would also allow for more skimpy "armour". All in all, the "Witch" should look all kinds of fancy. But every outfit, especially the skimpy ones, would need long pieces of cloth, not the miniskirts and pseudo-hotpants we have currently. A good example would be the female wizard's armour in Diablo III.
    Here are some examples I think would do the theme justice:

    I'm not sure about the cleavage on the last one though.
    On that topic - here are a few good onse that shouldn't be exclusive to Sorceress and/or Jailbait (aka Tamer), that would (sort of) fit the theme:

    I hope I have some people out there that think the same!
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  12. RNJesus added a topic in Suggestions   

    In-game and Forum Improvements
    Hey everyone, I would like to share some ideas I thought of.
    1. Outfits - Solution to balance profit and customer approval - Win /Win
    Players don't want to look like some peasant and Daum wants to run a business. Why not have both?
    "Just" make a sort of "wardrobe". This means that the outfit types (i.e. Karlstein, Bern, ...etc.) are stored on a family-wide level and can be "retrieved" by any of your characters.
    If you then buy the Karlstein-outfit for your Witch, your Ranger can now equip the Karlstein outfit. The Weapon outfits that are not included in the package you bought would have to be bought seperately, but also use the "wardrobe"-system. 
    This way, Daum's profits would propably increase: The cost-value relation seems much better, so more players would buy atleast one outfit. Also, the players that have already bought one outfit and didn't want to pay the price for another one, seeing how little it would get them, would now consider buying another one for their Alts.
    This would require a lot of work (propably), but in the end it would be a win-win for everyone.
    2. Auction house fee
    The auction house fee of -35% really feels like it severely cuts your profits for no good reason. Please, reduce it to like 10-15%.
    3. Shared professions (family-wide)
    With the family system in place this seems like it should be a thing. The current system just feels weird and unnecessary. It also reduces the incentive to play other characters
    1. Sorting options
    This might need a bit of work. Currently, one can only sort by "Last Reply", "Start Date" and things like that.
    This means that If one wants to see what is currently in discussion, one will  get all the pre-release topics.
    So what I would like to see is a option to only show the topics of this day/week/month.
    2. Communication
    Daum really needs to communicate more with the playerbase.
    For example, a really big update is scheduled for the next few day. However, we know next to nothing about it. We know that Daum said that nodewars would be available one month after release, so it could be just that. The problem is that they where saying "expansion", which would mean the Mediah update.
    If Daum could give us atleast a vague idea what to expect in the near future and not at the same time the updates are released, this would go a long way to avoid confusion like this and additionally would improve company-community relations.
    3. Staff Tracker
    On that note, the Staff Tracker only seems to track (duh!) staff topics - why not staff replies though?
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  13. RNJesus added a topic in Suggestions   

    This is change - or is it?
    Hello to everyone out there, I am just another BDO player who thinks he can do it better than the devs. Here are some of my suggestions.
    Keep in mind, this is written by a filthy Conqueror's pack owner (because I really like this game from a gameplay perspective - sue me :P) and proud level 50 Witch.
    1. Cash shop prices - Is this B2P or F2P?
    Not really much to be said about this, ~30 € for a character limited costume and weapon skin is too bloody much, plain and simple. Make it 10€ per set and you can still get a good profit out of it. The other items are less of an issue, but could still use some price reductions.
    Most people spent 50€ or more on this game and are still treated like they are F2P players. The Explorer's pack people might not be as rich - or stupid - as the rest of us; however, they too do not deserve a business model that is as shady as this (mh somehow the first part of this sentence seems a like a bit of a prick - sry about that).
    TL/DR: reduce the prices you bloody thiefs (sorry about the strong language)
    2. Dyes
    Considering the price, one would think that they would come with unlimited uses. Well, you would be wrong.
    I do not mind the RNG element too much; nevertheless, they should just adopt the Guild Wars model - or even better -  the Warframe model. I know I am spoiled.
    Dyes that you already have should then be sellable on the marketplace for silver.
    TL/DR: unlimited uses
    3. Witch armour / outfits / costumes
    Witch is the only class I have played so far, as I am a lazy person and like big aoe attacks. I really like the playstyle and the frankly ridiculous sustain.
    The is only one problem I have so far - the armour.
    All the regular armour I have seen so far makes you look like some 3rd tier acolyte of some backwater magic school. Compared to the other classes it just feels lacking.
    Now on to the cash shop "armour" :
    Currently, you have the option to look like a hooker from the waist down (I am looking at you Karlstein costume) or a fairy tale wizard. Only the silly tree costume seems ok.
    However I like the preorder costume, except for the brown linen/leather parts at the hip and the lack of actual pants.
    All the while pretty much every other class has some decent costumes (not counting the pedo tamer - I mean really?) that really fit the theme of the class.
    Why not something like this:

    Alright,  this is everything I have for now, thank you for reading.
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  14. RNJesus added a post in a topic Witch Pre-Order Costume - Why no pants though?   

    I prefer my female chars not to look like a slut? Protection?
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  15. RNJesus added a post in a topic Witch Pre-Order Costume - Why no pants though?   

    Ah ok.
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