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  1. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Sieges went from sheild wall+ranged support+initiators to wizards+fodder   

    Yea the game needs to be reverted back to this asap. I want my gameplay to be so slow and boring I can sit on the walls and chill during a siege, like the two guys @10:10.
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  2. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    What? Where your stats end up is the first decision you make as a player. Also, If you're saying that you just mindless spam your skills without trying to bait/avoid major hits, counting the cds of your opponent's major attacks, or adjusting your combos depending on the situation, then you are doing it wrong as a PvPer.  
    Accuracy doesn't completely negate the skill required by the player. Accuracy is a common stat in most RPGs and one you almost always build for if able(unless the base is already high).
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  3. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    The gameplay being more "enjoyable" at a slower pace is subjective. I've always thought the original vids look rather boring compared to what we have now.  Maybe it's fun for someone that wants to attack mobs and look at animations, however as a PvPer I prefer having to make split second decisions. Despite its flaws, BDO is still one of the few(not WoW) MMOs with a strong player base. 
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  4. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    I like how he proudly posts a video of killing players that obviously have no clue what their skills do or are just trying to run away. Yup, class is definitely OP. This thread has inspired me to go to the nearest middle school and show the world how great my boxing skills are now. 
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  5. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    I'm curious, was PanPan using evasion gems in the chest also?
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  6. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    Nah we don't need Wiz only channels. 
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  7. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Striker Gameplay   

    Not yet. When there is it'll probably show on http://form1ca.ru/media/bdo/calc/calc_01war.html first.
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  8. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Witch needs buff!   

    I clicked on this thread for the Kappa and now I'm sad..
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  9. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Why is there no increasing res timer for being killed by the same person?   

    You either don't open pvp much or you're always dying when you do. Almost daily I run into an elion tear spammer and gear isn't much of a factor, considering I'm "middle of the road" myself. I've just barely beaten a player and then he instantly pops up to pressure me again. The worst are the wiz/witches, or even the zerkers, because we all know how difficult it can be to land a kill against them. 
    Putting an increased cd on elion tear spamming does NOT open up the karma system.. The red player is still losing karma by the boat load for each kill and the player can still rez on the spot. The difference is the more he dies the longer he'll have to wait. In most cases spawning at the node manager is still a quick option, so it's not like the defeated will be completely stripped of their ability to go PvE. The change I'm suggesting will ONLY stop the spamming of elion tears, which is how it should have always been for a PvP death. After someone gets a kill(regardless of which side of the karma system they fall on) they should be able to get some breathing room to recover. That's simply fair gameplay. 
    The current system only promotes the whaling of elion tears and this minor change would at least make it more balanced.
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  10. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic What is the most boring class? Strawpoll!   

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  11. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Which class do you main?   

    Wait.. more ninjas than War? You guys really are good at hiding!
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  12. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Why is there no increasing res timer for being killed by the same person?   

    No, you'd just be constantly insta rezzing on the spot and being annoying(ie griefing) at the very least until you eventually killed me. The minor karma hit from flagging is nothing and if our guilds were at war then you wouldn't even get that. The point is insta rezzing(especially on the spot) after a PvP death has never been an acceptable mechanic. Which is why it is almost never allowed in any game with PvP. If there is no rez timer then the spawn is usually far away from the area of death to give the victor a chance to recover.
     This is a basic mechanic of any PvP environment.  I'm worried because it happens frequently enough and it's very annoying to deal with someone with a seemingly endless supply of tears. The moment they rez you can either wait to let them fully recover before they reengage or be karma bombed and kill them as soon as they get up. 
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  13. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Striker extended trailer   

    Honestly I'm not much of a car guy and as being such I still stand by what I said. Give me the faster one that handles well and is reliable. We can play dress up with it later. 
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  14. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Why is there no increasing res timer for being killed by the same person?   

    What if you're the "douche" trying to pk me, but instead I pk you because I'm the better(or maybe more geared) player? Then you proceed to just keep rezing over and over in hopes that you'll finally land a kill or to just be annoying. 
    The potentially endless spamming of elion tears, after a pvp death, is a broken mechanic. It doesn't matter which side uses it. I can't think of any other MMO that continued to allow instant rezzing after a PvP death. 
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  15. Ace_SiN added a post in a topic Striker extended trailer   

    The class looks cool, but I can't say I'm hyped about it. Performance is far more important than aesthetics, so I'll have to wait and see how good it is once it's released. 
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