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  1. Jeoul added a post in a topic Ahon Kirus Armor   

    this costume is one of the best looking out there, more than 75% on the pearlshop i dare say. 
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  2. Jeoul added a post in a topic Update : Eu mem market improvement   

    Yeh whats going on....
    Yeh whats going on....
    Yeh whats going on....
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  3. Jeoul added a post in a topic Best piece of advice for a new player   


    never feel you need to be like 240ap / 290dp etc etc to be competitive. If you join the right guild you will be competitive with similar guilds with similar gearscores. 
    When enchanting never be too hasty and make sure you have backups (not doing this made me rage quit for 3months)
    When you feel burned out from grinding, then try other things lifeskilling, trading, hunting etcetc. 
    Do as much main quests as possible to build your CP and energy, ready for node investing to make passive income. 
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  4. Jeoul added a post in a topic DK Dande Pre-Order price?   

    I have 2 dandy boxes sitting in my storage.. hit me up in game when its out
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  5. Jeoul added a post in a topic Goose Egg Questin   

    For some odd reason the black spirit quest wasnt available on my main, try selecting an alt and the quest should appear, after that everything will be answered
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  6. Jeoul added a post in a topic Morghulis - [Siege Guild] [Level 59+] [Arena Test Req] [HIGH PAY FOR CANNONEERS!]   

    NakedToast here boom, very interested in the node/casual sub guild, since Tekeii said im too pleb for the main atm FeelsBadMan
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  7. Jeoul added a post in a topic New craftable costumes in Korea?   

    Bottom left looks top notch, always welcome costumes that don't look like something out of Ann Summers 
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  8. Jeoul added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    Thats 'Valk's Cry' be-careful what you wish for
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  9. Jeoul added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    Same the D/C is strong ==
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  10. Jeoul added a post in a topic Reasons for increased playerbase?   

    Definitely the release of DK, the weekends numerous channels are 'crowded' . But pre-DK there has been a rise too, many have come back after realizing the sale of pearls items wasnt so bad. 
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  11. Jeoul added a post in a topic why is everything kida greyed out a bit   

    There is currently no male Dark Knight. As for the colours, different time in the day? Cloudy sky? Raining? All these can effect the 'colours'
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  12. Jeoul added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    Address what tho? This is in-game 'politics' theres nothing for admins to do. 
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  13. Jeoul added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    been stuck at 2 in the que for the past 15mins 
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  14. Jeoul added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    They are probably getting ideas from this event and going to implement a pearlshop item 'skip que' for 1000 pearls
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