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  1. Skarren added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    a change is probably needed, but a change can't just happen from a one sided view, there will always be consequences, you would have to make sure that any change, wouldn't impact a much larger segment of the playerbase.
    while some of us would love nothing more then to keep a spot to ourselves at times, there is nothing in the games rules that state you can't grind somewhere just because someone is there.
    Not everyone that shows up at a grindspot where someone is, is actually out to "grief" you, despite what some may think. Does it happen? ofcourse humans are bastards
    Respawn in a town if killed in pvp? sure, but you would have to think carefully how to implement it, if it happend imediatly upon the first pvp death, you would have people killing others just to send them back to town for giggles, and i'd bet my last cookie this would include some of the more......rabbid......karma complainers.
    the question is, how would you balance this? i have no idea.
    bringing back the exp penalty has been mentioned here in the thread already, and i agree with it, it's not a sollution, it would just brind back a whole new level of griefing.
    it happend to me, very  very seldom mind you, that someone just randomly killed me and went "lolz enjoy the exp loss", and again people that feel they have been wronged by karmabombers as you put it, would be out looking for "vengance" of sorts, not all naturally, but enough to make it an issue, atleast on the forums.
    The best solution in my opinion? a simple increased respawn timer upon repeated pvp deaths, preferably narrowed down to if killed by the same player, but the spawn timer itself would have to have a capped celing, of say 5 to 10 minuttes, anything more and you would risk a loss of players i think.
    rambling over
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  2. Skarren added a post in a topic Karma Bombing Prob?   

    A) could work...technically. And it is a decent compromise, but it would require some restrictions.
    People are, and always will be...assholes There would  players that wouldn't even blink wasting a little bit of karma, just to send people back to town just for giggles, for something like this to work, one has to look at it from several sides, not just factoring inn a grind spot scenario.
    The problem is making a solution that works for the majority playerbase, a company will almost always do this, every change made to the PK/general pvp systems, will have to factor inn potential problems that could result from it.
    Personally, i'm more in favor of simply having an increased spawn timer on the node, nobody sane would keep running back to a grind spot, if it would result in several minuttes of respawn every time.
    Ofcourse everything here could be negated by blowing pearls on Elion's anyways, but thats a diffrent scenario all together.
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  3. Skarren added a post in a topic I WANT NEW COSTUMES   

    My maewha is desperate for a new costume if i'm perfectly honest, and i'm going by the unique for maewha train of thought here.
    I think maewha is the class that has the least class unique costumes at the moment? used my awakening costume since they added it ages and ages ago, the non class specific costumes don't really interest me as i feel most of them never really fit their class all that well.
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  4. Skarren added a post in a topic Are we actually getting the KR contest outfits   

    While there are several outfits i am eagerly waiting for, it made a lot of sense releasing the winter themed and holiday themed costumes now.
    And with them out of the way, it must mean the stuff i actually want, can come soon...ish
    Particularily the white and black tamer costume (metal kitten one doesn't really interest me) and the newest awakening costume for the Witch.
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  5. Skarren added a post in a topic Kunoichi Night Cat costume   

    i like them both, but i'm partial too the black one, not necesarilly for it's...ahem.....assets, but it's a bit more simplistic in it's design.
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  6. Skarren added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 23rd   

    You can also just buy the awakening weapon, nothing else needed, costs about 720 pearls, i just bought the spear as i had the set
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  7. Skarren added a post in a topic Awakening! Valkyries Sound Off!   

    well the valk is one of the classes i have at 56 or higher, so i'll try it atleast ^^
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  8. Skarren added a post in a topic [POLL] Which boss armor did you get?   

    Muskans for me, plesant surprise as i was certain i'd get red nose
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  9. Skarren added a post in a topic Wiz/witch things on this patch   

    Pfft meaningless class adjustments, pale in comparison to the glorious new costume we got! fashion is the true goal in the game!
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  10. Skarren added a post in a topic Patch Notes - October 12th   

    finally! the long awaited (for me) witch costume...take my money!
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  11. Skarren added a post in a topic Patch Notes - September 28th   

    *sigh* an other cash shop update and no Deneb for witch in sight, oh well theres always next awakening......i...guess
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  12. Skarren added a post in a topic Golden Dagger and Backpack.. what do I do with them?   

    Any npc you might find, mind you i recommend doing it in a city so it's not transfered to some random bank in the middle of nowhere ^^
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  13. Skarren added a post in a topic [Lvl. 55] Combat Level-Up quest has been added.   

    they did more, i can't even pick it up, on any of my characters
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  14. Skarren added a post in a topic Level 55 combat quest Where does it start?   

    Is there any pre requisite for this quest? i have it in my suggested quest list, use the autopath to get there, that works just fine.
    But there is no quest there to be picked up, checked on several characters, 55 valk, 55 maewha and a 56 tamer, none of them can pick up the quest.
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  15. Skarren added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 24th   

    Tamer outfit looks nice, but......still no Witch Deneb costume, why do you hate my money?
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