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  1. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Awakening placement   

    What exactly are you concerned about? The gap? If so,  I don't think that will change. The warrior has the same issue with their shield. I noticed this after the first week or so of launch and it doesn't look like theirs any intent to change it.
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  2. nclacs99 added a post in a topic How do you deal with a dark knight?   

    Log jumps and grabs. 
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  3. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Durability loss wizard vs ninja comparison   

    Thanks for posting this. When talking about class balance, it's important to bring up PvE (not just PvP). This topic is a big deal and I hope it gets some attention.
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  4. nclacs99 added a post in a topic what is the meaning of changes in the new patch?   

    For the highlighted text: I think it is basically saying that you can use Murderous and Ghost step to cancel the animations of the skills listed (although I'm not sure what "dual sword canceling" is).
    I'm at work though... can anyone confirm?
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  5. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Ninja seems subpar   

    Awakened ninja is much better. Ability-wise you get some hard hitting skills for PvE, one especially hard hitting skill for PvP, but you lack the amount of SA on offensive skills compared to other classes. You will most likely feel squishy unless you build DP to the high 200s. Playstyle-wise, you lose sideways mobility but gain damage. And in PvP you will be switching weapons often compared to other classes.
    The playstyle compared to wiz is much different. If you like wiz, you may not like ninja.
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  6. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Feeling bored   

    I started playing this game as a warrior. It was fun when we were considered one of the "weaker" classes (pre awakening). After awakening I realized how easy/boring it was, I rerolled ninja and never looked back.
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  7. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Feeling bored   

    Yeah but are you going to enjoy the game more just based off better numbers in node wars?
    I've been thinking about this too. I don't get nearly as many kills as W/W/W or sorcs in my guild, but my K/D ratio is good and I'm good at recon/disrupting.
    I hear ya man...I just hit 60 recently and don't want to grind...My gear is decent, but could use improvement. But instead of rerolling, i'm going red (for the second time) for awhile.
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  8. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Feeling bored   

    So disappointed in you right now. 
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  9. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Ninja 56 gear/stone   

    Wait what? You don't have a main hand weapon? You will probably want a TRI Yuria or Rosar (eventually kzarka). Looks like you are missing a secondary... I'd get a TRI estique shuriken.
    Don't worry about an alchemy stone for now. Your accessories are pretty good for your level so I wouldn't worry about them now. Focus on getting weapons and armor to TRI.
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  10. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Dear Ninja Community, Musa Here...   

    Yeah some of it is probably my lack of skill, some could be lag, but I think most of my failures to execute this come from a combination our slow animation on 100% BSR and ease at which we are knocked out.
    Don't get me wrong, I've definitely blown up some back lines and disrupted bases, but its not a guarantee every attempt.
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  11. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Dear Ninja Community, Musa Here...   

    This is great in theory, but your enemy really has to be complacent in order to land this. This is mainly what I do during node wars, the problem is that we get knocked out of our animation easily bc it is so slow.
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  12. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Recent RBF data   

    If our animations were faster and/or we didn't have those awkward "frozen" moments after a lot of our skills, I would be more than happy. (Referring to @Xenon's #2 topic in his post above).
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  13. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Ninja grab on Zerker   

    Nah. I doubt they'll respond. Bigger fish to fry.
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  14. nclacs99 added a post in a topic Ninja grab on Zerker   

    GMs were notified in this thread:

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  15. nclacs99 added a post in a topic GVG Buffs   

    That's an interesting one. A movement speed buff to our stealth would be nice and wouldn't make us overly OP in 1v1.
    Another one could be that our serpent's ascension damage carries through, even if we are interrupted. I don't think this would have a drastic effect on 1v1.
    A little off topic but....
    Tracking kill "assists" or implementing a way to mark targets or provide real time Intel to your team would make ninjas more valuable.
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