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  1. The_Lord added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    so if you could buy pen gear in the cash shop it wouldnt be p2w but "faster advancement " because you can get pen gear in game without spending money in cash shop ? Lol people are retarded ... it is considered p2w stop denying that , is it major and game breaking tho ? I dont think so but its still a little bit p2w. 
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  2. The_Lord added a post in a topic 100x Exp Server   

    Thats how the game is you should know what you are getting into before playing this game , its an amazing game but not for everyone. This game is a marathon and its nothing like wow and the other mmos, if you dont like it just dont play, crying on the forums wont change anything
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  3. The_Lord added a post in a topic Help on Build   

    i don't think you need red coral, it doesn't hurt tho , for pve you don't really need acc you will want a zarka no matter what in the end so yes get that , but for pve all you want is zarka bhegs and kutum , you can add a red coral if you feel like it , for pvp tho believe it or not saiyer will deal more dmg consistantly than a nouver it's been tested in many different scenarios against different type of set up and saiyer always come out on top, and you have more than enough acc with zarka bhegs and saiyer again red corals never hurts having 1 tet rce is always nice but that's up to you. 
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  4. The_Lord added a post in a topic Could someone break down DK for me please? Thinking of Maining   

    DK awakening is super fun and super strong and super mobile , you have so many iframes and dash you can chain all of them to have insane mobility + you have a few super armor and a block , probably the best pve grind speed after witch/wizard great in both 1v1 pvp and large scale siege/node wars, about the look of the skills and animation you can just watch a gameplay video of dk awakening and see for yourself. Also you want to be lvl 58 to see how dk really play , it's not bad at 56 but you get your 2 flows on your 2 big main aoe skills at lvl 57 and 58, before that you will find that you need to use some non awakening skills at time because everything is on cooldown but keep going because at 58 the class gain a huuugeee amount of damage + having your 2 flows will make a huuuugee difference
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  5. The_Lord added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    it's a combination of luck(rng) and dedication i would have to know how much time you can play and you are willing to play everyday and how hard you are willing to grind 
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  6. The_Lord added a post in a topic Chain CC's have to go!   

    the goal is to avoid getting cc in the first place , that's why you have things like block , super armor and iframes you have to react quick and make the right decision at the right time , that's what make the combat and pvp so fun
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  7. The_Lord added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    so you compare the gameplay of a lvl 1 to a lvl 60 ...... ? and you cry that it's not calm enough and it's too fast wtf ? 
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  8. The_Lord added a post in a topic Is it possible to only buy gear?   

    yes if you can afford to spend some money on the cash shop that will help you out ,it depends on how much you are willing to spend.
     I would say get 4 pets is the first thing you should buy if you dont already have those
     you said you have 5 months of value pack so you are good with that for now.
     weight limit is really important aswell but you have to be sure that you will stick to your class because if you get your awakening and you dont like your ranger anymore and want to reroll you wasted money and its only good for 1 character. If you are struggling with weight/inventory management i would buy storage maids before weight/inventory increase until you are 100% sure you will stick to this class
    You can sell a maximum of 5 costumes per week on the market place which sell for 20-25m each but its around 120$ so if you can afford it it will help you as a new player to get started it help you buy decent gear to be able to farm more money (i dont recomend this unless you are really impatient and you dont care about spending that much money because later on you can make 100m pretty easily) 
    And last but not least artisans memory, honestly i recommend you to learn how to enchant properly  and how to failstack and all that because its really easy to enchant up duo (+17) and even tri (+18) if you know how to do it right 90% of the time you will save a lot of money doing it yourself and tbh its not as bad as people say of course you get -----ed by rng sometimes but thats part of the game BUT if you dont mind spending a few $ artisans memory is the best thing to buy if you want to save a ton of silver and easily enchant your gear (boss armor/ weapons, liverto and blue awakening) and catch up to the average player in terms of gear really fast.
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  9. The_Lord added a post in a topic Is it possible to only buy gear?   

    yes best advice i can tell you is take your time and just enjoy the game, learn as much as you can because there is a lot to learn and it is very overwhelming at first.
    Just like you i started at launch and i was trying to keep up with everyone rushing through levels and didnt really know what i was doing and i stopped playing after a week or two. Came back 2 months ago and i am having a lot of fun.
     Keep in mind tho this game is a marathon, you have to catch up in terms of level and gear and there is a lot of grinding to do but best tip i can give you is take your time and enjoy the game, try not to do the same thing all the time. You want to grind as much as you can but you also want to mix it up aswell do some life skills, go to world bosses, go to the arena for some duels if you are into pvp etc. That way when you get tired of grinding you can go do something else and stay entertained, you will see if you just play and enjoy the game money and gear will come along.
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  10. The_Lord added a post in a topic Are Red Corals Earring Overkill ?   

    sicil neck + cent belt with evasion off hand 2 eva gem in helm is really op on witch/wiz , you can drop your ap quite a bit and still do so much dmg but you become really tanky with that set up, full ap on witch/wiz isn't the way to go 
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  11. The_Lord added a post in a topic Game... Objective?   

    it's an mmo ... you have to spend hundreds of hours from day one to be able to reach '' end game '' and be competetive in pvp just like most games out there, idk why you are playing mmos if you complain about that. It's not your typical mmo, it's more of a sandbox game and you do whatever you want to do , the game doesn't hold your hand and i agree it does a terrible job at explaining to you all the content and mechanics that this game has to offer but it's not just grinding , you want to grind for lvls and it's really good money of course but in this game you have to do life skills and try to pick and chose what you like and enjoy , you can't do everything because there is just too much and if you only grind you will get tired of it really fast.
    The game doesn't really start until you are 56 and get your awakening weapon , then you can really start to gear up and set up your node empire, hire worker start focusing on life skills and set up a passive income. When you have decent gear enough you gonna want to start doing world bosses as much as you can which will give you good loot for money and a chance to get boss gear. Try to join a guild and when you reach lvl 57-58 ( you can even at 56 if you really want to ) with decent gear you can start participating in node wars which is a lot of fun. Basically the leveling process and gearing process is a lot of grinding yes but you also get to pvp with people around your level and gear score to fight over grind spots, you can always take a break and go to the arena outside of towns to do some duels and practice, even with low gear you can ask other players to remove some gear to match your ap/dp. So you want to grind as much as you can but you have to take some breaks and do some pvp/life skilling/ world bosses etc, to keep you entertained. Just keep in mind this game is a marathon.
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  12. The_Lord added a post in a topic PvP Class for Skill-less player   

    rofl ... so what's your point ?? ask all the top tier player they will say the same lol, just because it's one of the best class doesn't mean it's '' easy '' when i say it's one of the hardest class to master im comparing it to the other classes , maybe it's not too hard for some people , im just comparing it the the other classes.
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  13. The_Lord added a post in a topic Kutum Vs. Nouver.   

    with that gear score you shouldnt worry about that too much , imo a wtich/wiz are the 2 classes that can deal the most dmg with the lowest ap , you should stick with kutum since you still need to pve a lot more to improve your gear. I think nouver is overkill on witch, i think the best way to build a witch when you have high end gear is with evasion offhand sicil neck with 2 evasion gem in helm and one red coral earring (yes accuracy is still important even tho everyone say witch/wiz don't need it ) you still have good enough dmg but really high survivability.
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  14. The_Lord added a post in a topic PvP Class for Skill-less player   

    well the 3 most op class atm (witch/wiz/warrior) are also the 3 most easy and skill independant class so there you go 
    lol is that a troll ? sorc is actually one of the hardest class to master 
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  15. The_Lord added a post in a topic Mind Training is useful?   

    I don't know if it was bugged and recently fixed because i never spent any points in that passive since everyone said it was useless and didn't affect awakening weapons. After reading this i decided to try and put points into it and there was a noticeable difference in awakening form
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