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  1. Mishee added a post in a topic Do you think there will ever be an MMO that looks as good as Black Desert in the near future?   

    Star citizen...buy it play it, put bdo in the background doing nothing but fish or process while killing people in space with graphics far beyond bdo and the framerate...well, smooth 80fps with maxed out graphics  
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  2. Mishee added a post in a topic Lets create petitions for kr publisher/devs.   

    The only way of hurting the company is to make sure that a large news organisation takes interests in your request and make an article about it.  That way the shareholders will drop out and the stock rating will go down...They won't change shit if it doesn't hurt their income. 
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  3. Mishee added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    Just do so we can buy everything with real money, would be so much easier. ----- grinding, just get your card out and buy it. 
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  4. Mishee added a post in a topic That moment when...   

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  5. Mishee added a post in a topic Think we can get a red mage   

    No , why...stupid idea. 
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  6. Mishee added a post in a topic I have a cool idea for an Interior!   

    I thought it would be cool if we could have like servers in our houses. Like just stack them next to each other like the jukeboxes   <3 
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  7. Mishee added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    Well, I kinda quit playing the game for a while now. I'm just in Trent doing processing since they game does not reward active playing.  I will just stack up on money and buy everything at tet for tripple the price so I can keep on proccesing and get more stuff that I wont use. 
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  8. Mishee added a post in a topic Accessory Enhancement Rage   

    Geez, learn how to play...
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  9. Mishee added a post in a topic KR costume contest...costumes...?   

    Yeah, I wish I could throw money at them...but since being a student is -----ing horrible when it comes to money I´m forced to be a gimp and beg for someone to sell me one #Feelsbadman
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  10. Mishee added a post in a topic Are enchant rates so bad?   

    Save, take another alt. 
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  11. Mishee added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    Then you´re obviously doing something wrong. Have you checked out the combo guides for whatever character you´re playing? Since you don´t seem to know about iframes, anicanceling or/and how to stack the attack buffs while finishing a combo. Btw, a kick is considered to be only used by warriors since they have it for cancelling attack to channel to another to drop the animation for a faster one. Again, you don't seem to know the combat system well since you´re basically pressing F, F, F, F, F by your comment. This isn't a hack n slash game where you press the same button over and over again (even in those games you don't do that). Even if you were to argue that whatever you´re doing is the most efficient way in PvE it wont hold up in PVP at any levels, ever. 
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  12. Mishee added a post in a topic Bdo on the new m.2 ssds   

    Yes, a better SSD will help with the pop ins, but this is only according to my own experience. Switched from a SSD with 500 rs to one with 2.5k, which pretty much took it away. 
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  13. Mishee added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    That´s the ideal situtation for a game, yes. But considering people usually comes from tab targeting games I tend to see them as biased towards those combat mechanics. Since BDO is not you average game which will hold your hands at all times telling you where to go and what to do people tend to get confused and easily bored since they can't think for themselves. You can´t expect people to like every game they come across, which makes bdo no exception to that rule, however. If they actually took the time to try out all the different characters, the awakening system and the lifeskill system before opening their mouths it would make for a much better and reliable review of the game. But since they come onto the forum (which is made out of the most salty people) and spew and few lines telling people that the combat system is not good enough when they haven't even done anything good enough of an achievement I don´t see a problem with people just blatantly telling them to piss off since they are the ones being intrusive and disrespectfull. 
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  14. Mishee added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    What is this, second person that come s on to these forums thinking he knows the game after a weeks trail? Puss please, you don´t know anything about this games combat, one class to fifty...yeah, whatever.
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  15. Mishee added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Mhm, Agree XP 
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