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  1. Old Roy added a post in a topic Where is the client!?!   

    Surprised no one offered up the direct download link for the OP... well, it's that for at least a few days, until the next patch/fix...
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  2. Old Roy added a post in a topic Next generation...   

    Blade and Soul did boob jiggle in the extreme.  Holy cow, it's too rubber-like.
    I hear a lot of people excited about the character creator, but to me, it's a whole lot of controls for a whole lot of nothing.  Apart from hair coloring, everyone basically looks the same.  Great graphics, but looking the same.  Besides, gender-locked is not very customizable.
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  3. Old Roy added a post in a topic DAUM CASH   

    @Kinky & @iAgro:
    I'm curious if either of you did a refund request or something similar in the past (say, for the pre-orders that were not pre-orders)?  My hunch is, it may be related to a financial "black list" of people who desired a refund or otherwise started a charge-back procedure; heck, maybe all one had to do was fill out a ticket.
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  4. Old Roy added a post in a topic remove   

    Oooo, what color do you think it will become?
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  5. Old Roy added a post in a topic game is aweful   

    Hey, I'm sure someone is just waiting for a temper-tantrum beggar to send a guest pass to.  Don't lose hope!
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  6. Old Roy added a post in a topic Amity - how much time/effort do you spend?   

    A good rule of thumb in MMO's is they are all about colossal wastes of our time.  That is, there really is no incentive to do anything quick or fast; I would posit that the games that do quick and fast die off quick and fast.  The end goal is to keep as many people interested for as long as possible, thus increasing the chances of cash shop purchases.  It's really a basic formula, and Asian companies almost never think outside the box or stray from formula.  Heck, most companies really don't anymore.
    The Amity thing is confusing and time-consuming as implemented, but once you understand it, and get the hang of it, it's just one more thing to do OTHER than hack-and-slash, and this game shines at having other stuff to do.
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  7. Old Roy added a post in a topic Market Bot : big problem   

    For real and everything?  Legit, yo.
    In all seriousness, you mean the two digit "mini-captcha" is not good enough?
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  8. Old Roy added a topic in Suggestions   

    Capital S for seconds + bad font = OUCH, my eyes!
    Please change all the capital "S" letters to lower-case "s" letters when used in cool down, cast times, power descriptions, etc.  For example:  5S is really easy to read as 55 in that 8-bit-looking small font the game uses (see example below in the spoiler):
    ...all that room, they couldn't possibly spell out "seconds" - so I'll take 5s over 5S any day.  My poor eyes...
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  9. Old Roy added a post in a topic Amity in Velia - the Horror!   

    @JoeJJohnsonII - awesome link / guide, thank you for that link!
    @tengri - she was sure seeming that way.  Didn't know the greeting trick, thanks!
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  10. Old Roy added a post in a topic Payment failed   

    No, the support HIDES the submit a new ticket function.  Go to the support section, click the shopping cart icon "Store" then select one of the options (say, "My Transaction Keeps Being Declined") it will then suggest some topics, but below them is the "Question still not answered? Submit a ticket." that will start the new ticket process.
    Did you get the "internal server error" or the immediate "payment method failed" (before you could actually give them the payment info)?  If it's the latter (immediate failure), did you ever put in for a refund or anything like that?  Some are starting to theorize they added all those people to a black list.
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  11. Old Roy added a post in a topic General chat color   

    ...and while they are at it, change all the "S" letters to "s" in cooldown / cast times.  5S is really easy to read as 55 in that crappy small font they got:
    ...all that room, they couldn't possibly spell out "seconds" - so I'll take 5s over 5S any day.
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  12. Old Roy added a post in a topic game is aweful   

    Why do people think BDO has the best character creator around?  I don't get it.  I suppose if you want to all, essentially, look alike, then sure.  There are a LOT of options, but they are all VERY LIMITED to what you can actually do.  The most WIDELY varied character creator I've ever used was Champions Online - yeah, it's old and the graphics sucked, but you could do almost ANYTHING there with character creation.  City of Heroes was also VERY good at character customization.  I think BDO and Blade and Soul are just very nice graphics, but very limited in actual customization.
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  13. Old Roy added a post in a topic game is aweful   

    Damn! You beat me (and probably many others) to this...
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  14. Old Roy added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Amity in Velia - the Horror!
    So I made a new alt, and was doing the "Befriending Clorince" quest.  I had plenty to talk about, and all of them were the "happy face" success, but in the end, it said "No Amity Earned" - what am I doing wrong?  I've done these Amity mini-games before, and earned Amity doing the same things (putting high % people in the circles).
    Did it a few times, all with different (but successful) people, and no amity earned.

    P.S.  Sorry about the snarky title, but I could not resist the movie reference.
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  15. Old Roy added a post in a topic Billing System Error when trying to buy Coins!   

    Yes.  I was actually refunded the money, too, after I escalated it from a Dispute to a claim.
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