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  1. hinder me not added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    when eve online started in 2003, and for several years after it had a one hour server maintenance every night.
    it's much shorter now, but it still has it every night, and you can see how such a thing has killed that game after just a few short years.
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  2. hinder me not added a post in a topic Server Selection and Discussion Thread   

    I'll move to the PVE server, even if i have to start all over with new characters.
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  3. hinder me not added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 31st   

    only if you're so pathetic that your main interest is PVP.
    that's pathetic.
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  4. hinder me not added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    thank you for this link.
    it's still a mystery to me as to how i get to the page you linked to, and so i am bookmarking it in my browser.
    but i'm there now and see that i have quite a list of things that i have not yet claimed, and records of all of the times i bought Daum cash.
    i didn't realize how much money i have payed for this game till i look at that, and actually i feel like it's all been worht it for the fun.
    a monthly subscription would have cost a lot less, but i'll still be buying things in the future, and feel that i've gotten my money's worth so far.
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  5. hinder me not added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    this message seems on topic for this area.
    i feel like i should know the answer to my question before i ask, and my question is ;
    where can i find my account page?
    i get the pull down menu at the top of the page and find these options.
    i don't see an account page option.
    ContentProfileMessagesMy ActivityFollowed ContentMy AttachmentsSettingsEdit ProfileIgnored UsersNotification Settings  
    my account page is mentioned in the text i quote below.
    i didn't find a link to my account page embedded in the words account page.
    like how i linked to this message in the words account page above.
    but then i probably am expecting too much.
    Additionally to extend a thank you to our awesome community for their support and give everyone a chance to experience the Value Pack for themselves. Players that have purchased one of the following game packages will be able to redeem a coupon on their account page:
    Traveler’s Package:
    Value Package (30 days) (x1), Elion’s Blessing (x5), Bleach (x10)
    Explorer’s Package:
    Value Package (30 days) (x2), Elion’s Blessing (x10), Bleach (x20)
    Conqueror’s Package:
    Value Package (30 days) (x3), Elion’s Blessing (x15), Bleach (x30)
    * Coupons should be available by Friday the 22nd of July
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  6. hinder me not added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    they are only OP in PVP.
    so normal people are not having a problem with this.
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  7. hinder me not added a post in a topic Compensation regarding the DDOS attack/ Players unable to login   

    i guess i'm pretty lucky
    for me the rubber-banding was quite noticeable and humorous, but not fatal.
    at one point i was chuckling to myself and wondering if this "FEATURE" was going to be permanent.
    however when i read your story i can see how it could be a problem, so i will miss it when it's gone, but it should go.
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  8. hinder me not added a post in a topic Public Statement - Sieges, Thorns, and You.   

    But . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . .BUT . . .. . .. . . .. . . . . . . ..  . . But i've given them so much of it!
    I mean that if people are taking my money they must be good honest people!
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  9. hinder me not added a post in a topic NA Authentication Server Stability ** Update - July 1st **   

    this kind of attack is childish.
    if i wanted to screw things up i'd hack the database and give each account a different random six digit number of pearls.
    now that would HURT.
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  10. hinder me not added a post in a topic 1 hour maintenance for NA server - 20th of June   

    and we all know how hard it is to find any native english speakers in the world that would help them with translations.
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  11. hinder me not added a post in a topic Devs Team communication regarding Patch 17.06   

    I don't need or want PVP.
    Renew at 42 to avoid PVP has been my motto all along.
    PVE is enough for me.

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  12. hinder me not added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    i have found that calling them cheapskates gets your message deleted. that happened to me when i called them cheapskates.
    even if it's true.
    i made a similar comment [calling them cheapskates] back when discussing the limp and meaningless amends they were making to those of us that had paid for early start time not being available because the servers wouldn't handle the load at startup. or whatever it was that kept us out and scrambled what server we were on, and then not on, and them back on and, blah blah blah.
    autoscaling servers are real.
    but then as i said earlier, it's at least something to offer to people that see people cheating.
    even if it's not enough to get me to build a bounty hunter dedicated to looking for cheaters.
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  13. hinder me not added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    first i'll say thanks for posting this video.
    some of the things you point out are things that i agree with deeply, such as a game designed to ease the life of greifers.
    greifers are far too common and have changed games from fun to "never play again" for me.
    i could go on at length about EVE online and how i dropped both of my accounts there a couple of years ago after playing them from the first month of going from beta to public all those years ago.
    you and i agree that greifing is a tough one.
    here in this thread we are dealing with the botting spotting rewards.
    it almost sounds like you have the impression that they are offering these rewards as an incentive to pursue an new profession like cooking or training.
    you might be right.
    as for my impression the rewards are offered for people that already notice botting and the other activities mentioned.
    i kind of doubt that people have been spending their time running around for the sole purpose of finding bots.
    i think that it has been more a case of people just running across cheaters while they were doing what they normally do, and then they write a ticket or whatever to the devs about what they have seen.
    so these rewards are directed at that kind of reporting more that trying to develop a "bounty hunter".
    however if i am mistaken and you are correct in the idea that they are trying to promote dedicated bounty hunters, then i agree with you that the amount of time and effort spent trying to discover cheaters should be rewarded with more than what they offer.
    so it's really more of what they expect from players that determines the fairness of the rewards they offer.
    i didn't buy this game to be a cop.
    i do actually care if people are cheating
    i'm a crafter, and these bots/cheats can make my job more difficult if they are harvesting and processing resources with bots/cheats and workers when i am doing the same without the bots/cheats.
    they will be able to force market prices lower.
    however i am not going to change my focus from crafting to cheater hunting till they offer to pay me for actual time spent hunting rather than if i catch anyone or not. i'm not holding my breath for that to work that way.
    even though i could do AFK bounty hunting with they way they have offered things now i still don't want to take away from my afk fishing, afk horse training, afk strength/breath training, and the all important laying in the bed and afk energy recovery.
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  14. hinder me not added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    i read your message several times and somehow i am just too dim witted to see how you justify complaining about what the devs are doing.
    so i would respectfully ask that you explain to this newb/fool how it is that what they are doing is wrong.
    they are making more effort than i have seen in the 80. 90. maybe 100 multiplayer games i have played to ask for help from the players in dealing with the people that so many players are complaining about.
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  15. hinder me not added a post in a topic DAUM You really need to add an option for non-PvP people   

    once again another great mmo has problems with pve vs pvp.
    the problem is not that pvp is allowed.
    the problem is not that players are killing each other in the game.
    the problem is that there are players that intend to kill all players that are weaker than them at every opportunity to do so.
    not every player that enjoys pvp has this intent.
    however the minority of pvp players that assume the "psycho killer" role in the game are very effective in giving the appearance that they represent the majority of people that enjoy pvp.
    there are limitations to just how much data can be processed in trying to calculate what kind of activity is occurring with every player in every action they take in the game.
    the game developers [devs] know that this problem exists, and they would like to find a way to deal with this.
    the problem is that observing and evaluating all actions at all times is not possible without tremendous lag with every action taken, even if the server was a tremendously expensive and powerful computer.
    it seems that most people on the "never pvp" side feel that the devs just don't care if this problem exist and that they are not interested in fixing it.
    all systems implemented to deal with unreasonable pvp have loopholes and people will find ways to exploit those loopholes.
    the people that are hurt most by the bad actions of a few when it comes to pvp are not the players that are killed against their will by the chaos crowd, but the people that do actually enjoy reasonable and responsible pvp.
    yes there are people out there that can live in an open pvp world, engage in pvp frequently in a way that is enjoyable to them, and they can do this without intruding on the wishes of people that have no interest in pvp.
    and these reasonable people are the "by far" majority of pvp players.
    and they are also the ones that suffer most from the actions of the unreasonable few.
    it has been suggested that the reasonable pvp'ers should act as a restraining force on the unreasonable pvp'ers.
    i feel that most folks did not signup to be bounty hunters or any other type of enforcement officer in the game.
    the jist of this wall of text is to say that you can try to blame the devs for this problem and say that they are not doing enough to stop it, but you would be mistaken in that statement.
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