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  1. cjb110 added a post in a topic Black Desert Companion App   

    Personally I would love a app/site with a view of my characters, their gear, inventories and storage inventories...doesn't need to be active, read-only is fine.  But remembering who has what, and what stuff is where is a nightmare.
    Guild stuff would be great too, esp chat.
    Stuff I would use, but would also understand if people felt gave an unfair advantage:
    Marketplace Activities, registering from storage, pre-order changes, notification changes.  Buying I think would give too much of an advantage to app users.
    Work Activities, Crafting Management, Feeding (if Beer in Storage), Promotions.  Node changes (apart from Energy investment) again seems a step too far.
    Character Transport, being able to send your character to where you want to start playing could be a nice feature too, using the same current timing restrictions etc.
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  2. cjb110 added a post in a topic Daily quest graduation?   

    Apologies for the necro, but does anyone know if this quest is Family or Character?  i.e. I would take it on my lvl56, but not if it stops my alts also getting it.
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  3. cjb110 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Make the Horse Skill Mini game use all 4 bars
    When you have a unlearned (or partially learned skill), you have to play the mini game of tapping up/down.  It's a bar of 4 sections, but you instantly fail if you go outside the middle two.
    So whats the point of 4 sections?
    as this game is also pretty harsh, I'd suggest changing it failing only occurs at the end of the outermost sections. if not that, then at least adjust the scaling so the full bar is used.
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  4. cjb110 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Portraits don't match Characters
    Only one of my character portraits match my character:(  Is there any fix?
    I've tried the one for fixing the ingame look (clearing the caches etc), that didn't seem to work.

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  5. cjb110 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Level 45: More information needed.
    Recently hit 45 on one of my chars...and had absolutely nothing useful about PvP...if it was a blue mid screen message then it was lost in all the loots and other messages.
    I'd expect at minimum to be told why my name is a different colour, tagging and what that looks like, safe zones, and karma.
    Maybe a Black Spirit quest taking you to an arena, could serve as a nice introduction.
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  6. cjb110 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Some Quality of Life Changes
    Some minor Quality of Life issues, I don't think any 'change' the game concepts/designs in anyway.
    Quest buttons, lengthen them!  None of the dailys fit on them, and there's a number of quest descriptions that don't either.  Or make them bounce left/right but that's almost as bad as <blink> Enhancement/Transfusion, why the hell can't I a) hover over inv items for description b) select an equipped item without dumping to inventory first?Dye, similar issues why is the inventory screen so disabled?  Also why can't I preview the dye before I need to go to pallet?Marketplace: Add a "buy to storage" option similar to the money source...why the hell would I want to carry 500 logs to storage.Workers: Add a description of what the last task actually was!  No point in a repeat if I dunno what I'm repeating.Trading: Why the hell do I need a inv slot to receive money?  If it's because of the auto gold bar creation, then only require it when that's required not for a 50,000 fish sale!Achievements: Rather harsh that the achievements, esp the level 45 one are once per family, not per char.  Or add a full reset as a loyalty point reward, the partial one seems pointless.Remember if the Pet quick bar was open on logoff, and restore it if it was.Add the option to add or use family name in Chat.Add a timestamp option to chat.Add tooltips to all the items (AP, DP, Karma etc) in the main character stat dialog.Add a minimize option on exit, even if the game is in Full Screen mode.Trading: I shouldn't have to move to the bargain button again on failure, make it part of the bargaining dialog.
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  7. cjb110 added a post in a topic Chat Improvements or QoL, whatever   

    Just came to post the same thing!  
    Re 3 I'd also like a 'Just Family Name' option as I don't want to lose too much horizontal space.
    Also why does changing toon forget the window and tab context (i.e. i have to switch back to Guild)
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  8. cjb110 added a post in a topic Guild Trade Missions   

    Agreed, yes working for the guild is the main aim, so these quests shouldn't turn into a big method of profiteering, but they should reward the effort.
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  9. cjb110 added a post in a topic Easiest Class   

    Ranged are usually easier to play in these types of games, so BeautyMaiden is right Wizard or Witch.
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