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  1. Sejuk'ar added a topic in General   

    Black Desert and the Steam controller (VIDEO)
    So I felt like not many know about playing Black Desert in this way, and I figured this might be extremely useful for others to learn of it, I hope you guys enjoy my video!
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  2. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic PvP or PvE   

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  3. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic Ninja and Kunoichi   

    I'm going to have 3 character slots total when I start, to my knowledge, and to me I'm going to essentially start with one of the given classes that are available right now. I mostly want Blader but secondly I will want a Ninja. It's been a tough decision but I think for my very first class I'm going to choose a sorceress as it will be my only female character and magic user.
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  4. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic BDO vs BnS difference / discussion   

    Wait wait wait...... wait... Is someone trying to compare Blade and Soul to BDO? This has got to be some kind of bad joke right? I mean really?
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  5. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic Guess Who?   

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  6. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic Controller Support?   

    Ooooo, I'd like to use a steam controller!
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  7. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic When is CBT2???   

    ...Any updates?
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  8. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic When is CBT2???   

    That in itself is nice to know, ty.
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  9. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic Leveling is too GRINDY early   

    More grind pls.
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  10. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic When is CBT2???   

    Lots of views but no replies, tells me I'm not the only one looking for the answer...
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  11. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic Some bad things so far.   

    Don't forget, some people just don't know how to computer, banana, waffle cake...
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  12. Sejuk'ar added a topic in General   

    When is CBT2???
    When is CBT2? Simple question since I seem to be too incompetent to find the answer, lol.
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  13. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic IP Block? Territories? A lot that Seems unclear..   

    I'm most likely going to make my purchase today but, I think I'm just going to do the Explorer's package, to pay something around 100$ on a pre order package I like to know if I'm going to receive a 'players welcome' in a sense especially if I become a hard core player. Meaning, if I submit a ticket or something am I going to get a response in a more expedited fashion or will there be something that lets me know my level of support is being considered for customer care  or even a simple little on screen icon stating that I'm a Conqueror, and what if it affects in game politics, will I be treated any different if I am rolling with the Conquerors package.
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  14. Sejuk'ar added a post in a topic IP Block? Territories? A lot that Seems unclear..   

    And that's fine, but good to know! thanks Luciferia!
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  15. Sejuk'ar added a topic in General   

    IP Block? Territories? A lot that Seems unclear..
    Hi everyone, feel free to rage or chop my head off as this is my first post. I am really excited for BDO! But like most people who like to know what they're getting into I try to see what there is to know about the game before I buy. It's time to start asking questions. First, I would like to start out by saying imo that the game looks like a real triumph, a true experience envisioned and designed by some of the best out there, and I don't think there's anything about the game that would make me regret anything about it's playable content, but something concerns me about the lack of official/stable info about the game for it's release and the restrictions that there might be.
    My concerns, on the announcements page there are very few posts made to officially state info about anything, the only thing that is really mentioned is something vague about ip blocks and territory restrictions for Europe and North America, my problem with that is it makes it sound like I won't be able to play with my best friend who lives in Japan simply because of his nation IP jurisdiction, I'm hoping that's not the case. Another important concern is dropping 99$ on a Conquerors package when the bulk of the package beyond the Explorer's package is 2,500 pearls for in game currency cosmetics, an additional day of CBT and the rest of the incentive is simply for an increased amount of items also received under the Explorer's package and a higher Tier horse mount for an additional 50$ price increase. To me that's fine so far as the "In Game Title" reflects my dedication as a supporter, but this is not clear to me if it is or not. With out a official release date I feel like it's dangerous to consider purchase at this time simply because of the lack of info there seems to be for the release of this game. A lot of what is generally known also just seems to be hearsay so I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger on this one, I'm not that lucky when it comes to gambling, lol.
    Are my concerns valid or am I just being a worry wart? Anybody else feel the same? 
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