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  1. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    They really need to stop giving us these hybrid cluster----- patches with balance changes intended to be paired with content we do not have.
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  2. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Are you satisfied with the job Te'Ryn Tec is doing as a moderator on these boards   

    Genuine feedback time: @Te'Ryn Tec
    As a moderator, you need to show more maturity and structure in your posts and responses to the community. Many of your posts can come off as abrasive and rude, and make you seem like you view yourself as above the rest of the community, which isn't the case.
    Work on your wording and being more respectful with your replies, beyond that I see no cause for concern
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  3. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Should Daum Remove Te'Ryn Tec from the volonteer mods   

    Personal bias is something that can sometimes be hard to see in oneself without it being pointed out. Have you tried giving feedback to them, or contacting jouska before starting a witch hunting thread?
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  4. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Blader coming too soon!   

    Actually, the sooner they can push all classes out, the better, as it means less imbalance between people playing mains since head start and people wishing to main Musa/Ninja
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  5. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Musa and Maehwa actually make more sense, as they reflect the proper traditional names. Blader and Plum were born from crap translations
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  6. Rapthorne added a post in a topic I would kindly request that additional inventory spaces be made available at no cost.   

    My biggest issue with the cash shop overall is that almost everything is per-character rather than account wide.
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  7. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Someone Parading As CM_Jouska   

    A staff member would never give you a gmail email address to solve issues with. All customer support goes through the official website and support webpage only. It's also worth noting that a genuine staff member would not require your log in details to access your account should they require to do so.
    I'd submit a support ticket about this issue, but I will give @CM_Jouska a tag on the forum, too.
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  8. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Thought process on content release?   

    Localisation is far more than just running a few bits of text through google translate.
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  9. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Thought process on content release?   

    Autolooping is a mechanical feature that requires almost no localisation - The release of classes involves localisation of; character models, equipment text, skill text, overall balance, additional class specific quest flags, etc etc etc.
    I want the other classes ASAP too, but it's easy to see why auto patrol was able to be added quickly
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  10. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Petition to make horse breeding into a mini game.   

    Hot Coffee: BDO Edition
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  11. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Sockpuppets, self supported arguments and forum polls   

    The forum is already in place. attempting to integrate forum accounts and game accounts at this point would take an insane amount of time and effort better focused on other things when Daum has such a small staff size
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  12. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    Given how much travelling is required to actually max out the various different aspects of character progression, it would be nice to see auto patrol
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  13. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Costumes and lack of content poll.   

    BDO has plenty of content, but it's generally agreed by most that the game lacks armour diversity or a sense of visual equipment progression
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  14. Rapthorne added a post in a topic New Awakenings and New Regions   

    Interesting that ninja dn kunoichi are going to be so different with their awakenings. I wanted a bard type character, but if it's female excluisve, then meh  I won't be shaking my money maker
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  15. Rapthorne added a post in a topic Let us hide the wings   

    It's a static decorative piece. they don't flap, they don't make you fly. Many cultures have used wings in one form or another as decoration for ceremonial garments. I don't see how this is in any way immersion breaking.

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