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  1. CasualNova added a post in a topic Maewha during PvE   

    You need to get to a point of AP where you oneshot mobs like Pirates and Bandits with one set of abilities. That is somewhere around 220-240 AP. After that point, all that matters is pets/pickup speed.
    Other classes will be able to do this with far less AP. Also you still don't have any good 360° aoes/large aoes so youre bound to miss more than just a couple of mobs in more spread packs when youre moving fast for efficiency.
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  2. CasualNova added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    I see the bandwagoners have arrived. Maybe you don't do t2s atm but according to Nodewar report you have just 3 weeks ago. Even listed in your own reports. Besides, you're not the only guild I mentioned. Villain drops t2 the majority of their wars (they even dropped t1 not long ago)
    There just is something about Vertex that as soon as you get mentioned you swarm the forums to protect your fragile egos. Was the same around the time Iconic died and their geared core joined up and you pretended 'we're not that geared'
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  3. CasualNova added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    The reasons we see neither Vision nor ManUp drop from their castles to pursue more siege are pretty simple and easy to understand.
    1. Passing on that massive paycheck is a stupid move. All you whiners can blame them for being greedy or 'not liking pvp' because all they do is oneshot everyone with their massive gear advantage, but I am pretty sure if any of you were in the same position where you were offered massive payouts + swap guilds for node wars, you'd take it. It is a dream to have.
    2. The losing guild disbands. Both Sinisteel and Lacari are smart enough to realize this. Since new world, every major guild who lost has (near) disbanded. Iconic got cucked in the first week and died. Gravity started losing to both BC and ManUp and subsequently died. Gravity+Iconic merged and tried to salvage the situation, lost 3-4 days in a row and died. ManUp got zerged out of Valencia and across the map and would have died if they didn't suck up to their greatest nemesis and merge. Barcode lost and died.
    For every loyal core a guild has that sticks together because they are friends and like playing alongside, you have a massive amount of bandwagoners in every guild. The Relevant core is the best example, from ManUp to Barcode to Villain. Barcodes other bandwagoners went to Vertex. Whoever loses dies.
    I don't think you can blame the top guilds for avoiding PvP/only doing 'alt guild skirmishes' where they then can chalk it up to luck or 'didnt matter' if they lose. That way, no ego gets hurt and no bandwagoner chunk quits. It is hard to build up a community and it is a fragile thing that can break with just a couple of losses.
    I agree dropping to node war guilds is a bullshit mechanic. Region holders should still be able to compete in certain (t3) nodes, preferably a limited choice so they'd have to face another region holder every time they decide to drop on a node. This isn't happening. Vision is -----ing dropping to t2s and claiming its 'good practice' when they mop up much weaker guilds. I was a fan of the idea of  'Fractal' as a Node War guild when ManUp would only go out to snipe their rival in Barcode. Now that this rivalry is gone, it has become a joke. Lacari tries to justify 'we only take 1 t3 node every day mon-thurs, you can go to the other', but if Vision goes to the other, where do mid tier guilds go for good PvP? To t2 nodes where they will get rekt by Cho or whoever is alt guilding now or people like Villain/Vertex who are clearly siege tier in strength yet gotta zerg the easy fights
    Lastly, I see all of the siege guild members, no matter if loyal cores or bandwagoners say 'Siege is the most fun thing in the game.' I dunno if by that you mean sitting on your asses in your castle for months, because y'all haven't done much siege since new world merge at all. (exceptions being BlackRose and LotD)
    P.S: The real joke in this picture are Vertex+Villain with all the new bandwagoners still dropping on easy t2 nodes for free wins or complaining about getting zerged by guild alliances, then talking shit like 'it feels good to be the underdog now'. Yeah man with all those 510+ GS members you guys are the clear underdogs. In brain cells perhaps.
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  4. CasualNova added a post in a topic Not OP?   

    What the ----- are you even on about? Where did I reply to you or gave a hint that I gave a shit about what you talk about or think before quoting this post? Is your reading comprehension terrible or are you just dumb?
    My statement is pretty true, as seen in comments like 
    'DK has horrible stat scaling.' 'Any CC on you any sort will bring you to death while damage from dk is average compared to more resistant classes that can one combo your face.'
    'LOL you think dk is op...'
    'Yeah, I have to agree. I only have 207 ap and 283 dp on my dk with enough acc, but I just feel useless. The dmg is just not there. I was dueling warrior and zerker who had 300-350 dp, and killing them is nearly impossible, if it is even... The warrior just straight out one shots me if I ever get caught, and he has 210 ap. I have to batter on him for minutes to even make a dent... The zerker can't catch me, but I can't do enough dmg to kill him, so it's just a stale mate.  The only thing I found easy to kill on dk is the ranger, and only if you don't get grabbed. Idk. Maybe on korean levels of ap (250+) it gets op... but currently, it's not really useful at all. Wizard/witch with this ap could be easily be competitive... '
    As well as your very own comment: 'you are pretty bad if you can't hit a DK in 1v1'. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/137829131 - this is the best Sorc on NA, at 4 hours he starts dueling an alright DK. Guess who has trouble hitting the other and who wins the majority of the duels? (hint: class rhymes with Bark Light)
    I don't need to read/answer the original discussion when the majority of people in this thread ignore it regardless and try to paint their new OP class as not really useful. lul. 
    Point still stands: Its not the class thats not useful, you guys.
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  5. CasualNova added a post in a topic Not OP?   

    as predicted the unskilled players flocked to the new broken class after witch/wizard and still suck, so it must not be overpowered
    Meanwhile every skilled player is wrecking face with DK. Even players that were just 'average+ /almost good but not quite' are now going to town on this class in RBF, nodes and sieges
    Have you guys ever, once in your lifetime, considered that maybe its not the class but you?
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  6. CasualNova added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    Female models may walk on their toes but you can still make armor models without heels.
    Proof = Serendian Soldier, Forest+Desert Ghille, almost every craftsman outfit, almost all Sorc default shoes (green armor), almost all Kunoichi default armor, almost all Maehwa default armor
    Edit: Forgot the Canape boots, probably the only outfit shoes in this game I like. The problem is that many outfits you buy for pearls have their boots locked with the top so you can't mix and match. Terrible.
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  7. CasualNova added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    Delphe Knights has heels.
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  8. CasualNova added a post in a topic Non Stripper outfits?   

    Resigned to wearing Serendian Soldier suit because it has flat boots.
    Someone once told me that the excuse for not having non-heeled armor is that 'female skeletons are made for heels in BDO' (think of body skeleton mods for skyrim, not bone structure) but there are plenty outfits with flat boots: Serendian Soldier, the forest Ghille, the Desert Ghille, some craftsman outfit shoes. 
    It definitely is -not- a skeleton limitation, its just designers being lazy and/or targetting a demographic of horny teenage boys and 'this prostitute attire looks so cutes' internetgirls.
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  9. CasualNova added a post in a topic I got to kill a Streamer yesterday :D   

    ill be your qt gf
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  10. CasualNova added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    In Sorcs case, Violation applies floating into air attack then down attack. The Special Attack +1 there gets easy double value
    Maehwas Moonrise does floating into air attack hit as well but I dont think its anywhere near as substancia damage wisel, and its only the Moonrise that does it. I think you are right that maybe it would be smarter to just get a double down attack crystal in a Nouver and see if that isn't better in Maehwas case.
    I like having both Kutum and AP offhand to swap for different situations
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  11. CasualNova added a topic in Maehwa   

    White Horn Bow vs Nouver
    So I've seen a discussion between Nouver and Jubre (Sorc equivalent of default AP offhand) come up on the Sorc discord and now on the forums and after trying tri Nouver vs Tri Jubre, I felt the latter gives a substancial increase in combo damage for pvp, with the Special Attack Damage +1 outweighing the 14 extra AP you gain on Nouver (5 on item 5 from the crystal, Jubre has 4 stat points wasted into DP compared to White Horn Bow)
    I've been wondering if the same could be applied to Maehwa? My own Mae isn't geared at the moment since I've been class swapping, so I've been wondering if anyone of you (especially the EU side of servers, since you do far more theorycrafting and testing) has given this a shot and done some testing with a reliable sample size?
    A huge amount of our combo damage comes from special attacks, mostly down attacks Tip of the Iceberg/Petal Drill (or both chained after another in the default combo). How much of an in/decrease would the special attack damage +1 give us over losing 10 AP?
    I know losing 10 AP/5 Sheet AP sounds crazy to our resident NA AP monkeys but bear with me for a second and lets test this shit out.
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  12. CasualNova added a post in a topic About to join the ranks of the others who have left this class....   

    This is the gear you had in your bags put onto a char sheet: https://puu.sh/vq3Vx/3af6978742.png This is your gear with the boots and helm of DK https://puu.sh/vq44D/779b9bdab0.png
    202/196/244 seems pretty far from 218/277 (inb4 you count invisible stats like gems but even then no) No muskans, no RCE, Red Coral Rings what the ----- am I even looking at
    Just wanted to throw that in
    P.S: People insult you on every turn because your hyperbole and anecdotes don't count for anything, especially when you go around calling everyone with higher level/better gear than you 12 year old or jobless. Yeah, its hard to afk process and make money, definitely only possible if you're on welfare /s
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  13. CasualNova added a post in a topic Support tickets priority   

    I sent a ticket about losing/not obtaining valuable items due to a bug on March 30th, had to wait until April 10th to get a macro generated response that ignored my issue but made it clear I wouldn't get the items.
    Not my first bad experience with BDO customer support and likely not my last.
    Not very impressed
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  14. CasualNova added a post in a topic Maehwa in Sieges   

    I should re-think my life choices and playstyle 
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  15. CasualNova added a post in a topic Maehwa in Sieges   

    I've been on the receiving end of that too, people whining about me not doing 'objectives' and 'teamfights' enough and implying I play the class wrong. Like what are we supposed to do, dash around in a large scale fight and die to random chip damage through our superarmor?
    People seem to think that because we have perm SA we can somehow evade all damage and CC. What they dont realize is that the damage mitigation on that SA is pretty low and once we stand still and attack with anything that isnt Drill/December/Bloom combo, we're fked
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