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  1. Drakoranok added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening Video   

    Just realise I was 30 mins late with posting this. Woops
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  2. Drakoranok added a post in a topic Tamer's, shafted again   

    Being quite honest here I'm doing amazing well with the Tamer and I have no idea what problems you're talking about. Sure we have some problems with our class, but so do other classes. We have it pretty good as far as I can see with the nerf to CCs that will rek warriors. I am winning most fights in arena and contributing well in GvG. I feel like I'm contributing a lot to my guild ^^
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  3. Drakoranok added a post in a topic Cannons (✿◡‿◡)   

    I get the reference, no worries.
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  4. Drakoranok added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening Video   

    To be honest I'm way more interested to see how viable the Kunoichi ranged awakening attacks will be.
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  5. Drakoranok added a topic in General   

    Ninja Awakening Video
     Newly released unlisted Ninja Awakening video with Kunoichi awakening sneak peek at the end:
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  6. Drakoranok added a post in a topic <Tenacity Black> (Alustin) PVP Focused Recruiting   

    that was poetic
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  7. Drakoranok added a post in a topic <Tenacity Black> (Alustin) PVP Focused Recruiting   

    The whole reason for the forums PvP is the lack of in-game PvP that we want. I know it will come in leaps when node wars is released, but a good PvP player thirst isn't quenched with crappy PvP. TB is undeclaring on us to boost morale regarding our war score with them, running away from fights they start to lose without even attempting to pick themselves up.
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  8. Drakoranok added a post in a topic <Tenacity Black> (Alustin) PVP Focused Recruiting   

    +1 to that
    Allying with cheaters will never give you guys a good reputation...
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  9. Drakoranok added a post in a topic Small Scale PvP Vids - EU   

    You understand we're talking about European players right?
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  10. Drakoranok added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   

    (i tried T-T)

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  11. Drakoranok added a post in a topic World boss exploit?   

    Hey guys, my in-game name is Kitsuneko, member of the glorious guild TwistedDropExploits *cough* I mean, TwistedFew. I'll answer any questions you got, and I can promise we're not cheating lol, neither are we hiding any secret tactics. Only thing I do outside of DPS during boss fights is stunning them using their designated "stun weapon", which only decreases my DPS due to the time taken for me to 1 switch to the item, 2. use it, 3. switch back to normal gear.
    @Gabze I haven't gotten any Tree Belts from the Tree Boss as of yet, so that is very untrue.
    Since when did I have bad gear? ;-;
    Glad to see people know me though lol
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  12. Drakoranok added a post in a topic So this is why war can be declared on anyone without any cost?   

    May I ask who we (TwistedFew) declared war on and when, for this "random pk" (which is a pretty viable reason for a war if you ask me). Are you also situated on the Alustin server? And if so, may I ask your name so we may speak in-game about this matter to resolve this negative viewing of our guild.

    Kind regards,

    ps. screwyoubuddy
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  13. Drakoranok added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   

    Here's my Dank Spirit Egg

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  14. Drakoranok added a post in a topic <Twisted Few> recruiting - Alustin   

    Octobeast give me more luck pls.
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  15. Drakoranok added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    Catfish are nerfed, or going to be nerfed soon?
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