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  1. Tanades added a post in a topic Golden Treasure Chest???   

    well 5h of harpoon fishing in margoria north sea ... not a single bottel (master3)
    so u need luck to get a bottle
    then u need luck to get the right letter from it
    then u need to find the location from the riddle (”Woke up to find myself lying at the bottom of a valley. Sharp needles facing each other, fall of the burning flower. From there, at the end of the ordeal, I saw the light) and find a Filthy Gardaka Artifact and bring it to Marzana (if i understand it right)
    maybe there is another step here (but cant find it atm)
    and then u need luck to get a good item from the chest
    3x gamble and a riddle and tons of hours for a cron stone ... or maybe 5 .... welcome to black desert
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  2. Tanades added a post in a topic How much preorders for logs   

    pssst ... hey i´ve a secret, there is an event on going atm till 1st feb with a higher chance of getting shards from gathering (1-3sharp/ 2-6 hard per hour) so if u planning to gather it do it now
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  3. Tanades added a post in a topic Water Speed Test Resuls (Including Guild Galleon)   

    fish suit was even faster then a fishing boat since they 1st day it was buyable
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  4. Tanades added a post in a topic Basic DPS rotation for leveling to 55+ ?   

    well as i said that this is more an advanced combo ... you should have at least everything on rank 3 and the Black Moonlight  + Shadow Explosion + Ground Thrust on max but the last two are Skills who arnt verry usable for pvp so it depends whats your main play style is
    btw another little "combo" is when u´r pulling mobs together, do it with Shadow Slash (←/→ + LMB) and look at your stamina bar
    if the bar has left ~25%, get near in position in front of the pull and hold down Q (block) and wait for the first hit to trigger Immediately Tragic Blade as counter (100% crit +stun and one of the strongest dmg skill)
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  5. Tanades added a post in a topic Basic DPS rotation for leveling to 55+ ?   

     ok here is one that i´m using for every type of grind in the game since i´ve played kuno on KR for 6 months (its advanced cuz u need a lot of skillpoints) and has by far the most available dmg aoe output for PVE!!! with 270 WP/MP ( i dosnt recommend a kuno/ninja with less then 200)
    ______________________________________________ 1st part
    1x Shadow Slash (←/→ + LMB) to get the attackspeed buff
    Double Jump -> Ground Thrust (↓+F in the air) to get aoe knockdown (for following down triggers) as opener
    Ankle Cutter (Shift + LMB) to get DP debuff on enemys and triggers down attack for more dmg
    Floor Sweeping (↓+F on the ground) to get +10% down dmg buff for 10 sec also triggers down dmg
    Black Moonlight (has to be used as Quickslot skill/ no key combo) gets bosted dmg from the 3 skills above + triggers down dmg (if awakened with +MP on hit u´r now full again)
    _______________________________________________ 2nd Part
    Throw a shuriken (Rmb) to get ani-canel in Shadow Stomp (↓+E) to get the 2nd Knockdown and Immediately Ghost Step (Shift+↓) to get back to your position
    and use Shadow Clone (this skill is recommend to use as a quickslot skill!!! dosnt matter if u can use it as follow up for Shadow Stomp or Ground Thrust!!! cuz u only can use at then with space as follow, if u use it as quickslot u can use it whenever u want in the next 6 seconds by pressing the quickslot button) if u´r fast enough u aply the AIR dmg bonus from Shadow Stomp otherwise down dmg will be triggered so it dosnt matter
    Tendon Cutter (againe a skill u have to use as quickslot) to apply the 2nd huge aoe skill who also triggers down dmg (when u have it with +mp on hit u´r full again)
    ________________________________________________ 3rd part (normaly everything should be down here )
    Block Jump (Shift+Q+←/→/↑) to get near and get a +6 Ap buff
    Suicide Fall (E) now to apply the third knockdown (if u´r timing is perfect u will grab the enemy shortly before he stands up from the knockdwon from Shadow Stomp to trigger the down dmg and apply the third Knockdown
    Ankle Cutter (Shift + LMB) again to refresh the DP debuff
    Shadow Explosion (Shift+F) with down trigger and the more WP u have the more dmg it will do (can also be awakened with +mp on hit)
    _______________________________________________ if something is still alive ....
    dash ↑+F and/or (depend how far away your target is) get into Ghost Greeting (Shfit+↑+LMB) which triggers also down+air + knockdown
    use the Triple Sting (hold RMB+LMB) Combo asap to trigger the air dmg from Ghost Greeting (works only if u have a high amount of attackspeed ,5points + awakening bonus)
    and last but not least Fox Claw (Shift +RMB) with down dmg again =)
    congratz u´ve used a rly awesome looking combo with every fully applied down dmg skill and when u have the +mp on hit on all 3 skills u didnt use any potion =)
    * trigger down : a dmg Bonus for the Skill when the enemy is knockdowned (in the description of the the skill in a blue color)
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  6. Tanades added a post in a topic Kunoichi Gear?   

    btw so lang man nicht 30-80 mio pro schmuckteil ausgeben will ist Blue Coral Ring sehr zu empfehlen (ohrringe sind atm noch viel zu teuer für +II)... um schnell an die 200-300 "MP" zu kommen später kann man die wieder auswechseln wenn man lv30 in Health hat ... is im übrigen etwas was ich jedem Ninja/Kuno ans Herz lege ... unter 200 ist es einfach grauenhaft
    edit (war 6 monate Kuno aufm KR server)
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  7. Tanades added a post in a topic Ranger does no Damage in PvP   

    sowas nenn man auch grab bot <3
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  8. Tanades added a post in a topic Q&A mit Daum Games!   

    [Frage] Warum haben wir immer noch die 30% Steuer in den Auktionen ???
    Andere Versionen (KR/RU/JP) haben das Free to Play model mit kaufbaren Premium Membership oder I-Cafe Bonus womit man diese Steuer drastisch reduzieren kann ... wir haben diese Möglichkeit nicht aber dennoch die Steuer...
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  9. Tanades added a post in a topic Guide: Geld verdienen mit Sonnenblumen (sehr ausführlich)   

    im grunde ne 1+ für die Arbeit allerding bitte (Sehr viel) Gold verdienen mit Sonnenblumen -> in -> nebenbei ein bisschen Silber verdienen mit Sonnenblumen ändern.
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  10. Tanades added a post in a topic silberbestickte Fischerkleidung enchanten?   

    glaubt mir wenn ich sage das was jetz alles teuer zu sein scheint nen furz is an dem was noch in zukunft kommt ... wenn ihr denkt 100.000.000 sind viel hängt ihr lieber nochmal 2-3 Nullen hinten drann
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  11. Tanades added a post in a topic Sorc most OP class atm?   

    schön das langsam mal hervorkommt das sorc eben doch ne starke klasse is ... hätte gedacht es dauert länger ... da freu ich mich wenn die awaken sorc kommt was dann hier abgeht ... ihr mögt das rumgespringe von ner sorc nicht ? das wäre fast das gleiche wie perma block beim warri/valk aber mit high dmg? ohh ihr werdet die kuno hassen ... die hat beides und soviel cc wie die 3 klassen zusammen =)
    EDIT : muss aber dazu sagen sie vergibt noch weniger fehler als die sorc
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  12. Tanades added a post in a topic silberbestickte Fischerkleidung enchanten?   

    kannst auch easy nen +I ogrering /witch earing/shadow ring  machen ohne failstacks kaufst einfach mal 30 und versuchst es 15x einer wird schon klappen =) .. its all about rng wie man an deinem beispiel gut sieht
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  13. Tanades added a post in a topic Fishing Hotspot? Verarscht ihr die Spieler?   

    ai ai ai die deutsche com hat aber noch viel aufzuholen =/
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  14. Tanades added a post in a topic Everything about fishing Hot Spots / Golden Spots + Current Location   

    1. they CAN be changed every MT, doesnt mean that it happens every MT, also when they are changed doesn´t mean that it happens to every Hotspot (happens often in kr that some spots still survives 1-2 MT´s & some not)
    mostly the hotspots are the same like Korean one cuz the client version matters not the content we have (but it can also be that some spots get changed manually from the dev´s in our version like it happens to the one on the beach near velial cuz this spot still works on kr but not for us while all others working on booth versions)
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  15. Tanades added a post in a topic silberbestickte Fischerkleidung enchanten?   

    0 = Fishing Level +1 & Movement Speed Level +1
    1 = Fishing Level +1 & Movement Speed Level +1 & Fishing EXP +10%
    2 = Fishing Level +2 & Movement Speed Level +2 & Fishing EXP +15%
    3 = Fishing Level +2 & Movement Speed Level +2 & Fishing EXP +20%
    4 = Fishing Level +2 & Movement Speed Level +3 & Fishing EXP +25%
    5 = Fishing Level +3 & Movement Speed Level +4 & Fishing EXP +35%
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