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  1. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic green enemy immune to all mage attacks   

    Also the crabs move slowly so if they de-aggro from someone else then yes they are immune until they get back to where they reset at
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  2. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic green enemy immune to all mage attacks   

    The crabs are just tanky. really tanky
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  3. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic From 1 to 60 in 15 Days challenge   

    Where did you grind for lvl 57 and 58
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  4. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic Profession info   

    Gathering is important to getting shards for concentrated stones unless you plan to buy those which is not cheap. the alternative is farming but you will get them at a much slower rate since you can only tend to your farm when proc's rather than anytime. And it costs contribution points to get farms. but farms take much less time and give shards more often per energy(unless you have 10 farms though, your not really spending more than 50 energy though, which is a problem when you have 300+ energy)
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  5. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    ouch. awhile back I used to be a corrections officer. so i used to do 56 hour a week a lot. voluntold is not a fun work policy but ya graveyard is the best when you have to pull overtime. 
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  6. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    Pets and other things I can earn buy off the market but inventory space and weight is beyond me >_<

    12 isnt fun unless ur schedule is 4 on and 3 off. then its kind of nice having long weekends plus u get overtime without noticing.
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  7. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic I finally got to level 50 on a character   

    mediah is east oh heidel
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  8. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic I finally got to level 50 on a character   

    You have finally finished the tutorial(in some people's opinions.) now its time for your to head to mediah and start gearing yourself up
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  9. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic The "Gift of Giving" Megathread   

    Weight increase. Of any amount really would help a lot. Get overweight so easily that its hard to do much to keep up with ppl or guildies. i'll leave the name here just incase someone wants to be a secret santa instead
    Server NA
    Family Mic
    IGN Huntz
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  10. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic Not really liking the new DARK KNIGHT weapon of choice, whats your thoughts   

    and tamer has the bo staff
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  11. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic Undeccable Guilds   

    Its like the current bidding system and the no trade(except for consumables) policy that they have. It may be complained about but the thought in mind when it was implemented was to combat something else(bots and RMT) that could be exploited to abused. And small guilds in KR would complain a lot before that they were being abused by larger guilds to prevent anyone else from ever becoming competitive with them.
    Edit: You can also give protection to any non-officer members in a guild (only a certain amount but i think it can be up to 10 or something) these people are excluded from a guild war so declaring war on someone's guild just to PK someone wouldn't stop them since they wont be kill able without losing karma and going in the red even with war declared
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  12. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic Undeccable Guilds   

    He is saying that there are guild that cant have war declared ont hem and says they are cancer. While on the flip side of the coin the safety gives new guilds time to build up members and skill points to become potentially competitive so the safety has its reasons for existing.
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  13. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic Please don't turn this game into another Scarlet Blade, release male Dark Elf   

    that involves more dev work though, because they would need to model him, voice, and maybe even have different skills or at least animations. since witch and wiz are the only 2 classes that were the same until the awakening. So they are probably looking at cost/long term value. if it doesnt pan out for them then they wont make it.
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  14. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic Sex locked classes   

    They would need to make animations and design a character and all the different kinds of ranger armor for such a thing to happen, too many resources to add nothing new in terms of content to the game.
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  15. Mike Huntz added a post in a topic Multitude of Kunoichi Bugs   

    Your DP/AP scales much better than maehwa's for sure. my same gear on my lvl 52 kuno kills sausans so much faster than my lvl 55 maehwa
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