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  1. kilosi added a post in a topic Can't connect   

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  2. kilosi added a topic in General   

    Can't connect
    I was playing and got disconnected and now I am unable to connect! I can get as far as the channels selection screen. There are only a few marked as crowded and I joined one that wasn't marked this way.
    What is going on??? Is anyone else having issues?
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  3. kilosi added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    They should give us a few extra days or some other form of makeup due to the confusion, as it wasn't really clear in the translation. I missed out on 3 due to poor explanation and understanding.
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  4. kilosi added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    I was logged into the game for over 5 hours straight today but I only got 2 blossoms. Do I need to log out and back in every hour?
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  5. kilosi added a post in a topic Grind just became faster?   

    how much did combat exp increase? 30%? they left exp event on for long time but didn't have much time to play sadly. felt the +30% was just right, at least for leveling up, only 42. thx
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  6. kilosi added a post in a topic Valk, Jarrett costume?   

    this is awesome and wil buy on release day. lack of solid armor graphic really preventing me from playing valk. playing sorc right now and not sure if i enjoy the class (lv 42 atm), but wanna get the awakening and up to 50+. but still wanan play valk badd
    was gonna buy archer armor, but will pass. not a fan of the banners on the back anyways, blocks view of the cool armor detail imo.
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  7. kilosi added a post in a topic This Grind Man..   

    The skill cap in TFC was fantastic and kept a whole generation of people playing that game. It is a shame it died.
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  8. kilosi added a post in a topic Passives: Evasion vs DP?   

    what does evasion do exactly and how much per pt it change what it does?
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  9. kilosi added a post in a topic Help me understand Black Wave   

    finding black wave to be mana efficient compared to df. but df iis nice burest damages. only level 29 atm
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  10. kilosi added a post in a topic What is this costume called? / Where can I get it?   

    How to acquire the Kyrill  set? Winter area release (this even in KR yet?)? Eckett = too much fur lol
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  11. kilosi added a post in a topic Lost item during warehouse transport   

    ty, was this
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  12. kilosi added a topic in General   

    Lost item during warehouse transport
    last night - went to my warehouse in h-town and transported to v-town. tried to transport a sword from h to v town. said it was on its way. logged off. came back on today and see the sword is not in v or h town warehouse, no status listed for transport window, no sword in inventory.
    so sword is lost? transport dont work? how to use transport?
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  13. kilosi added a topic in General   

    Quest Delievering Stuff in Glish
    there is a quest where larc wants you to take porter to maul. larc says there is a porter next to stable and i do not see any.
    there is a 'stable' (not actual one where players can get their horses at) right next to larc and the actual stable in Glish. in both places, do not see any porters. however, did see a guy with a porter right next to Larc and he left with it. i have forfiet the quest three times and retook it - can't find it.
    anyone know where the porter is?
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  14. kilosi added a post in a topic New Look?   

    where the 6th armor be from? cash shop?
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  15. kilosi added a post in a topic Quest: A Thief!   

    ugh!!! got me really good folks! haha tyvm
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