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  1. nightbloom added a post in a topic Manup 2016/2017 Thinking   

    THe world wants to know, did he get banned?
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  2. nightbloom added a post in a topic Fight Night Saturday   

    Im kinda bummed, I was looking forward to this fight.  I think everyone was.  Kinda too bad that Lacari got cold feet and had all those guilds build on his base instead of being brave and letting the 1 v 1 happen.  He told me on Orca's stream that he did it because he didnt trust BC but he never gave them a chance to do anything, he just jumped the gun and rolled into the fetal position.
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  3. nightbloom added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    Why is Barcode in Mediah and not at Valencia? @Lacari   
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  4. nightbloom added a post in a topic ManUp manhandles Cuckcode 60v90+. Cuckcode officially a t1 guild   

    The answer they are all avoiding is yes, they did.  lol  I dunno why that matters though, everyone knew that they just used the exploiting thing as a focal point and not as an actual moral objection.  
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  5. nightbloom added a post in a topic Lacari and manup   

    hahaha  Reminds of being home sick from school.  >.>  <.<  Yes, Im dating myself.  
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  6. nightbloom added a post in a topic Lacari and manup   

  7. nightbloom added a post in a topic Lords of the Dead <LotD> -- Recruiting PvP Players   

    You know what's nice?  Knowing that your guild has been around for a long time, won't disappear or merge with someone else, has super stable leadership/community and has been completely true to itself the entire game.
    The ERP is good too.
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  8. nightbloom added a post in a topic no more bullshit   

    Wait...  someone took that speech seriously?  lol
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  9. nightbloom added a topic in US Guild   

    Siege Report
    Whoever does the upkeep on this, can you fix it? I love this thing, its super useful.  Idk if the background is black for everyone, but its unreadable for me.
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  10. nightbloom added a post in a topic What is happening with Iconic?   

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  11. nightbloom added a post in a topic Reserved Parking   

    I think Thelle is brilliant.
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  12. nightbloom added a post in a topic What is happening with Iconic?   

    Iconic heard that LotD was the biggest ERP guild on server and they have all left Iconic in shame, determined to join RP guilds on Cal 2 in order to learn the ropes and properly compete in ERP narratives.  
    Good freaking luck Iconic.  You cant compete with my 7th grade writing skills.  Ive read every single Goosebumps berk there is.
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  13. nightbloom added a post in a topic Looking for mature, laid back guild.   

    Look for the OTG guild, they are super mature.
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  14. nightbloom added a post in a topic Khurutos getting drunk quest not starting   

    Clarkster had no quests for me but once I got ALL the Delphe knights quests complete, Clarkster had quests and when I finished that set of 4, the Drunk ones popped up.
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  15. nightbloom added a post in a topic Cannot find quest data   

    The quest should have a little button on the right that will path you to the starting NPC unless you have not yet fulfilled the requirements that start it.  Try starting at the top of the list or look it up on http://bddatabase.net/us/ to see if there is a note about requirements.
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