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  1. MassCarnage added a post in a topic Flashbacks to ESO   

    Yes, i agree.  the point is that the one thing they have in common is the mega server.  I bet if there were more players in bdo, it would be worse.
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  2. MassCarnage added a topic in General   

    Flashbacks to ESO
    Since about two weeks before the server merge, we have be plagued with random load screens, rubber-banding, and Lag, lots and lots of Lag.  This whole concept of a "mega server" sucks.  Just ask any player who PvP'ed in ESO.  
    Mega servers don't seem to be able to handle a large amount of players, along with their pets, ability calculations, and in BDO the RNGesus screw you over calculations.
    KAYKO, how about you fix this...if you even can.
    you can't AFK train horses without coming back to find your horse running into a wall, or your toon standing at one point and your horse 500 feet ahead of you.
    Mega servers DO NOT WORK!
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  3. MassCarnage added a post in a topic New Attendance Reward system does not work.   

    no one has pointed out that according to his post, the event doesn't start for another two years.  "Today is 9/15/14"
    P.S.  Same issue
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  4. MassCarnage added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    I love how people say they are leaving....than 3 pages later they are posting again.
    Just leave. 
    You said a week ago you were leaving....and you are still here.  My guess is you are all talk.
    And don't tell us about it, because we don't care.
    EDIT:  If American's didn't like pay to win....EVERY MMO wouldn't do it.  Fact is, MMO's are a business and American's are lazy.  Get over it.
    P.S.  Leave Now
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  5. MassCarnage added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

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  6. MassCarnage added a post in a topic [NA-Edan] <Karma> Active well-rounded players recruiting more. Join the party!   

    i approve the 305 Teens...as long as they are 18 of course!
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  7. MassCarnage added a post in a topic The Black Hole that is Customer Service   

    Day 6
    as an update.  I finally said screw it and filed a dispute with my CC company.  If you can't get back to your paying customers in a week, you don't deserve my money.
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  8. MassCarnage added a post in a topic The Black Hole that is Customer Service   

    blader huh....
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  9. MassCarnage added a post in a topic The Black Hole that is Customer Service   

    So by everyone's responses, i can expect to wait another two to three weeks before i get an answer.  Yeah, just going to dispute the charge.  Not worth the wait. so so disappointing.
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  10. MassCarnage added a post in a topic The Black Hole that is Customer Service   

    Szerdi, don't you have an Easter egg to create?  you need more free dyes
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  11. MassCarnage added a post in a topic The Black Hole that is Customer Service   

    20 Days.... I would file a dispute.  Screw that shit.  If the Cash Store is your business model.  You best be sure you don't screw it up.  #Fail
    I get it.  But from a business stand point, its not good.  Most people work hard for their money.  When a problem happens, the most import thing you can do is fix it.  Since BDO utilizes a cash shop model, the last thing you want is to lose customers because you have no one to respond.  The game has been out for a month, hardly long enough to hire good quality people.  However it is BDO's responsibility.
    I can tell you that I and probably many others, will think twice before spending my money in the cash shop again.
    And I love this.  But when money is involved, things change.
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  12. MassCarnage added a topic in General   

    The Black Hole that is Customer Service
    So it seems that BDO Customer Service is severely lacking.  I tired to purchase Daum cash, the browser hung, I never got a confirmation or the Daum Cash, Yet they charged me.
    I put a ticket in, and 4 days later... Not even "We are experiencing a higher that normal ticket volume, but your ticket is very important to us".  - Only leads me to believe I am not important. *Sad face*
    Is there anyone out there having the same issues?  and if so, are there any GM's that can help out?
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  13. MassCarnage added a post in a topic Support Ticket help   

    I had the EXACT same issue and i Have yet to hear back either (4 days).  I am going to file a dispute with my Credit card company.  If Daum can't get their act together, they are not going to get my money!
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  14. MassCarnage added a post in a topic Calpheon Dailes not available   

    Well, it had been three days.  I actually ended up figuring it out.  In the last update, somehow my "show all quests" got turned off.  Causing only certain quests to show.
    Kind of a pain in the ass.
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