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    I support this and would love to see an afk as well as a calendar 
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    [NA] [EDAN] The Knights Of Glory And Beer
    The Greatest Siege Specialists of all time has arrived, KGB is a proud Legacy Clan of 19 Years, a eclectic group of Knights in Service since the dawn of Online Gaming, we have strode proudly across every battlefield imaginable.
    KGB is very different from what you are used to.
    Today's fly by night and game specific clans do not serve their members well. Having a clan revolve around a certain leader, situation, or specific game is just a recipe for failure. In KGB's 19 years as a successful clan, we have developed a system that sustains the player with varying styles, skill and activity levels. Just because you can play 8 hours per day today, does not mean you can tomorrow, next week or next year. The KGB system is a functioning government that is designed to support the player, and offers just about any opportunity to enjoy your game of choice in the manner and style you wish to play. Our recruitment process ensures that everyone has a say in who becomes your clan mate. There is no tests, taxes, time requirements, minimum skill levels, or any thing of the sort. Diversity in skill, style, and interest is what makes the difference. Let KGB be your last stop when you go looking for a online gaming organization.
    Visit http://the-kgb.com/ and http://oracle.the-kgb.com/ for details.
    Who are we?
    KGB - The Knights of Glory and Beer was formed 19 years ago in 1997 and has played a part in every major MMO released to date. KGB prefers player vs player interaction, not run of the mill instanced hand-holding. Black Desert Online is clearly the game we've been waiting for. We are focused on character progression and maintaining a tight and mature organization.
    What are we?
    KGB has a complex functioning government and our recruitment process is difficult, but ensures only the most qualified players make it in. We do not ask for tribute upon joining or tax the fun out of you (we accept donations only). We have a diverse player base from all over the world and invite players from all time zones.
    Dark Fall Accomplishments
    KGB has a long list of accomplishments from the EU and NA servers. We have, to date, held a total of 4 different city holdings. On EU1 Server, under KGB military leadership, the Coalition of the Chillin and KGB orchestrated a quadruple siege on Hyperion, delivering the final blow. On NA, KGB had been a part of just about every large battle on the NA server, and has taken part in the high traffic PVP that was going on in and around Andruk.  We partnered closely with OTG and other mature like organizations. After the first 2 years, we started playing other games in anticipation of the issues with DFO being addressed. We are excited and ready for this new game (Crowfall). Visit the KGB Oracle and get involved!
    Archeage Accomplishments, We currently hold some of the top pvpers on our server, and have built up a loyal following of like minded players who run pvp and pve events several times a week, our activity in Acheage is at all time high, and we own large areas of real estate, dominating many areas of the game.
    How can I join and what is involved?
    Join our TeamSpeak or visit our website and introduce yourself and note your interest.  Someone will invariably inform you as to what is involved.
    Should you want to join only for BDO faction, we have a Conscript program that enable you to play with our KGB members.  
    *Teamspeak is a MUST*
    -KGB depends on voice communications and Teamspeak is a REQUIREMENT for membership.
    *What benefits do KGB members get?*
    -Membership in one of the oldest and best organized Nations in online gaming
    -Access to the KGB Oracle message boards and the rights and privileges of KGB membership
    -Assistance in worlds where KGB has a presence with Training and FINANCES!
    -KGB Administration keeps a detailed record of your life and accomplishments
    -Your Personal KGB War Record displayed in the KGB Hall of Fame
    *What is a SPONSOR and how do I get one?*
    Sponsorship is a requirement to the application process. A Sponsor is a member of KGB in good standing that is willing to not only vouch for you, but to assist and watch over you during your application period. Your sponsor may terminate your application at any time before you attain full citizenship based on your conduct / performance. To find a Sponsor, head over to the KGB Oracle read up and file a request for sponsorship or let any titled member know you are interested in becoming a member.
    You can also send a PM to Shock on our website. You will then need to file the KGB Membership application at the KGB Oracle (http://oracle.the-kgb.com ). You would need to provide the Sponsor's name. Then you are on your way. Why go through all this? Well, this process ensures your guildmates are of the highest quality and integrity.
    *What is done with my application?*
    Once you have a sponsor and you have created an KGB Oracle ID, you may fill out the citizenship application. Your application will be reviewed by every member on KGB who may comment on experiences with you in the past, or may have heard rumors concerning your behavior, whether good or bad. See the faction specific information in the KGB Constitution for details. After acquiring a sponsor and filing the application, you will be added to the in game organization as a private.
    *Do I really have to like beer to join KGB?
    Yes, stop being a -----. They even have non-alcoholic beer now!
    *What is expected from members by the guild?*
    You are expected to kick bottom, try your hardest, and work well with your mates. You are expected to participate in guild events, help with rescue missions when called upon, and aid others in the Nation to the best of your ability. You are expected to represent our Nation in a manner in which we can all be proud. KGB is a close knit group of friends, and many of our citizens have been members for over 19 years. The process is difficult, but it is meant to be, and our organization is stronger for it.
    All this information and much more is available at the KGB Website at http://the-kgb.com/
    Feel Free to Contact Myself, Ely or Exey via the Forums Here however we prefer to speak to you on our Teamspeak
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