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  1. Lynn added a post in a topic Watermark.   

    The pasting options do not work for people who take screenshots rapidly to ensure the right moment is taken (a certain moment of a pose or blinking vs non-blink). I know a lot of people who do this to take more professional screens.
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  2. Lynn added a post in a topic Watermark.   

    Unfortunately this is one thing I do dislike and disagree with, as I take screenshots and edit them regularly. If there would be a way to turn it off, that would be grand!
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  3. Lynn added a post in a topic Valentines Events [Part 2]   

    Yay, Deve! Even if he doesn't win I will still vote for him solely for being kind to everyone! 
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  4. Lynn added a post in a topic Epheria Marine set never released?   

    I love this set and would love to see it released in the future!
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  5. Lynn added a post in a topic Teleport points or fast travel?   

    Exactly! To me that doesn't count, then. I definitely understand what you mean, though.
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  6. Lynn added a post in a topic Teleport points or fast travel?   

    In my opinion I really like how we don't have fast travel right now, but at the same time I wouldn't care if we did have it. Pretty much I'm fine with both, but leaning way more on keeping the fast travel out of the game. Besides, that would make horses and whatnot a little unnecessary and we love those! 
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  7. Lynn added a post in a topic New guildmember 200k activity points??   

    This does sound odd if I'm thinking about the situation correctly. Perhaps if you have proof of it in any form then you (or your friend) could send a ticket to get some answers. 
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  8. Lynn added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    Here's my character based off of what I look like in real life! I tend to change her appearance a lot, though.


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  9. Lynn added a post in a topic Post Pics of your couples! Spring is in the air!   

    I can't believe I just now found this thread! I've been taking couple pics for quite a long time!

    Here are mine from early and late last year ♥ Our characters change a lot so maybe we will get some updated ones.


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  10. Lynn added a post in a topic Gifting Pearl items when buying   

    It's unfortunate that this is happening and I wish it would stop. 
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  11. Lynn added a post in a topic Lunar New Year Celebration!   

    The event was tons of fun, and definitely made me feel closer to the staff! I found they each had their own special trait. 
    (One day, Jouska, you will find and remember the message I sent you in the forums to welcome you!)

    Some screenshots from my sister and I (NA Server):

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  12. Lynn added a post in a topic Protected Guild got declared   

    It's possible if the guild that declared on yours has also never won a node before, or your guilds have been in war before already. If they've never won a node like your guild, then that puts them in the same "bracket" and the game sees it fair to war them. I hope that makes some sense!
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  13. Lynn added a post in a topic How are people trading?   

    I'd like to point out that the GM says 'region' and not 'territory'. Pretty much asking the person if them and their friend are both in the same server region (NA or EU). Either way, this isn't the thread to be continuing this long debate on if the market is territory locked.
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  14. Lynn added a post in a topic How are people trading?   

    This whole trading thing shouldn't even be a 'thing'. I understand someone might want a friend to buy their item after they're done with it, but then I wouldn't consider it a 'trade' in the first place. Even if your friend wanted to give you something in return, I still think that would be on a better and more accepted level than these dirty, scam-filled 'trades'.

    Recently my own sister has been trying to advertise to buy a Tier 8 horse, and she includes "No trades" in the text. She does this because every time she would advertise for it without, she would get like 8 whispers asking to trade money with pearls. The thing that makes it worse, though, is that even when she has "No trades" included she still gets a ton of whispers saying "You're never going to get one without offering pearls, too". Just all these nasty, negative messages when she's just been saving and is looking to buy THE NORMAL WAY. I and other guildies also got our Tier 8 horses by advertising, but we didn't get barraged by these whispers and we got them without trades.

    Trade epidemic?

    People should be more friendly to each other, instead of negative! 
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  15. Lynn added a post in a topic MALE & FEMALE Hairstyles - including SKETCHES - UPDATE   

    I love these so much and it's great to see that even the staff is interested in helping bring new hairstyles to attention! I hope you don't mind me saying that I wish we had a hairstyle like this one. I know it doesn't show the back much at all, but you get the idea (half-updo for females).


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