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  1. Kezha added a post in a topic TheLazyPeon Drops the truth !   

    I know hes annoyed but, saying other MMO's aren't P2W is a bit wrong tbh  hell blizzard is even allowing you to buy gold from blizzard fairly directly now and avoid "China gold" all together
    Nontheless, I agree with it, the negative trends taht come along with P2W should properly be clear that it isnt liked, and that ingame shops should be propped full of nothing but a gazzilion cosmetics.
    Just look at ESO, I was shocked to find out $5 gets you 3... THREE costumes O_o...
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  2. Kezha added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

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  3. Kezha added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    heres a newsflash for you.
    Most people that came to NA and EU to play instead of JP, KR, and RUS left becasue it is P2W. We don't want it, we don't need it and we most certainly do not prefer it.
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  4. Kezha added a post in a topic Changing your profile picture = Political activism in 2016   

    This is the kind of stupid logic that people apply when they have no idea what their on about in any way shape or form.
    Look at WoW, a really succsesfull game, peopel claim it is dying, which is dumb i'll agree, and that "bla bla bla this will kill the game" sure its empty whining, but look at it, people are flocking away, the game people loved and want to play, the game the majority wants to play and have fun with, is no more. 
    Most top guilds threw in the towel in WoW and what are you left with? the leftovers. someone else will now be "top tier" but that is a top tier of people who simply "win by default". They where always in sub 50 world, yet now they are first because everyone infront of them quit. And yes, Legion will get a lot of people back again, but for how long? the game hasn't changed, the beta being beta and the game itself still plays like a half dead slug, looks like one and the only reason I think many stayed for so long was that their friends played. But just like every expansion, you'll see a massive boom in players, then it'll just keep on going down again, it is called a negative trend, and it is those that "kill" games.
    Its pretty darn obvious that this is happening in BDO left and right as people say. I play in the addicted community in croxus, and along with all the other top guilds, sanguine, marauders, ember, shadowelite and more all are up in arms, the channel chat floods, people destroy their gear and are already quitting.
    And should this shit go live, so many people will most likely, presumable throw in the towel straight off on wednesday, or throw in the towel shortly after. Leaving all the remaining people to win by default because those better left. and create a true niche game that will require server merges, and will compared to now feel extremely empty.
    it does not kill the game, but you chop of its arms and legs and stand by as it bleeds out, that is what people mean when they say something kills and MMO, because an MMO will never just get shut off because suddenly less people play, the servers remain open for years and years and years.
    People can truly neglect or deny that as much as they want but yeah, you can't kill an MMO, nothing will really "make the game seize to exist" but these kind of things kill and bleed out  MMORPG's and have done and keep doing it no matter the title in that they end up losing so many players over a short time and create such bad rep with the game that it keeps people from wanting to even try. Such is life of negative trends.
    Black Desert is a really awesome game, it has fast paced and fun combat, unforgiving as -----, and the RNG is to kill yourself over at times, the explorations is mind boggling, I still spend hours randomly wandering about finding cave systems leading down into mountains, deeper and deeper and deeper, i'm sure at some point i'll finda -----ing town in one of them or a balrog who knows, theres so many and their so big, and the exploration value for those who care is immense, the entire game is fun and reminds us of how important it is to not rely on a game dev to hold your hand. How good it feels to accomplish something on your own. The news about this massive P2W has already put a tank sized hole in the side of the ship, all that is missing is for it to detonate next wednesday, and I truly and honest to god hope daum, kakao and PA manages to grow a pair of brain cells and realize its better to diffuse it than to detonate it if they want to make money. 
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  5. Kezha added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    how is it not p2w?
    you can legit make 250-500 mill from 130 euro...  Thats a lot of fancy gear....
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  6. Kezha added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    hey dude nice avatar!
    no idea who you are but I stole it (Y)
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  7. Kezha added a post in a topic Somethings going down on Jordine!   

    Everyone should do this  The proper P2W stuff they are bringing now is to much. I'm not even inclined wanting to see how it will turn out ..
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  8. Kezha added a post in a topic This is not pay to win   

    The stuff we have had up untill now I've not really deemed as P2W.
    But now, if we are gonna judge how these items sell in other regions, you can buy a quarter of a billion silver pr week. That is just to much.
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  9. Kezha added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    But at least they listend to the community -.-
    This is truly mornic on Daum and PA's side. 
    Sleep well fair prince. it was fun while it lasted.
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  10. Kezha added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I was gonna write something but it is pointless.
    You said "we have communicated your feedback". I get a lot of shit but lying to the community aint cool. EU and NA have poll after poll, and thread after thread outraged and YELLED to NOT get these things.
    We do not want pay 2 win, this is a mega pay 2 win. we do NOT want this, I can live with the things we have, but this is going to throw everything out the window.
    If you do NOT stop this, BDO in EU and NA will be game over, look at russia and Korea where costumes sell for 60~~ million... thats 250 mill pr week... that is not even a limit, its purely a pay 2 win aspect that allows people to gain a huge advantage. You can make a quarter of a billion... for not leaving your town, like wtf.. 
    If you do not stop this, you will just kill shit and do not stop this I know most of my guild which is top on Croxus will be leaving... and it is most definately not the only people who will leave. Hell i've paid roughly 4k EURon this game, and illl gladly show to anyone who do not believe me. and this is stupid, if this isnt stopped its quite litteraly fraud, we where after all promised to not get this, yet here it is, in full force. All the things from beforewhere liveable.
    This just removes the reason for a new player to bother, theres no way for a new player to catch up unless they dish out lots of real life cash. 
    It has to go... if not..

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  11. Kezha added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Possible bug - ingame world changes and UI changes when changing characters
    Not sure if anyone else experiences this.
    but now that we have the night vendor and visits to more alts than just for failstacking is more frequent. 
    I noticed that some of my lower level chars, even if it is night time, log in and the game is at broad daylight. as well as the UI will screw itself over showing beginners tips, and rearrange some of my hotkeys which is fairly annoying as I got to slot out most of my custom hotkeys after each trip to these alts.
    Anyone else that experience the same issues?
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  12. Kezha added a post in a topic Why is RNG in games?   

    You can end up getting items and loot, or not, you can't predict that. in a non RNG setting, you can be 100% certain that killing 100 sheeps will give you X item.  
    Not throwing DS into the equation as that is an unforgiving game and gives you the glee because you master it, few people seem to want that kind of challange over a prolonged time. I agree that a DS way would be more fun, but in the normal world people would likely just get really annoyed by it in the end, because its a game that perfectly blames you and nothing else for screwing up xP
    Putting it on a edge, if you grind every day, like I mentioned you can't predict the outcome of what you get, but you can still work towards a goal, i've been grinding to get the ancient core set, enough to PRI at least both pieces. in the process i've gotten one ancient core, and enough silver to buy a second. essentially, RNG gave me one, and my own work gave me the second.
    Just look at my post history, I don't claim BDO RNG is fun, or a saint, but its sadly more in line with what a true RNG actually is (imo) and there are hidden stuff (imo) but the psychological parts of what true RNG is towards what you get, can feel incredibly unfair. but at the end of the day if you think about it. It could be worse, everyone could be identical, the same gear, the same everything, nothing left to really... go for. you would grind grind grind to get X thing, then move and grind grind grind for Y thing, and that would either end up going fast, or take ages, and you would burn out fast as hell, either becasue lack of stuff to go for, or because theres no real reason to go for anything.
    Everyone with max stuff... what can you do? run around and gank people, wait for sieges, life skills and that is about it, at max grinding wouldn't be worth the time. I think RNG really keeps that aspect of stuff in bay, and we have a reason to grind, a reason to farm a reason to life skill and a reason to do stuff in total, and this given in a RPG and MMORPG, other games do not fall into the same reasoning.
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  13. Kezha added a post in a topic Why is RNG in games?   

    Your avatar dictates that you shouldnt sound so salty like you have lately been, now calm down shunsui-san.
    Anyways, RNG in games make them feel to your average joe, more exciting. and Excitement goes hand in hand with fun.
    You've played games and experienced "holy crap I got the thing! I GOT IT! LOOK AT MY THING I'M SO HAPPY!" its a nice feeling. FPS games, strategy games and such types, rely on a different way to play in order to get the fun, where RPG's and MMORPG's aren't meant to be flat like those other genres, they are meant to be "like your daily life", aka unpredictable. 
    Take wow for example, its got RNG in it, albeit different algorithms, theres RNG; every boss has a loot table, and its random what you get. WoW has also made it so that people will be secured items, and theres no amount of bad RNG in the game that can happen to not reward you in the end. its not as harsh, but in return people now flock away from the game as deep down, I think most people like the random unpredictability more than welfare items and rewards for doing nothing at all.
    Look at BDO, we hate the RNG system, but at the end of the day without trolling or just being blind and ignorant, think about it. It is nice because you can't predict what happens tomorrow. You can assume, and throw maths at it, but you can't predict it, you can't predict  your opponent, or the gear you'll get or not, you can't predict what happens, me personally, i love that. I love that in a sense, I cannot controll every aspect of my character. Being able to do so, or be secured loot, in an MMO or RPG would be very dull. 
    Install skyrim, you've never played it before, now before you do anything or move an inch, max your level, give yourself the best items in the game. That is what I think it would feel like, because lets face it, BDO with really good gear, stuff just melts around you, if you are +15 you have a massive challange, and most players are immortal when you hit them.
    RNG exists to make stuff exciting, to make things intruiging, to make you go "YES HALLELUJAH!" then get filled with glee when something goes your way. Much like gambling. But that also leads to the thing, be responsible, if you know you easily get addicted to stuff, don't deny it, just get help with it so gambling and games wont consume your life. 
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  14. Kezha added a post in a topic Best luck you've had recently.   

    Managed to get to get a hold of TIer 6's in other ways, so I will try to get a T7 female, since T7 + T7 m\f would give a highest chance for tier 8?
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