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  1. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    lol says the guy hiding behind his newly created forum account.. Your opinion matters to no one.
    AA had the same hate and everyone waved goodbye to all the quitters, saying good riddance, then what happened lol, the game died. No one enjoys AA anymore, as there's jack all playing it, so you may as well go and play a single player game, and this is headed the same way. So all of you telling those that are quitting due to P2W to get lost, you're throwing stones in glass houses.
    The most hilarious thing about all this p2w business, is that it's the people for it that have been the most hostile and childish, proving that the majority for it are most likely children and should be ignored
    Grats on missing the point completely lol
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  2. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Developer Response to Update Backlash?   

    Look back to other Korean mmo's, it always starts like this, slowly adding mechanisms designed for maximum cash grab, and eventually it dies like every other Korean mmo. When will people learn lol, this is all hilarious to watch, it's like taking how to get rich advice from a poor person, and this IS following the exact same path as others. Greed can only win for so long, as you'd hope that people have evolved enough to catch on eventually, some more slowly than others obviously...
    Some of you remind me of those people you tell a joke to, and a week or 2 later, they finally get it and have a laugh.
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  3. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Developer Response to Update Backlash?   

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  4. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Developer Response to Update Backlash?   

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  5. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Selling pearls for ingame cash isn't P2W.   

    Just curious, are you a gen Y? 
    I work a lot of hours, so generally I'm behind most people in mmos, but do I care, or do I work my way up slowly, with the same system, same advantages as those who do it faster? Financially I do well for myself, so possibly this Wednesday I could spend my cash, grab some silver and boost my gear, but I can't... It wouldn't be on the same playing field as those who worked long and hard for their gear, it's an unfair advantage that I see gen Y kids looking for on a daily basis, even my own kids and I can't lower myself to that. 
    I have watched the degradation of the world due to greed and corruption and seriously worry about the future for my kids. Now games are tainted by this greed, and it's just too easy to attract these lazy kids into going along with it. 
    It's ok to be behind everyone for a long time, as the journey is part of the game, there is no catch up, just play the game and say no to any form of p2w, don't let greed and laziness win the day. 
    It's because of this culture that my business shys from hiring gen y. I really don't like to generalize, but they're always looking for the easy road, and I mean always! There are the good, but they're few and far. 
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  6. klm0sabl added a post in a topic 69.8% of Edan are FOR this change   

    How dumb are you? THIS is your logic for gathering % of who wants what? 
    This is what happens when you choose gaming over school.
    If anyone knew anything about how this world works, as a tax paying (has a job), educated adult, you'd understand why P2W is so damaging to games. It's not just about games, it's a culture of greed that rules the world and WILL destroy it for your generation (Y), if you let it. Young people on here need to wake up, educate yourselves, get off social media, get your heads away from your phones and actually learn something about the world! Anyone that supports greed of any nature needs to climb the evolution ladder and catch up, maybe grab an education while you're at it. Older people have seen the degradation of life over time due to greed, and if you knew what we knew, you'd never support this rubbish.
    The chimpanzees on here will show their intelligence levels regardless of what is said, but at least think about it more deeply whilst peeling your bannanas
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  7. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Wanted: HighBounty   

    You display snake like deception, a snake in the grass if you will... You're that slimy friend in the group that no one completely trusts, nor likes. I suggest a career in politics
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  8. klm0sabl added a post in a topic According to a Reddit post, we got the   

    Are you talking about "super RNG"?? I didn't think it existed, I thought it was just a myth?!
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  9. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Leveling to 55 is to easy!   

    Rubbish. Why come here and bignote yourself? People actually play the game in its entirety, we're not children racing to the end, then start crying about how easy it was. Get a job, get a life and learn how to play this game properly kid. If you don't like the game, then leave, you won't be missed
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  10. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Leveling to 55 is to easy!   

    When people like you make this game out to be too easy, you invoke anger and provoke, you are part of the problem, a shittalker, as you put it. If you think the game is too easy, you aren't playing it the way it was meant to be played, you're rushing through to 55+ as fast as you can. YOU may be able to get to 55 in 20 hours, but not everyone, as most people have a lot to do before they just mindlessly grind in a race to 55. Gearing up takes time, gathering takes time, horse training takes time etc etc etc and unless you're a bum with no job and 12+ hours a day to play this game and play all aspects of the game, there is no way you'll get to 55 in 20 hours. Your post was pointless, unless you're jobless and game all day, only care about getting to lvl 55 and can relate.
    "My Mainchar is level 59. I just got bored a little and i was in need of a bosschar. Thats why i made this test. Yes i bought everything." I doubt you're lvl 59 (proof?), but I know you're bored, as you are exactly what I talked about in an earlier post. You race to the top, forgetting most of what this game offers and then cries about being bored like a child to anyone that will listen
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  11. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Sorc Compensation!   

    Maybe if you knew how to play your class?... My guildies obliterated on their sorcs, even before this new buff. The only people that ever came on here to ----- about sorcs were the ones that couldn't play the class properly, it was hard going from spamming DF  to then having to think about other abilities. DAUM need to ignore whiny unskilled players on here and maybe actually test these things out themselves?
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  12. klm0sabl added a post in a topic LEAKED Daum class balance trajectory chart   

    I main a Wizard with a tamer as my alt, and I have no problems against warriors that are equally or slightly over geared than I am. I'm incredibly shite at pvp compared to most, react slowly and never know my combos, and a good warrior may stay alive with me for quite some time, but they can't kill me, saying they hit like a wet noodle is an understatement. 
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  13. klm0sabl added a post in a topic does the game getting any new players?   

    I'm building alts currently, so i'm all over the place, from starting spots up to Valencia with my main. Towns are also full to the brim with people. If anything, i'd say it's getting busier on UNO
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  14. klm0sabl added a post in a topic does the game getting any new players?   

    What a load of rubbish! My server, UNO, is ALWAYS full, every channel, i'm always fighting for grind spots. You guys must be playing on private servers, this game is doing just fine and will continue to do fine as more awesome content is added
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  15. klm0sabl added a post in a topic does the game getting any new players?   

    Content pushed too early lol....ok
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  16. klm0sabl added a post in a topic does the game getting any new players?   

    lol i'm sorry, but this is such a silly comment...
    You can start this game at any time, even a year from now and still have the same fun and level just as easy as you can now. Why would all the fully geared high level players hang out in lowbie grind spots lol  You could then say the same for any mmo.. I've never understood this line of thinking, there's too much too soon lol, most mmos release all at once rather than little bits here and there, it makes zero difference! Just like EVERY OTHER mmo, as you level, you move to different areas, plus there's the no pvp until lvl 45, so it has no relevance as to when you start playing, even if all content is released and you start 2 years from now, so please explain?
    So many precious ppl
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  17. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Does the game get more challenging?   

    What a strange question... An mmo can be as difficult or as hard as you want it, just go for higher leveled mobs if the ones you're fighting are too easy. If you have only just started playing, which i doubt (suspect troll), your starting gear would have you struggle against red or purple mobs. To say it's too easy is showing a lack of understanding of the games mechanics, as death comes with very harsh consequences. To anyone that talks that rubbish after fighting in Valencia with average gear, you're lying, but if you're top tier geared, then the pain you went through gearing up has paid off, but there's more on the way, and your gear will again be sub-par
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  18. klm0sabl added a post in a topic [poll]What do we need?   

    When a company makes a promise, takes it back, makes another, changes things, is never completely upfront with what's going on, and the actual time-frame to get your initial promise is months after the fact. I think anyone that qq'd about the ninja was quite within their rights. If there was sufficient transparency between DAUM/PA and the players, there would be less anger in these forums imo.
    I don't mind the wait times, or the changes made, but it does annoy me when those changes are made with little to no notice, with extremely vague excuses, as if no one knows what's happening. Even the patch notes are veiled in mystery, with no detail, no explanation to most things, except the Giants changes..that was weird... A little more professionalism wouldn't go astray, they have an amazing game here, and I'd hate to see it fall from bad management.
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  19. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Free class change for sorc   

    My Sorc guildies absolutely kick arse pve and pvp, maybe it's something you need to change? The class has changed, it's still a viable class, you just have to change your play-style to suit the new changes, pretty much like every class that gets changes like this. Warrior would also be considered broken, but people like Oneuproud showed that a change in play-style still made Warrior a force to be reckoned with, even without awakening.
    Every class has it's day at the top, it's swings and roundabouts, and regardless of the class you play, you will have your time at the top at some stage, changes happen all the time, 100% balanced will never exist
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  20. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Leveling to 55 is to easy!   

    Try starting from scratch, I could do it just as easy with equipment like that, but starting from scratch, building up your gear, it would take much much longer. Essentially what you're saying is, that because you have great gear and can now level fast, they should screw it for people that have only just started? Also keep in mind that a lot of people don't race to top level without actually playing the game, as there is a lot you can do in this game, and those that race to the finish are usually the ones that quit because they're now bored of the game. This is a sandbox mmo, it's not meant to be a race to 55, there are so many things you can do in this game and some people race straight past it all and never experience the game for what it's supposed to be.
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  21. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Do not realese awakening   

    Attention seeking troll...shoo
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  22. klm0sabl added a post in a topic How to be Pro   

    Awesome video! 
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  23. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Stop Saying WoW is an Easy Game   

    Agreed, I was more focussing on his broad statement about Western mmo's. Personally WoW never interested me, so I never bothered to play it, but kudos has to go to Blizzard, they have done very well for themselves and had great success.
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  24. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Stop Saying WoW is an Easy Game   

    Is FFXIV any good?
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  25. klm0sabl added a post in a topic Stop Saying WoW is an Easy Game   

    I've never played WoW, as I stated, so it would be "stupid" to presume I was a fanboy... Regardless of the figures I quoted, it still retained and had more players than any mmo that I have heard of, for an incredibly long time, and my POINT, was that respect was due on the game as a whole. To say that western mmo's are a "train wreck" and "horrible", like my intellectually impaired friend on here quoted, is just stupid, going through puberty talk.
    Korean mmo's have a terrible track record of turning into p2w, which apparently WoW has also now adopted, and I'd love for this beautiful looking game to not follow in the footsteps of past failures. Listening to your player-base is the key to a good mmo
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