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  1. Saya_AL added a post in a topic Who designed this broken mechanic and why hasn't it been fixed or addressed?   

    So... the complaint is that you have a stackable item already in storage, get a rare item (that also stacks) and production stops. Could it possible be that it's triggered to stop because you have a full storage. What if another rare item was obtained outside of the first rare item? There would be no room for it now would there?
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  2. Saya_AL added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    I don't see how the OP's reasons are based off of stupidity. The Node Wars are not going to be the lifesaver that people think they will be. A lot of people who have quit will not be back, maybe even if some of the issues brought up by the community are addressed.
    To insult people who are leaving or on the verge of doing so is no going to be so awesome when servers are dead. I guess then the stupidity may be in all of the players who decided to flame posts like this instead of asking Daum/PA to address the concerns that are driving players away.
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  3. Saya_AL added a post in a topic When is it OK to PK?   

    As far as PK - hey it's part of the game so if someone jumps me while I am grinding, so be it. 
    What I cannot stand is when people kill horses because they recognize the person is probably leveling it for breeding. Kill the horse but not the player. I think it's vindictive and only is done because they can. I don't kill horses or afk players because there's honestly no fun in it. I hope that eventually people will find something better to do than running around targeting things that don't fight back.
    Instead of spending the time justifying/debating/complaining about PK why not provide suggestions about ways to enhance PvP and create more encounters where people are encouraged to engage in combat?
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  4. Saya_AL added a post in a topic Need help with mount   

    try /reloadui or switch channels, relog
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  5. Saya_AL added a post in a topic Can this be right? I hate this game sometimes!!!   

    Shared storage so yes you can! Alts are good for energy consumption as well since they get the same amount of energy as your main. Helpful when needing to process a bunch of stuff and you don't want to burn all the energy on one character. 
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  6. Saya_AL added a post in a topic PSA: Arrange your farm the right way!   

    Thanks for the tips! Very nicely done. +1
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  7. Saya_AL added a post in a topic Daum, PLEASE be careful and diligent when investigating these so called "hacked" accounts. You know, the ones that have everything missing.   

    Funny enough my husband has his WoW account hacked after a data breech of Yahoo mail server. Whoever wound up with the stolen information used it to create a nightmare in WoW. They were able to contact customer support and remove the authentication key because they had his name and email address. It seems like common sense that customer service would have noticed that the person was not the owner of the account but they honored the request more than once. It got so bad that he had to send a copy of his drivers license to make any changes to his account. 
    Point is - sometimes it is picking up viruses and hacking, and sometimes it's honestly nothing you could have prevented.
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  8. Saya_AL added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    Thank you for taking this back to the devs and working out a resolution. I appreciate the effort and that you voiced the concerns of your community to them.
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  9. Saya_AL added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

    Exactly! They intentionally gave us a horse that they have said was altered as to not give an advantage, yet this was not disclosed anywhere in the advertisement. They are at fault for their omission of this information. You cannot label a product something that it simply isn't. All that is happening now Daum is hoping that this will blow over. I hope to see this on the first page of recent posts everyday until the issue is addressed by Daum.
    This is an awful way to treat the people who invested a fair amount of money before the game was even released. Talk about burning your customers.  
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  10. Saya_AL added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

    Agreed. Loosing the trust of the group that spent the most to play the game is going to continue to do damage to Daum and the game. I haven't done much with breeding personally but to discover they marketed something to us as one thing but gave us something else is enough to upset anyone. 
    What's worse is the "response" to the concern. Sorry guys... mom said no. 
    For all of the people who don't seem to understand the issue - what happens if you purchased a pair of jeans online then discover the product you received was a pair of shorts? Simple, the company will replace with the intended product or issue a refund.
    To just tell the group of people who spent $100, when we could have spent far less for just the game, too bad we don't see it as an issue is just another example of the quality customer service provided.
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  11. Saya_AL added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

    I feel like when we bring issues/suggestions/complaints to Daum it's like talking to a receptionist instead of the person who can do something. I understand that Daum is not the developer but the lack of communication between Daum and PA is blindingly obvious as various issues are exposed. It's almost to the point of no longer wanting to try to get answers or provide feedback. If we get a response at all it's vague and doesn't seem to remotely come close to addressing the issue.  
    This is probably the last straw for me. I have learned to live with aspects of the game I didn't like. I've tried to find ways to look past the concerns and enjoy the game for what it is. Now I'm seeing that I paid DOUBLE the amount of the next package offered but you continue to try and deny the horse we paid for is not at a level it should be. How can you justify the value of the package we purchased if the items of the package are not what you lead us to believe they were? What did I pay $100 for? I am tired of your ho-hum approach to addressing issues, the constant discovery of issues with the game you can't seem to stress the urgency to PA enough to fix, and the lack of any real communication from your employees responsible for community outreach. 
    It's hard enough to get a Korean style game to take root and grow in the US but you have already shot yourself in the foot with the never-ending issues and now are holding a blade to your own throat with this stunt. We did not have to pay $100 to play this game, but the fact we did should at least tell you we deserve to not be treated like clueless consumers. Stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes and say that a HP buff is enough of a fix. You sold us a defective product so either make it right or refund our purchase. 
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  12. Saya_AL added a post in a topic Premium Horse Skin Coupon   

    Oh I know! The idea that someone got something from a GM by mistake is more of what I was referencing. I'm irritated about it as well and I don't spend half the time as others.
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  13. Saya_AL added a post in a topic Premium Horse Skin Coupon   

    Oh man, not good to anger the horse breeders!

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  14. Saya_AL added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

  15. Saya_AL added a topic in US Guild   

    <Asylums Edge> [Uno] Balanced PvE/PvP - Looking for More Active Players!
    <Asylums Edge> on the Uno server is looking for more active members for all aspects of the game. We currently have 90 members and are looking to bring in more active players. Asylums Edge focused on balanced game play - from group scroll runs and grind sessions, to guild boss scrolls and guild wars.

    As more PvP content is introduced in the game we will be participating in node wars as well. Our members enjoy working together and helping each other. If you are looking for a friendly guild that aims to be one of the top guilds on the server find us in game or visit our website at www.asylumsedge.pwfactions.com

     New players and experienced players welcome!

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