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Tentacle Love

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  1. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic Payment Failed   

    Have had this issue since the release of the game.
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  2. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    It is still impossible to spend money in your shop so that I can purchase any of these things you're adding.
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  3. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic Why do Lanterns run out when they haven't been used?   

    Just like in real life, if you turn your lantern off, it still burns fuel. For 3 days. Then you can't even hold it, and you have to sell it. This is why nobody uses lanterns. Ever.
    I shudder to think at what kind of cars would exist in this fantasy world.
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  4. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic The "What did you name your horse & pets" thread!   

    Donkey - Assface
    Horse - Majesty
    I may be a bit biased against the donkey.
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  5. Tentacle Love added a topic in General   

    Internal Server Error (Cannot spend money to partake in launch sales promotion)
    Title should say it all. I have two computers and multiple browsers and can't spend money to get gold to get pearls to get stuff while it's on sale.
    If at all possible, can someone test this page:
    I click to select a package, I go to choose card or paypal, but then as soon as I am about to get to the checkout, I get internal server error. (so you don't have to spend money to test and see if you can get this far)
    I'd like to know if this is just for me, or if there's a workaround, or something. If you could, please test this on your end and see if you get the same results. If not, let me know your browser and whatever else you did to get it to work. Thanks.
    I didn't see another thread on this, but due to the very bizarre forum organization, I have no idea where to look for similar threads. My apologies if this is answered elsewhere.
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  6. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic Golden worker   

    A golden worker? They're probably rare because people hack them apart and pawn the gold.
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  7. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic why arent there female workers??   

    Well, actually...
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  8. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

    That is spectacular. She's one of the scariest characters I've ever seen.
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  9. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic Why'd you remove underwear? It's making me not want to buy anything.   

    The mistress of magic does not approve.
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  10. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic disable double tap dodge?   

    That's a thing that I disabled instantly in guild wars 2 because of the jumping puzzles.
    No fun trying to inch forward only to have your character lunge at full speed flying through the air into a lava pit.
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  11. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic Is your Forum name = your in game name?   

    Guess we'll find out soon
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  12. Tentacle Love added a topic in General   

    Share your favorite launch day stories
    When Diablo 3 released, I started off by grinding my ass to get to the point where I could create a hardcore character and as SOON AS I COULD,
    I started up a new game,
    marched right up the road,
    and was like...
    "Hey isn't there supposed to be a zombie here?"
    I took a few steps further, and there was a sharp edge at the end of my screen where the rest of the area hadn't loaded and it was like looking at the edge of the world. I was like "OH."
    So I walked back over to where you spawn in. I figure, maybe if I'm lucky, I'll just go do something and the game will continue loading.
    So I go make a sandwich, grab myself a drink, and head back to my pc.
    I sit down, and sure enough, still loading.
    Suddenly, before my eyes, I see the first zombie, the very first mob you see in the game, charge lightning fast in fastforward mode, lunge at me and swipe over 500 times, killing my brand new level 1 character instantly.
    See, I would have been okay with this because you know, brand new character, nothing lost, but then Blizzard goes and...
    I sit up and yell out loud "WHAT DEEDS?!?!?!"
    The game wouldn't even let me archive that hero's death because they weren't level 10 yet.
    anyone have any stories to add? For whatever reason this never bumped up to the top.
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  13. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic Who Still Plays Skyrim?   

    You saw my name, don't act surprised.
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  14. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic Which class makes the best Waifu?   

    That makes sense why I see it so often, everyone uses imgur.
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  15. Tentacle Love added a post in a topic Adjusted EXP.. Not in a good time.   

    It's a cool picture at least. Grats on level 50
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