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  1. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic WHY? I can't LOCK Night Vendor? (Rip Muskan Shoes)   

    Yes it was a thing, now shut the f*ck up.
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  2. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic Temporary FPS fix:   

    Some people are still complaining about it, so obviously, old news becomes new news. And there are a multitude of different FPS problems, so to say it definitely 'works' is a bit of an unfair statement.
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  3. DakotaCoty added a topic in General   

    Temporary FPS fix:
    It might work, it might not.
    Go to market place, either via map or options and click on "view my items" at the bottom left. Then close the window with the 'X' (not escape) at the top right side. FPS issues regarding this should now be fixed.
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  4. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    Temporary solution;
    Go into the market -> click "view my items" -> close via the X in the top-right corner.
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  5. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    Does anyone else see these thread titles and think "I'M ENTITLED, LISTEN TO ME" or is just me?
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  6. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic Valk's Cry   

    Yeah sure, that's add VC, let's also turn the Facebook page and Twitter feed into "We have special deals" only posts, just like Skyforge. Let the population plummet into absolutely nothing, just like Skyforge when they added p2w mount, p2w pvp traits, p2w pve traits. Where you literally spent £150 to get 20% more base damage and 15% health. Or when you'd be prestige 500k and everyone was 200k and you had a mount that did 18% of your prestige in damage, let's just do that to BDO with VC and everyone pushing higher PEN tries, and then when most of the people are PEN, "oh we're increasing gear gap to +20"
    You see where I'm going with this, right?
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  7. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    Their servers are as good as you guys are in PvP.
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  8. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic enough its enough.   

    Blizzard did it with the DH on WoW, Blizzard did it with every new hero on HOTS. It's not just this company, get over it.
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  9. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic Do you think Shais will ever be playable?   

    There was a guy on Jordine that played a Loli in Tera and someone screenshotted him saying that having sex with children is normal and part of normal behaviour, and in his place of work he regularly abused children.
    Can we keep that mentality off this game? Thanks.
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  10. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic Pay2Win = NO!   

    Artisan Memory is about repairing gear, nothing about trying to bypass the enchant system. If we're adding contexts to bolster our arguments, shall I add talks about pets and stat bonuses or nah?
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  11. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic Pay2Win = NO!   

    Who even spoke about trying to bypass RNG? Adding a new context to a discussion only invalidates your own post. Stop trying too hard. 
    I forget people on here are stupid as sin and need a full essay of explanation to get the context of what I was making a point out of. Jesus Christ.
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  12. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic Pay2Win = NO!   

    Can you buy Artisan Memory with only real life cash? yes.
    Does it give you a direct advantage over people who don't pay? yes.
    Does it triple the value of your silver when enchanting and repairing? yes.
    Does enchanting equate to winning in PvP? yes.
    Conclusion: BDO currently is PAY2WIN. 
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  13. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard Awakening Pull limit   

    Red orb doesn't increase mob aggro numbers.
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  14. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   

    Legendaries don't have additional stats, they are cosmetic. I should know, I have nearly the entire collection, SHOCKING. What boosters? You mean exp boosters, when you can get to level 80 in about <13 hours? Oh damn, that -----ing rush right there!
    One wouldn't argue that these things equate to p2w. What equates to p2w to people is buying direct power from the cash shop, something that can cut grinding times by hundreds of hours or by millions of the currency. As I listed above, Artisan's Memory does just that, and how long is it going to be before they introduce Valk's Cry?
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  15. DakotaCoty added a post in a topic I Feel Cheated   

    Don't you think that making a black character and going around during the rain / dark PKing people would be a little insensitive?
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