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  1. Remilee added a post in a topic [Notice ] Known Issues Apr. 5 - 2017 *Update - 4/13*   

    The most funny thing is: russia got same patch with SAME BUGS WEEK AGO!
    That means all of this bugs got reported and NOBODY IN KAKAO GAMES GIVES A F*CK! They got one week to fix it and know what? Russia got bug fixing patch last day and i have no idea why you didnt just instal this fixing patch too. Retardness confirmed.
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  2. Remilee added a post in a topic Valentines Events [Part 2]   

    couse she sits on the sofa and crying
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  3. Remilee added a post in a topic Event Margoria adventuerer   

    He had Epheria rod +7.
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  4. Remilee added a post in a topic Event Margoria adventuerer   

    Same here, my guildies fished about 30 of them and nothing in guildquest was changed. Think thats localisation issue, we need some gms here.
    Problem solved, my guildies catched Sunfish and it was added to Marlin counts in guildquest, localisation fail confirmed.
    (guy catched sunfish while was sailing to magoria from Velia).
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  5. Remilee added a post in a topic Hunting a Wild Ranger   

    got it thx
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  6. Remilee added a post in a topic Hunting a Wild Ranger   

    Hey,  at  0:15 you using skill Nightmare twice, HOW?
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  7. Remilee added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 28th **Update**   

    F**k this, revelation is much better (at least no oneshots and defence work fine).
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  8. Remilee added a post in a topic GG Game Balance   

    Same here, I was almost fine in pre awakening and all what wanted was being safe while casting. Now my witch became a monster truck, and all what I want to complain about is being too much OP.
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  9. Remilee added a post in a topic Ultimate Teleport missing   


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  10. Remilee added a post in a topic The gathering time is invalid - Energy Theft!   

    Same here, about 30% of my energy disappears couse of this bug.
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  11. Remilee added a post in a topic My character do no damage and movement stuck   

    1. There is mob aggro limit per character (7 mobs per 1 character and if you are a tamer -pet gives you 7 more), all mobs above this count became invulnerable couse of evading till you kill previous pack. You hit mobs in front of you and deal no damage couse of previous pack behind you which is not yet reset his aggro.
    2. You have very low accuracy. In this game accuracy is literally everything - you cant do any damage in pvp with Yuria weapon couse your enemy have evasion which you cant beat without accuracy boost from offhand/acessory/main weapon/food etc. etc. And if your enemy is higher lvl - you need even more accuracy to deal with it. Try to get Liverto weapon asap (Kzarka is better but also very hard to get), use accuracy offhand and be fine :3
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  12. Remilee added a post in a topic Nodewars Alliances   

    As i know from kr guys alliance system already exists in game code but turned off for some reason, now we got megaserver and i think its time to make bdo great again turn it on, or increase guild member limit from 100 ppl to 500-1000.
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  13. Remilee added a post in a topic What to do against certain classes?   

    For every situation:

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  14. Remilee added a post in a topic MUSA Awakening Block Skill   

    You choose offensive burst class and then cry couse of no block instead of just swap to maehwa? Logic =_=
    There is only one way of adding block stance for this class: reducing damage. Enjoy.
    I`d also like to start a topic about x6 graple for all of the classes couse... why not?!
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