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  1. Valindur added a post in a topic <FUzion> Node & Siege Wars | Looking for small merger   

    RIP is an acronym for Rest In Peace ... 
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  2. Valindur added a post in a topic Help with Witch Rotation??   

    Is there a reason you are not doing hellfire (W+F) in the rotation? I find it very useful as it replenishes my mana and i am ready for next rotation asap. I am doing this rotation:
    Lava (E) in a pack of mobs
    Bolide  of Destruction (S+F) in different one
    Aqua jail (shift+LMB) to kill all the mobs coming in melee
    Hellfire (W+F) to incoming mobs or ranged ones 
    I finish any remaining with water sphere (shift+RMB)
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  3. Valindur added a post in a topic Name the TOP warrior's in the game.   

    He is killing his opponents with his psionic powers.
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  4. Valindur added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Grind was the strongest guild in terms of gear and tactics. Harmony and Iron were very strong as well at the beginning of the game. When i was in Futilez we did GvG with almost all the pvp guilds before the sieges were implemented and with Grind you could notice the difference, you didnt even have a chance. 
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  5. Valindur added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    For those who disrespect their leader they should try leading themselves, then maybe they will appreciate the effort some people put to make things work. 
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  6. Valindur added a post in a topic I have a question...   

    I have a 57 ninja and a 58 warrior. Ninja feels much better in the flow of battle and you feel like you can control your opponent better, the problem is that you need to land a lot of combo's to do the same damage that the warrior will do if he lands one combo. If they upgrade ninja's damage then probably he will be better in 1v1. Also ninja is hit and run class because if you get hit you die pretty fast, you cant just stay there and block until you find an opening to do a combo unlike warrior.
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  7. Valindur added a post in a topic I have a question...   

    its good enough to grind catfish till level 50 ... 
    I don't want to come off negative but i am trying to save you the disappointment when you go out there with sub par gear thinking you can one shot people like in that warrior giff. This guy has probably top gear and i see him often in RBF doing 100-200 points. He is experienced with his class and combine it with very good gear. 
    Warrior awakening is very strong but that's just the base, in order to be competitive in pvp you will need to put a lot of effort, practice and gear. 
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  8. Valindur added a post in a topic I have a question...   

    you need month then not week  
    to be viable in pvp you aim at least 430 ap/dp (thats average) 
    minimum Tri gear - couple of boss armor pieces (muskan and bheg are mandatory) and duo jewellery (witch earing or red coral, duo MoS or Pri Crescent Guardian, duo tree spirit or pri basislisk), Ogre Ring or Tri bares or pri/duo manos for resists if you really want to excel in pvp
    With all the above you will be at the middle of the food chain ladder, for top, well its a looong way.
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  9. Valindur added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Combos Tips&Tricks   

    Solar Flare i spose
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  10. Valindur added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Jck was soloing the cannon grp, damn annoying tamer (a good pvper, i noticed him in RBF)
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  11. Valindur added a post in a topic <FUzion> Node & Siege Wars | Looking for small merger   

    Our Cannon group experts are constantly training new cannoneers with frequent sessions. Join now and see the world exploding.
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  12. Valindur added a post in a topic <FUzion> Node & Siege Wars | Looking for small merger   

    Looking for more cannon fodder errhhh members to fill our ranks. Not much is required, just sit back and relax and watch the show as our professional cannon group destroys enemy forts. Then you can go in and pillage and loot.
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  13. Valindur added a post in a topic The Awakening Video!   

    The finger snap looks girlish, it fits the Witch, for the wizard i would like something more macho
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  14. Valindur added a post in a topic Release date of the witch awakening trailer?   

    Wizard community looking for Storm
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  15. Valindur added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Grind did an amazing accomplishment and it will be remembered in Jordine history despite the rude behavior of some of their players in the forums. Including Grind many other guilds rushed to the top and then fall apart. Many players nolifed, burned out and quit the game. Hopefully the new era will be more interesting, the curve will be normal for most mmo's that have longevity. There will  be the few (or more) top tier players, the majority with good gear and skill which will make the core of the player base and some that are somewhat casual trailing behind. It will be great for a competitive server that all those players will be divided somewhat equally between guilds and not all the top tier try to bandwagon to the top guild of the month. We are still at the beginning and the game has a long way to go in the future.
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