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  1. Nomos added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    RBF crash to desktop
    recently i have been having a problem loading into RBF it will crash back to desktop. ill load my game again and try do the same thing and itll crash again. anyone have this problem. its only a recent thing for me/
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  2. Nomos added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    call it the sausan channel
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  3. Nomos added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    sure some poeple go out to have a good time. others.. ehhh
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  4. Nomos added a post in a topic How to make BDO a WoW-killer   

    i want to be able to punch my black spirit for failing an enchant
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  5. Nomos added a post in a topic Stuck at "Now Processing"   

    what to do with the next 8 hours... someone come over and help me with my 4x4's transfercase rebuild its dirty and i dont want to
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  6. Nomos added a post in a topic Stuck at "Now Processing"   

    have no fear its just the servers getting DDOS'd like what happens every 3 weeks inc GM box of blackstones
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  7. Nomos added a post in a topic Stuck at "Now Processing"   

  8. Nomos added a post in a topic Game UNPLAYABLE   

  9. Nomos added a post in a topic fixing server desync.   

    desync is the number one factor thats holding this game back from being a great game
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  10. Nomos added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    terrible pic but

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  11. Nomos added a post in a topic PvP ideas for Karma   

    bounty system, give incentive for people to hunt down murderers(increasing the bounty as he kills them) after they die they are reset with a CD on when they can flag next
    murderers drop their silver not xp/gems/enchants
    red players CANNOT enter major towns (one shot mechanics/arrested sent to jail) as would be norm if u are a criminal
    there are plenty of other better ways to punish red players other than setting back their progression. isn't the definition of a sand box mmo the ability to be who ever u want and to play the game how ever u want? u want to be a virtuous goody two shoes so be it, want to be a murderous bandit so be it, want to be the on the fence rapscallion that swings both ways depending on the cloud cover so be it.
    A lack of imagination has caused this. kakao just need to employ some better thinkers rather than carebears or straight arrow stiffs
    just my 2c
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  12. Nomos added a post in a topic Just another day in RBF   

    Im actually going to try the evasion gems once i get a second gem for my helmet i know a sorc mate who has them and he is HARD to kill like harder than normal sorcs... so my interest has been piqued for some time now and after today's node war where i was constantly being deleted due to having shoddy internet being Australian and the current MASSIVE desync we are experiencing i am going to be trying them out. loosing 100 hp but if i get more survivability i don't care haha.
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  13. Nomos added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening PvP Stunlock Combo Inven Translation   

    yeah i really need to redo my hotbars and actually use the UI tool. thanks for the quick reply's guys very handy about that lock button i thought that was to lock the skill so it didnt reset.... thatll learn me for not reading what it actually said. thought i would post here instead of creating another thread.. plus these combos are still relevant
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  14. Nomos added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening PvP Stunlock Combo Inven Translation   

    so do u hot bar your pulverize now? stupid question u dont need to answer that
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  15. Nomos added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening PvP Stunlock Combo Inven Translation   

    ahh dang i was under the impression you could do it.. ah well thanks for your time
    so the reasoning behind using pulverise is to get that on CD so u can use reckless blow instantly at the end instead of Slash the dead? sorry i hit 59 today and im only just now getting my head around situations to use this awesome skill
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