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  1. Leiloni added a post in a topic Spellbound Heart Spell   

    The single target one should be restoring MP.
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  2. Leiloni added a post in a topic Do You Create A Support Ticket   

    If you can't click the link that's on your end. It works fine for me. It goes here: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
    From there, click on your issue type - Account, Technical, etc. It will give you a list of topics. Click on one and then choose the link that says "Question still not answered? Submit a ticket." This will open the new ticket form.
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  3. Leiloni added a post in a topic time to quit if you're not 115ap/140dp or more.   

    They'll need to release it eventually. Valencia region is balanced around having gear that's about +17.
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  4. Leiloni added a post in a topic DAUM: Either fix the huge discrepancy in gear from +16-20 or disable the ability to Enhance past +15   

    Have to agree with this. The community on these forums have been discussing since probably October the gear imbalance issue, begging Daum to fix it and offering a lot of great solutions as to how. Daum has not done this or even truly replied to the concerns on the forums. 
    Nobody should be surprised that this was coming. Daum has not hidden the fact that this game is really grindy and imbalanced. I don't think it's a good idea and it will hurt PvP, but if you didn't know this was coming you must live under a rock. Also the idea that they'd wait several months to release Media when Korea is already 4 updates ahead of us with a 5th on the way is just unrealistic (Media 1 and 2, Valencia 1 and 2 with 3 coming next). They'll pump out updates, classes, and awakenings as fast as they can until NA/EU is caught up.
    But the bigger issue is that the game is designed around people having gear above +15. For now it's ok, but once Valencia is released they'll need to increase the enchantment cap because that zone is designed for higher geared players. So if they decide to make any changes to the enchanting system, it needs to happen in the next few months.
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  5. Leiloni added a post in a topic <RedFace> - Edan - Cheating Exploiting World Bosses   

    Something a lot of Americans may not realize is that many companies in Europe close for both Good Friday and Easter Monday. I know it's not all that common here in the US to even have Good Friday off (I know I had to work), and never Easter Monday. But I wouldn't be surprised if Daum EU was closed today. They will likely be back tomorrow.
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  6. Leiloni added a post in a topic Volunteer Moderator Deska is abusing his powers.   

    Haha I wasn't even thinking about that but yea. It's also confusing though when he merges a thread you were posting in and you go back after the merge and nothing makes sense anymore.
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  7. Leiloni added a post in a topic Why are these gamebreaking eggs allowed?   

    If you think a hardcore gamer is going to avoid a highly beneficial activity simply because it is boring then this must be your first MMO. I couldn't care either way on this egg fiasco, but OP is right that people are going to farm these and hoard them, using them for only the most important things. I actually hope that some guild owns everybody in the first seiges because they farmed the shit out of this stuff. I will enjoy reading all the forum drama later.
    I'm having a hard time not laughing at the "egg off" comment lol. If you want to be taken seriously that's perhaps not the best way to put it. 
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  8. Leiloni added a post in a topic Why are these gamebreaking eggs allowed?   

    If it's like most other Korean games I've played then hardcore players will farm the hell out of them so they have months long stashes and you'll see even more on the AH. I've seen that happen with OP event items over several games.
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  9. Leiloni added a post in a topic Volunteer Moderator Deska is abusing his powers.   

    These forums definitely support merging. Jouska has done it plenty of times.
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  10. Leiloni added a post in a topic Duan gets Bless Online, move over BDO   

    It won't be. Nexon is publishing Riders of Icarus (Currently in beta) which is similar enough to Bless that they'll likely be compeititors if Bless ever gets here.
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  11. Leiloni added a post in a topic Why Top PvP Clans are Like Law Firms   

    I think you need to spend less time watching election coverage on tv because his post has nothing to do with politics. He's just making a very valid comparison between one type of business and how they operate, to how large clans operate.
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  12. Leiloni added a post in a topic Why Top PvP Clans are Like Law Firms   

    Haha as someone who works in the business development department of one of the BigLaw firms and has for nearly 10 years (so I've seen quite a bit over the years), I find this very interesting. Nicely done.
    It's also why I prefer smaller clans. Big clans do operate like you say and make me feel like I'm at work. I've had similar thoughts in the past that they just feel very corporate. I don't need that atmosphere when I'm home trying to have fun.
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  13. Leiloni added a post in a topic Did we always do damage to frozen things?   

    You're not missing anything. People have always been immune while frozen.
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  14. Leiloni added a post in a topic Hero vs. Incognito   

    Lol I think you have some anger issues my friend.
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