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  1. NerdRage added a post in a topic <Malicious> | Hardcore PVP Guild | RECRUIT VIDEO INSIDE | STRICT Time Reqs | BEST ORWEN GUILD | MOST FUN GUILD IN THE WORLD   

    I haven't seen my guildies wrecking face for so long.../cry
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  2. NerdRage added a post in a topic <Malicious> | Hardcore PVP Guild | RECRUIT VIDEO INSIDE | STRICT Time Reqs | BEST ORWEN GUILD | MOST FUN GUILD IN THE WORLD   

    If you haven't seen it yet, the Samsta Shorts video is absolutely hilarious.
    If you don't watch it and laugh, you're a communist.
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  3. NerdRage added a post in a topic [Updated ]I'm sorry, I want instanced dungeons.   

    If dungeons aren't going to reward you with worthwhile loot, why run them, especially if you're 100% geared? There's no challenge there. New scenery? You run it once or twice and you're bored, the same as you are now.

    PvP though...it's a new experience every single time you fight (unless you fight nothing but the same people again and again that never change their pattern).
    Once upon a time, I was a hardcore PvE player, but I saw the light and discovered games have significantly longer lifespans (interest-wise) if you get into PvP.
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  4. NerdRage added a post in a topic Another Liverto VS Yuria Post... Sorc   

    I currently have a green Yuria and I kill people who have a +15 Liverto. It's all relative. Do what your wallet can handle.
    Also, the whole "+ human damage doesn't scale" is BS:
    Look halfway down the page for the tests the person did with screens.
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  5. NerdRage added a post in a topic <Malicious> | Hardcore PVP Guild | RECRUIT VIDEO INSIDE | STRICT Time Reqs | BEST ORWEN GUILD | MOST FUN GUILD IN THE WORLD   

    Awesome, considering over 3300 people have already watched the "BDO Sexy Underwear Showcase" on YouTube and it's only been up a week.
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  6. NerdRage added a post in a topic Is SSD really faster than the HDD for BDO?   

    Let me break this down for you. Rendering is done by the GPU and has nothing to do with the the data repository. The game has no inherent loading screens other than initial start-up, as the majority of resources the game needs are loaded into RAM. This is where, and only where, you will see a noticeable increase in performance.
    Loading the game on an SSD as compared to an HDD is not going to give you better game performance. If there were more loading instances, I would say absolutely, but don't go out of your way to do so.
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  7. NerdRage added a post in a topic Patch Notes during/hours before downtime.   

    Many changes occur during patching. Some unscheduled changes must be made on the spot, and some scheduled updates don't make it in for one reason or another. It solves a lot of problems if they wait until after patching when they know exactly what changes were made.
    If they, in advance, say, "Hey we're making this change!" and then after maintenance announce "Just kidding, we didn't change the things!" often that will lead to the community getting upset, being disappointed, etc. Waiting until any updates are officially complete basically solves those issues.
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  8. NerdRage added a post in a topic Will I need a hardcore guild to do castle siege and whatnot?   

    Let's put it into perspective:
    In the top PvP guilds right now, the players are largely 54+. Most of them have gear scores 250+. If you have players under 52, or even at 50, you're already at a massive disadvantage. Even if you were to have a numbers advantage (which you definitely won't against guilds going for the castles), each of their top players individually are worth several of yours on the battlefield.

    Not to say it's impossible, as it would be unrealistic that most of their 100 members would be online at the time of the siege (though not improbable), but you should know what you're going up against.
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  9. NerdRage added a post in a topic BDO only 100k concurrent players....   

    While these are only Steam and not the actual client statistics, look at how terrible Devilian performed: https://steamdb.info/app/407510/graphs/
    They rushed so hard to release before Christmas ahead of Blade & Soul and BDO. The result was an absolute failing of a game. PvP queue screenshots have been posted timing over four hours without popping; they can barely get enough people on for the Guild vs Guild battles, and even then the battles usually disconnect. They rolled back tons of content from testing phases and gated release so hard that casual players had completed everything within two weeks. Their decision? Nerf everything to make drops harder so incoming players wouldn't breeze through the content.
    Their first big content update was the "Guild vs Guild" battles, but at that time so many people quit playing it was like, "what's the point?" By the time they released a cap increase to level 54, most players had quit and they didn't even release new content! They released a new area but nothing to do in it.
    THAT, my friend, is a failing game.
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  10. NerdRage added a post in a topic <Malicious> | Hardcore PVP Guild | RECRUIT VIDEO INSIDE | STRICT Time Reqs | BEST ORWEN GUILD | MOST FUN GUILD IN THE WORLD   

    Need grind parties? Tired of <Veritas> and its kiddies taking all the good spots? <Malicious Intentions> is one of the few guilds with the means to take over and control our own grind spots.
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  11. NerdRage added a post in a topic <Malicious> | Hardcore PVP Guild | RECRUIT VIDEO INSIDE | STRICT Time Reqs | BEST ORWEN GUILD | MOST FUN GUILD IN THE WORLD   

    If you hate, while you're washing spoons, water splashing up like a tidal wave and soaking you, then join <Malicious Intentions>. We're against all the ----- spoons that do this. GO TO WAR WITH US.
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  12. NerdRage added a post in a topic Cheap grunil amity guide   

    That's....what the OP said...
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  13. NerdRage added a post in a topic top guilds controling farm spots in all channels?   

    You obviously miss the point. By controlling the key areas (through PvP...see that? See the correlation?), you maintain power. You level all the guild members; you get all the guild members their gear. If you have the best locations for experience or drop farming, why would you give that up to other guilds?

    In this game, location = power and a good PvP guild will maintain control of those resources. So yes; when people complain about getting PK'd in the best spots and losing experience, we will certainly call them qqing carebears.
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  14. NerdRage added a post in a topic Painfully low exp rates.   

    100 mobs is like a couple minutes of farming at 50+. And if it gets you 1% that's REALLY good exp. Sub-50 grinding exp is very fast comparatively.
    On launch day, the server-first 50s did nothing but grind and did it in (I believe) ~15-18 hours. Think about it...that's NOT that much time. And they did nothing but kill mobs.
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  15. NerdRage added a post in a topic <Malicious> | Hardcore PVP Guild | RECRUIT VIDEO INSIDE | STRICT Time Reqs | BEST ORWEN GUILD | MOST FUN GUILD IN THE WORLD   

    <Malicious Intentions> is here to keep you all safe!
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