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  1. Heimdallr added a post in a topic alright folks , lets make it a revolution on the cash-shop stupid prices   

    And I'm sitting here hoping they add more things for me to buy~
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  2. Heimdallr added a post in a topic Memory Leak   

    Got mine working by disabling superfetch
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  3. Heimdallr added a post in a topic Sorc spam iFrame and Block = OK. Blader spam iFrame = Not OK - Logic?   

    Long story short, this change was something that was considered in Korea due to the strengths of the Musa's awakening, and it seems it was prematurely released on NA/EU for some reason.  That being said, Korean/Russia's CD is 2 seconds IIRC rather than 4.  Based on how squishy the class is, it seems to be a rather large nerf, but at level 52 I have no issues PVPing other classes atm.  
    The ability to out-maneuver an opponent by chase canceling with s+lmb+q spam is still there and the lack of iframe/superarmor means I just don't approach from a straight line.  I just wish they wouldn't update classes for awakening when we don't have awakening ><
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  4. Heimdallr added a post in a topic Musa chase vs maehwa's   

    You should be chase canceling with s+lmb/s+lmb+q, etc anyway so I don't see how it's a problem
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  5. Heimdallr added a post in a topic Blizzard uses to much MP?   

    I just got 4 mp per hit on blizzard as an awakening and it's amazing
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  6. Heimdallr added a post in a topic Use of machines   

    Holy cow, i went to the DMV for an hour and came back to 25 notifications.  Will get back to ya Jouska~
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  7. Heimdallr added a post in a topic World boss trolls   

    I have 2 extra accounts logged at Kzarka to check, you could always do that, or ask a guildie perhaps?  But I agree that sucks, but seems to be part of the online experience
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  8. Heimdallr added a topic in General   

    Use of machines
    Hello, I was wondering if the use of a custom built battery powered machine that moves a piston up and down on my keyboard is against the ToS.  I wanted to have it over the 9 key so that it automatically eats every 30 minutes.  Just wanted some info before I gave it a go (not that anyone would know).  @CM_Jouska (does that even work)
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  9. Heimdallr added a post in a topic How does worldboss loot work? Daum please`?   

    With the exception of Bheg, i'd hardly say there are any "random" unavoidable AOE's.  Sounds like a case of git gud.  If you're looking for a serious response, learn the bosses' animations.
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  10. Heimdallr added a post in a topic 0xE019100B????   

    Ugh still having the issue
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  11. Heimdallr added a post in a topic Painfully low exp rates.   

    does'nt stack with other book buffs
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  12. Heimdallr added a post in a topic Elion's Tear   

    I lost 2x Cobelinus, but that's only around 3.8 mil so it's not a big deal
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  13. Heimdallr added a post in a topic Painfully low exp rates.   

    At level 55, with a 50% EXP scroll, 10% EXP Elixir, 15% EXP GM apology, 8% Milk Tea, and nighttime exp bonus, I get about 2-3% per hour.  Oh and I'm red so dying a few minutes ago set me back 2%.  Quit your -----ing or quit the game please -.-
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  14. Heimdallr added a topic in General   

    Elion's Tear
    Apparently at post -300k karma, it doesn't get exp back.  Is this as intended?  RIP my exp at 55
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  15. Heimdallr added a post in a topic Rest in Peace Mediah, Serendia and Valencia channels (Orwen)   

    You never say "techs," be careful when trolling for April Fools, Jouska <3
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