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  1. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic What will be your Musa\Maehwa? Play the game :)   

    Dornako? Lol 
    Can't wait, stopped doing quest last week and been farming and breed my first horses. Now I have a nice looking T5 for him.
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  2. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic Can we get our titles already?   

    what about the cb2 rewards. I still don't have them, back then those brackets were not mentioned and it was never mentioned if we had to put our cb2 name or our reserved name,please help,been waiting.
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  3. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic A way Daum can keep those who bought pearls already and those who haven't bought yet, happy..My thoughts.   

    Seems like a lot more people don't agree, or say it's fine how it is. also im pretty sure some of those votes think this is ranting about how they should lower prices, im not saying that, I'm trying to make it a way where those that want lower prices can buy stuff(more money for Daum) and those that don't care, well, can still keep buying no matter what. I just don't get why people that don't seem to agree, care to leave it how it is, it doesn't effect them at all.
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  4. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic A way Daum can keep those who bought pearls already and those who haven't bought yet, happy..My thoughts.   

    yea, you and I both know there are a bunch of threads about how prices should be lower blah blah, how would you feel if you bought a costume next week for 30, and idk the week after those costume go down to like 15 forever because daum listen to those post, then what? you wont care? Im suggestion to make things even, yea idc keep the price, but they can do those other things Im talking about. why get mad.
    This is very true, now, ill be fine if they keep the prices how they are now,me personally will be buying my a fish costume for my musa cause i like to fish a lot and well, it will be kinda funny running around with it, now, if they implement things like i said, it will make a lot of ppl happy, maybe not for costumes like fish or ghilly cause the stats but they can do it for the outfits,
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  5. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic A way Daum can keep those who bought pearls already and those who haven't bought yet, happy..My thoughts.   

    yea like, next week when they release musa/maehwa. and put the new costumes, they can put the older stuff on sale.
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  6. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic A way Daum can keep those who bought pearls already and those who haven't bought yet, happy..My thoughts.   

    and this is what the thread is talking about, how daum can get more money from us, again if you take like 2 minutes or more who knows how fast you read, you will see.
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  7. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic A way Daum can keep those who bought pearls already and those who haven't bought yet, happy..My thoughts.   

    no where on my post said i dont want daum to have my money, i want to improve the cashop for everyone, for the best.
    I could buy stuff, I have no problem with that, I will be buying the fish costume when musa comes out, this thread is not really about prices if you read it, you would know.
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  8. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic A way Daum can keep those who bought pearls already and those who haven't bought yet, happy..My thoughts.   

    well maybe if you read before posting anything it will be better, this is not for people that don't care. and yes i posted it by accident before I got to fix things and stuff are messed up.
    You know its about cashop prices why even come here.
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  9. Aka_Yoshi added a topic in General   

    A way Daum can keep those who bought pearls already and those who haven't bought yet, happy..My thoughts.
    Pressed enter by accident on the poll and posted before I got a chance to fix and edit stuff sorry, will be editing.
    I just wanted to give my thoughts about the prices in the Cashop and about all the threads that talk about it. Please read my thoughts before voting and please please let's all be civil and mature about this.This are my thoughts, Daum Daummm.
    So, all jokes a side, I'm not coming here to rant about how they should make all costumes $20, $15, $14.98. I'm here to talk about how daum can keep the people that already bought costumes/outfits for their characters horse, etc. "Happy"(Kinda. but best), because we all know there's a lot of people in the game and we have all seen it. People have bought stuff already, and a lot of it. Any where you turn you will see angels and/or  bird men/women walking about.
    Do you think all those people are going to be happy when all of a sudden the prices of the stuff that they bought yesterday, a week ago or a month, are going to be happy? N0! they won't, a lot of them will march their butts to the website, log in, submit a ticket or post a thread and be like "WTF DAUM, I JUST BOUGHT YOUR GOD DAMN COSTUMES FOR $$$ AND ALL OF THE SUDDEN THEY ARE $$$, I WANT MY MONEY BACK, OR THE DIFFERENCE, IT'S MY PEARLS AND I WANT IT NOW!"
    Now your asking yourself, but Yoshi, "how are we going to keep everybody or let us be real, mostly everybody happy"
    Sales: Who doesn't like sales? who doesn't want to buy more for less? I know I do. We all know how they work, certain items will be reduced for a certain amount of time and when that day comes they go back to regular prices, whether you bought something during the sale or not, that's on you. Now Daum also has to do their part, announce sells on their website, twitter facebook, whatever they own, with time. "woooo, Super Big spring sale extravaganza coming soon on all costumes, 40% off pets, 20%-30% of all costumes wooooooooo."*For a limited time restrictions apply. Now wouldn't you want to buy something? one or two things? of course you do, because its cheaper. Everyone wants to buy things for less, it doesn't matter if you bought that 50' inch TV for $500 and your neighbor bought the same exact one for $800, its the same TV, you just happen to wait and got it on sale. Those people that bought stuff already can't really get mad(as much), things in the real world go on sale and go back on price all the time everyday.
    Now I'm not saying Daum should be having sales every week or every month, of course not. Though I know they will make lots of money from sales, they need to make money like any company, they need to pay their employees and so on. We all like money let's be real here. Now what else can they do?
    Out of fashion price drops: " What the do you mean Yoshi?" let me explain. Daum wants more money, but they also want to keep people happy and trendy, so they are going to release more costumes. More time will pass and more costumes and outfits will be added to our shop for all of us to browse. If they implement something like the real world, we all know that older stuff drop in price, while the new more trendy stuff will take that spot's price. I'm not saying costumes are going to be $10(one can hope) but they can be at a more reasonable price. This can be good for all of us too, yes even for Daum. Let me give you and example:
    Enable your best girl voice: A year has passed, new player "so many outfits to choose from, wow, this looks awesome, I like this on my Kunoichi, but damn 30 bucks(if they are still at that price) i wonder if their is something cheaper, let me sort by price. O.M.G. look at the pink kimono it looks so cute on my Kunoichi, and O.M.G it's only 20 bucks, I'm going to buy it right now." end girl voice.
    Now you see, who's happy? the girl is happy because she got something super cute at a great price and Daum is happy because they got some money. Are people that been playing for a year going to be mad because she got it at a lower price after a year of the game being released? why should they? even if they bought that costume a year ago for 30 bucks are they still going to be wearing it? probably not, because they are going to want to new costumes.
    Edit:or if they don't do the out of fashion method, they can make the old stuff, be on sale, a bit more often.
    Well those are my thoughts, I feel like this can make most people happy. People that already bought stuff and those that are thinking of buying, yes it will be nice if normal prices will drop a bit, but it will be all up to Daum to do their part. Please tell me what you think and don't forget to vote, if you disagree, please let me know why. Thank you for taking your time to read I know it was a bit long.
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  10. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic Auot Loop Gripe / Request   

    I actually dont mind it, i feel like the cities/towns are more alive once they put the auto looping, yea I know they are afk, but like i said, looks more lively. 
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  11. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic [57]   

    I'm over here sitting at lv 27 and still in heidel tending at my farm and hoping I get enough rose peddles for the event.I've been playing since headstart 2 almost everyday, just don't grind. And try to do all the quest that I see and can do. Soon I'll be back to lv 0 next week if you know why.
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  12. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic PC upgrade thoughts?   

    Not bad,depending how much you want to spend. I have an msi gtx 970, I get between 45-70 fps depending where I am and I have everything on high except for that high end mode and  I just got an ultra wide monitor and love it. 2560×1080p (2k)
    Edit: ps. If you got the money get a 980ti. And if you can, you can wait when the new cards arrive and they might get cheaper.
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  13. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic Noise   

    The hawk noises when you exit heidel going towards glish,that's a bit annoying. First time I went there I was like, "got damn I got to put my hawk away." Well, my hawk was never out.
    I had to turn off my ambient nice for bit.
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  14. Aka_Yoshi added a post in a topic All names are taken   

    Can you tell us what names you tried? I'm sure lots of us will like to know.
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