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  1. Norron added a post in a topic An appeal to make an exception for the Baltic states.   

    Thanks for the support and the good info
    I guess you have a good point about VPNs. They wouldn't cause big problems with ping, it's just an extra hoop you gotta jump through though. And then there's the risk of popular VPNs getting banned.
    But the Baltics are in 'NA/EU'. Why wouldn't access to both work? How are RU losing business? People can live without BDO. If they only have access to BDO RU, and they don't understand the language in GUI/chat, you think most are actually going to play? Besides, RU is not strictly buy to play.
    The big issue here is language. If everyone spoke Russian in the Baltics, Gamenet would have an order of magnitute more players coming in. Daum EU is missing out the most here, not Gamenet.
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  2. Norron added a post in a topic An appeal to make an exception for the Baltic states.   

    Someone replied to me in the Russian thread saying that they inquired about this and got the following email:
    So I guess the responsibility for this is on Pearl Abyss. Which is strange, to be quite honest. 
    I might try talking to Pearl Abyss. Or I might not. We'll see.
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  3. Norron added a topic in Suggestions   

    An appeal to make an exception for the Baltic states.
    Edit: Update in my next post probably making this whole thread irrelevant.
    Fellow angry Balts, please post here.
    Because I can, I have made a thread on the Russian forums on the same topic. So for consistency, and to inform both communities, I'll make a 'twin' thread on these forums too.
    According to this support page, as well as this forum post by PM_Belsazar, the countries within the service area of Gamenet, the Russian publisher for BDO, will not be allowed to access the game on the EU/NA servers. Not only is this unfair for the majority of the population of the Baltic countries, I must also point out that it is unreasonable for the western publishers to miss out on our patronage. I propose that an exception be made for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, so that these countries would belong to both service areas.
    Financially, my reasoning is that all parties would benefit from this compromise. The Russian publishers would lose virtually no income and the western publishers would only gain from this.
    Language, age and culture. The majority of the target audience speak English a lot better than Russian, and identify with western culture rather than Russian. People under 24 (an incredibly large portion of an MMO playerbase) who were born in the Baltics, were born in an independent country, with their own culture, and their own language, where Russian was not forced upon them.
    Location. It goes without saying that Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania belong in the European Union, and are close to both the European and Russian servers.
    Thanks for your attention.
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