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  1. dragn added a post in a topic Is this a game or is this a job?   

    Hi OP,
    I understand your frustration, I am even older op and only L32. I also have been around the block and understand the mechanics. I understand I won't be the best (or anywhere near it) in any category, I can accept that. I was in two guilds and left both because both were filled with "Race to 55" mentalities, and I guess I'm finding out that this game is geared (pardon the pun) for that, and that maybe I should look elsewhere. I come from LOTRO (which is like a hello kitty MMO compared to BDO)
    The BIGGEST drawback for me in BDO is the NO TRADE rule...If we have to do everything ourselves, why bother? Why should I sink hours and hours into say, Cooking when I'm the only person that can use the results? Dumb. Maybe someday if they allow Guild-Only trading, I might come back, at least then I can feel useful.
    I'll log in from time to time to see some of the updates but thats about it. 
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  2. dragn added a post in a topic Fishing quests are a headache   

    If you go SW of Heidel and South of Glish, theres a road that has a bridge across a swampy river. Always has abundant resources and that's where I go to go fishing. It's not a hotspot though, so you kinda get crappy fish there.
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  3. dragn added a post in a topic It seems the definition of "Casual" has changed...   

    That's ridiculous, and exactly my point with this post. The term has been so skewed that it's pretty much worthless now. You can't say you're "Casual" unless you're not super hardcore (and yes, your requirements to me are deemed that definition)
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  4. dragn added a post in a topic DAUM just confirmed: They won't release Blader/Plum Ninja/Kunochi!   

    You're two hours early
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  5. dragn added a post in a topic It seems the definition of "Casual" has changed...   

    Slackers, LOL. I like it.
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  6. dragn added a topic in General   

    It seems the definition of "Casual" has changed...
    Gotta get this off my chest.
    I am a casual player. This means (to me) that:
    1) I don't care about "Racing to Level 50"
    2) I don't care about the "perfect skill build", but rather pick a skill build that feels comfortable to me
    3) Plays 2-4 hours tops a day, even on weekends
    4) Works on life skills and questing, while not abandoning the eventual target goal of PVP'ing.
    5) Wants to work with like minded guildies to achieve a goal and not be in a race to gear up
    6) Enjoys the atmosphere and lore of the game
    Now, I am level 31 and have been playing since launch. I looked for the most "casual" (as advertised) guild to join, and did so. They are an awesome bunch of players and am very grateful to be a part of their group. But even there, I am the lowest leveled player, am the only one with just ONE character, and am severely lacking in all things about gear/enchanting/etc. Then, upon looking in the guild section of the forums, looking for other casual guilds, I see one marked [Casual] and upon reading see, "We are all Level 50's and looking forward to sieges". Um...what? Has the word "Casual" changed since the last 10 MMO's I've played? It's like I'm in a different universe now. Granted, I am an older player (46) and maybe times have changed. Does "Casual" simply mean a style in attitude, rather than playstyle now? It's really buggin the heck out of me.
    For those of you that say this is a game for only hardcore players, I say hogwash. I paid the $30 (or $60) just like you did, and can play any playstyle I choose. I just find it rather frustrating that there are so few that choose to play "Casually". Seems like a waste of artwork, graphics, quest mechanics, and life skill mechanics, if everyone is just choosing to "Race to 50" (or 55 now).
    Roleplaying? What roleplaying? I've yet to see a single roleplaying guild in such a vibrant, lively world. I don't roleplay but again, it seems a shame that a great game like this is not being used for such things.
    I guess the point I am trying to make with this post is to find like-minded individuals and/or see if anybody is out there that appreciates the finer points of the game rather than grinding and enchanting 24/7. Please send me a shout out if you do. And yeah, I suppose I will get the usual "PVP or GTFO" replies, which will harmless bounce off my flamesuit.
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  7. dragn added a post in a topic Horse stamina   

    Do the quests that give you farming fences and grow your own carrots. I have like 400+ carrots now after gathering carrot seeds and harvesting them
    I believe there are two farming fence quests in Heidel
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  8. dragn added a post in a topic No patch notes and no announcement for downtime   

    What are you using? 56k modem? I downloaded it in less than 2 minutes.
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  9. dragn added a post in a topic Lights   

    When you enter your residence, a [place mode] button will appear at the top of the screen. The view will change to a top-view that you can rotate with the mouse, and your objects that you can place will be in a row at the bottom of the screen. Left click the object and it should appear under your mouse for you to freely place. click where you want it and walla.
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  10. dragn added a post in a topic Delphinus [uno] A life skill and commerce oriented guild   

    ps. check your mailbox
    Kinda hard to send you whispers or friend requests when you don't know what channel you're on. It's not server-wide
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  11. dragn added a post in a topic Delphinus [uno] A life skill and commerce oriented guild   

    I've been looking for a guild like this. I'm on the UNO server. I will contact you in-game in the next day or two, or if you'd like click on my profile and check my latest post for info. I'm so tired of the "Race to 50" mentality. 
    Thanks for posting!
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  12. dragn added a topic in US Guild   

    <Uno Server> LF Casual/Trading/Crafting/Farming Guild
    Hello everyone!
    Normally I would browse through the forums and look whats available but I'm someone that's a bit out of the ordinary when it comes to MMO's. I don't shy away from PVP or raiding, but most of my enjoyment comes from the "life skills" of MMO's. ArchAge? Land Baron and Farmer. LOTRO? Master Craftsman in everything (although that system is a joke), Eve Online? Blueprint collector and manufacturer.
    Now comes along BDO. I wish I had played in closed beta to learn the systems faster but I am learning quickly. Leveling? Not so much. Questing and farming a lot. Level 22 with my cat and tier 2 horse and 2 farms and I'm fine. 
    What am I looking for? I'm an older player (40-something), with a desire to use voice comms (Teamspeak, etc) to help out other guildies in need (advice....and grinding is really the only way to help out in BDO I think...), with a casual, adult (please no kids), drama free atmosphere centered around the logistics of the game, rather than a "Race to Level 50" mentality that is so rampant in MMO's these days.
    Think your guild would be a match? Contact me please! Thanks much!
    PS. I'm in a guild at the moment but will expire in the next 24 hours. Almost all of the 15 or so other members are "Racing to Level 50"...
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  13. dragn added a post in a topic Every Startup Requires Change of Screen Mode   

    Made sure the file isn't read-only, and set windowed=0, and yet I boot the game up and its still starts in windowed mode.
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  14. dragn added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Every Startup Requires Change of Screen Mode
    I am having a minor issue that requires me to switch to fullscreen mode after load, and then back to windowed fullscreen mode, every. single. time. Not that big of a deal, only takes a few seconds, but it's getting annoying.
    Even though I EXIT the game in windowed full-screen mode, every time I load the game I get a mode that isn't quite correct -- I have to point the mouse about 1 cm" below where the buttons actually are, and it looks like its trying to force regular windowed mode. So I go into settings and switch to fullscreen (Since its already set at fullscreen windowed but obviously is not working right) and once that is set and applied, go back to windowed fullscreen and everything is fine.
    Any solution to this problem? Perhaps a setting in a configuration file or something?
    Thanks in advance.
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  15. dragn added a post in a topic servers are up, go play   

    patch notes?
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