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  1. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic DK Nerf INC?   

    It honestly won't
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  2. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic DK_101 FAYNTU'S FLUFF & FIREWORKS _ some lvl60 dark knight awakening basics   

    Cheers bud nice to see EU representing
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  3. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic What Class Did You Retire To Join The Darkness ?   

    The sorc pre-awakening was great, the sorc after is slow, cumbersome and blackhole class now
    After being on the DK and going back to the sorc, the violate spin up seems like wading through oil
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  4. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic DK Nerf INC?   

    I believe it was the Korean one, that we already have which was to a Awakened skill (Spirit Legacy) which hits for 100% crit on first use and then subsequently should hit for less as not 100% crit after until the cooldown finishes. Originally the problem was it hit for 100% crit everytime used. That was fixed in Korea so was considered a nerf. 
    We had that fix from the start of the DK release, so it won't affect us
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  5. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Intel i7 7700k or Ryzen 7 1700   

    I have not played most of those but did play BF1 and had no frame rate loss that I could notice. Mine is overclocked to 4.8ghz and it can get hot tbh upto 80c with watercooling too
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  6. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Memory Fragment market (Eu)   

    I think mem shards are easy to get if you grind Fogans, bandits, crescents or Basks. 
    Sharps are the biatch of the items needed to push up to the TET/PEN levels, that crap is so hard to get consistently from gathering
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  7. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Intel i7 7700k or Ryzen 7 1700   

    I have an Intel 7700k with a 1070 and well..its very very good
    I leave BDO on one screen, with Player Unknown playing on the other, and ZERO impact tbh, can play Heroes of Storm or LoL zero impact
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  8. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Dande vs Blue   

    I mean the real question is, why would they make an item 100million and a boss drop worse than a blue item which is 90million cheaper, and can get from tons of boss drops or the quest line....?
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  9. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    All Classes
    All character’s DP effectiveness has been increased.
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  10. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    Why are people always trying to change games into what they specifically want?

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  11. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic 48/47/41/39/42/39/47/37/40/39/44 FS goin for DUO   

    You don't see it now, its impossible to, but one day, mark my words you will look back on this post and WISH you had all those Failstacks again. 
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  12. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Bad design Tier 3 Guilds taking Node 1 over Title!   

    Nothing to see here people, move along move along

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  13. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic BDO is now rewarding players for teaming?   

    If this is true, they just saved a LARGE part of this game
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  14. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Dark Knight with high ping.   

    Ignore the she-devil, the female of the species is more deadlier than the male....
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  15. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Dark Knight with high ping.   

    You need to be quick, to I-Frame alot to avoid dmg, or block, I mean any class really needs you to have a lowish ping to play well so its a bit of a silly question, except maybe a wiz/witch though that's debatable
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  16. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Same gear, level, who hits harder? <wizard> vs <dark knight>   

    Wizard/Witch, it has the utility (heal, aoe heal, attack speed buff, massive CC options such as freeze, frigid fog etc, AoE shield, I could go on), it has the most powerful AoE dmg abilities the game, and good AP scaling on those abilities. Essential in high level PvE groups (Aakman, etc), critical in node wars impossible without them, brilliant in group PvP dropping a heal or a shield or a attack speed buff where needed. 
    The DK is an unknown, unknown worth in Node wars, unknown worth in PvE and group PvP. 
    Honestly if I could start the game again I would have rolled wizard and witch, the game is INFINITELY more fun playing either of those classes, you feel useful, you feel powerful and most of all you have TONS of fun killing 5-6 people at a time in an AoE if geared right. 
    To answer your question more specifically, I believe the WIZARD hits the hardest with the molten bomb and water AoE combo and its AoE so it hits tons of people. 
    The DK abilities are AoE, but the AoE component only has a 309% multiplier, the swords that drop which are really close have a higher multiplier 913%  max I believe or something like that. Its a class which requires alot of movement and run and hit mechanics. I am not being horrible but with a wizard/witch well geared, its PA shield, teleport in AOE combo, everything is dead? No? Teleport out, wait 1min for PA cooldown, rinse repeat, there is very little risk and ALOT of reward. 
    However, meet a GRAB class as wiz/witch it can be harder then
    I will post SOME of the most used abilities below if it helps: (Source: https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/1075)
    Soaring Darkness [key bind: Shift + left click]

    Required Mana: 50
    Cooldown: 9 seconds

    Summoned blade attack deals 913% damage x 3 targets max
    AoE magic attack deals 309% damage x 11 targets max
    +8% accuracy
    Summoned blade attack has 100% critical hit chance
    Restores 10 Mana per target hit
    Seed of Disaster [key bind: Shift + E]

    Required Mana: 55
    Cooldown: 12 seconds

    626% x 5 targets max
    +6% accuracy
    100% critical hit
    Knocks enemies airborne upon successful hit
    Super armor
    Damage is reduced in PvP
    Legacy of Elemental Spirit [key bind: Shift + right click]

    Required Mana: 70
    Cooldown: 13 seconds

    706% damage x 8 targets max
    +6% accuracy
    100% critical hit
    -20 defense for those that are hit, for 10 seconds
    Restores 10 Mana per successful hit
    Stuns the enemy upon successful hit
    Down smash attack upon successful hit
    Front guard while the skill is being cast
    Damage is reduced in PvP
    When used under cooldown:
    Enemy defense debuff is not applied
    Does not restore Mana or guard attacks coming from the front
    Does not stun or down-smash the enemy
    Damage is reduced
    Raining Despair [key bind: right click]

    Required Mana: 60
    Cooldown: 12 seconds

    976% damage x 12 targets max
    +12% accuracy
    -25% enemy movement speed for 10 seconds upon successful hit
    Damage is reduced in PvP
    When used under cooldown:
    Does not slow the enemy
    Damage is reduced
    Twilight Dash [key bind: F]

    Required Mana: 30
    Cooldown: 9 seconds

    First dash deals 880% damage per hit x 6 targets max
    Second dash deals 616% damage per hit x 6 targets max
    +5% accuracy
    50% critical hit
    Restores 10 Mana per target hit
    +10% movement speed for 10 seconds
    Does not collide with enemies
    Super armor
    Air attack (does not apply to the second dash)
    Damage is reduced in PvP
    Compare that wizard's abilities for AoE and you get the big ones which are:

    Make of all that what you will, bear in mind DIFFERENT RANKS have different multipliers so don't treat this like a OOOooo they do more dmg as I wasn't particular about the ranks shown
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  17. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    You really need to establish whether you are talking about Nodewars/RBF or 1v1's or Group PvP, because in 1v1's I think wiz and witches can be countered, even to some degree in group play. But in RBF's or node wars it's pretty one sided. 
    Not sure really, but speaking generally, I have never seen an MMO that has only 2 classes, that has or can:
    -AoE Heal to full, or do it instantly (3min cooldown)
    -Single target heal 20% hp
    -Superarmour many abilities, making them near invulnerable
    -AoE Shield with serious dmg reduction (1.5min cooldown), insta cast (3min)
    -Double teleport
    -Insta cast spells (3min cooldown)
    -AOE and PBAOE cast spells with serious dmg scaling
    -Grab wiz
    -Block witch (but only frontal)
    -AoE CC abilities
    -Pet that can see through stealth
    -30% more dmg against one class (tamer)
    -AoE Attack speed buff
    -No complicated combo's needed for the most powerful abilities, or any animation cancelling 

    Regardless if you call the class a WARLOCK or a RANGER, or a KUNG FU expert, giving a single class that much utility coupled with that much dmg, its inevitably going to annoy alot of people. 
    Pre-awakening, because they were mainly ranged it led to interesting fights in node wars and RBF as classes had to defend their wiz/witches, but now with the point blank AoE's and PvP dmg scaling the dynamics have changed dramatically, and node wars have become a mindless, PA spam, Zerker 100% and Wiz/Witch AOE spam fest, where all other classes bar maybe musa's are just along for the ride. It becomes a massive SMASH in the middle, of PA spam, couple with HEAL spam, coupled with serious AOE dmg spam. If you don't get PA you are usually dead in seconds, and if you don't get a heal its time to spam pots when you come out, if still alive. 
    To be honest some people are either quitting, taking a break or giving up on node wars because of the current status of Wiz/Witch in node wars/RBF, their class is fundamentally making the game less fun. It happened with sorcs, it happened with rangers, now the spotlight has turned to wiz/witches

    I should know I played a Sorcerer during the days of the broken Dark Flame ability, I remember the outcry then, or the complaints about the Rangers grind and PvP ability back in the day. This isn't about one class or another being OP, its about the design of a single class fundamentally affecting the enjoyment of other people's classes when compared with them, its simple human nature to fill inadequate or useless and lose fun and motivation when this other class is perceived to be able to do so much and kill so many, so easily. 
    It shouldn't be a witch hunt (excuse the pun) these threads should be a constructive process for communicating the legitimate problems these classes are bringing to the general PvP enjoyment and outcome in BDO
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  18. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Shills can memoryhole this all they want, but I want everyone to remember the leadup to awakenings.   

    Why does everyone have to be so angry all the time?
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  19. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    This is the most honest and truthful thing said in this whole thread, everything else is just waffle, especially RBF
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  20. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Just curious what happens in Korea? I mean if this is the case is the Korean servers full of witch/wiz?
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  21. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Tier 8 horse   

    Ramblinrose you are so wise, so kind, so good at this game, can you not feel pity and sorrow for one such as I, and lend me your wonderful dulcet text to whisper me and say "I am selling a Tier 8 Horse to you, you kind gentlemen"
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  22. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic When will the Dark Knight awakening come out?   

    Last week....you missed it?
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  23. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Tier 8 horse   

    Its a lie, its all a lie
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  24. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic Tier 8 horse   

    If anyone is selling one on EU I would be more than happy to buy it for silver
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  25. Ryukenwulf added a post in a topic When will the Dark Knight awakening come out?   

    Next week
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