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  1. Retinastorm added a post in a topic Idea to Make Pets & Value packs more accessible to buy in game.   

    why dont ppl just buy things for pearls themselves instead of begging in chat all the time not once but many times, we see it were not blind but we are not your personal bank. you want something buy it instead of asking and relying on us all the time
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  2. Retinastorm added a post in a topic Why are Donkeys still in the game? Why are they wasting space on the Horse Market?   

    i think donkeys should have a seperate sale tab so ppl are not searching through a load of those just to see if there are any horses yet again its rare you actually see a horse in the stable for sale
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  3. Retinastorm added a post in a topic Extremely Squishy? - PvE   

    mine does not feel squishy dont stand in one place while hitting adds and renew spells on cd, im having no issues HP and wotnot.
    Mines lvl 51 and right through the leveling i didnt feel the need to use hp pots
    Yuria main hand is +15
    saiyer off hand +13
    Grunil +15
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  4. Retinastorm added a post in a topic Dark Knight must be soon, it's already on the site   

    doesnt look like its on the site by the pic as it only shows what we have at the moment , yes you can see the name but there is no pic like the others
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  5. Retinastorm added a post in a topic Cannot log in game   

    u go one roof top ill go the other well shoot the sleigh dwn
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  6. Retinastorm added a post in a topic Cannot log in game   

    as you dont have to login to account page just to look at a forum some of us dont see the need to go there as stuff like maintenance is usually in the forum
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  7. Retinastorm added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Cannot log in game
    @ CM_Aethon
    As of today i cant login and keep getting this error from the launcher, as i have no i dea what the code means i dont know how to fix it.
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  8. Retinastorm added a post in a topic What Are You Doing During Downtime?   

    Been sleep, walked the dog, took kids to school, i was playing gta but cba now so im watching/listening to youtube while i read bdo forums. On 4 days off so im going to chill and do sweet fk all
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  9. Retinastorm added a post in a topic Why there is not Papillio or Vixen outfit for Ranger?   

    i like the Gotha Rensa it suits the ranger i think a lot better than a lot of the other outfits and the Papillio looks stupid especially for a ranger
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  10. Retinastorm added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Not Working Or Non English ingame settings
    Not sure if this is a known issue or not but i use to be able to move a character to a new destination while using another but now its not working.
    Problem 1.
    Esc> select character on the selection i can select what character i want to move but there are no destinations in the section its blank.

    Problem 2.
    Esc>Settings>Screen scroll to photo filter there are 2 buttons that are non english there fore i aint got a clue what they say lol.
    I dont know if it makes a difference but im EU croxus
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  11. Retinastorm added a post in a topic Anyone else not able to get the lara quest?   

    u tried speaking to these http://dulfy.net/2016/04/26/black-desert-people-of-serendia-knowledge-guide/
    to see if she then allows you to speak to her?
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  12. Retinastorm added a post in a topic Please let Bloody costume turn off bat wings   

    ppl wanted this outfit now they moan its not to their liking grow a set and get over it or wear something else
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  13. Retinastorm added a post in a topic [Urgent] Desync, Lag, Rubber Banding, FPS Drops   

    Croxus EU- channel C2 after the patch i was kinda hoping the problem would be fixed but it still doing, it still there 1 step forward 2 step back wether it be on foot or by mount it doesnt make any difference and after last restart its froze on me a couple times too were i had to go into task manager and close as it wont do anything apart from stay in mid run frozen
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  14. Retinastorm added a post in a topic My ranger looks FAT it new outfit!   

    get a boob reduction shave some off those hips then u got your slimmer ranger or change colour of the outfit, or it could be with those dam frills on the outfit
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  15. Retinastorm added a post in a topic Horse Racing Info   

    you can see whats gonna happen now, someone will enter the race and guildies will be waiting at every corner knocking ppl off their horse to get them disqualified.
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