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  1. Wffej87 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Launcher not responding
    So, i havent played for over a month as i got bored... decided to come on and check out new changes and now my launcher just gets stuck on the white box that says black desert online and never loads up, anyone else have this problem or know of a fix that doesnt require a reinstall?
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  2. Wffej87 added a post in a topic Transport items stuck in transit after patch   

    Good luck, i had this happen to me weeks ago, lost 100's of millions in gear, they refused to return it.
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  3. Wffej87 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 04th   

    omg, i died.... LOL... this shit happens ALL the time because of desync.
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  4. Wffej87 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Staggered Maintenance April 27th - 28th   

    I cant even stay connected now. literally infinite DC's
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  5. Wffej87 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Skill Resets at 45 for Blade/Plum
    Like with most every game that has classes to play, why not add a skill reset at 45 for blade/plum as it is a new class, and most of us didnt play KR. follow in suit with every other company out there and give us this option?
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  6. Wffej87 added a post in a topic FIX EXP Loss when PKed, and gems loss.   

    Entirely false. They also have a chance of losing enhancements (Dont even attempt to tell me otherwise, i know better.) on gear when they die. and have to flag to fight back and go even more negative if they are grinding it off. the penalties are super steep.
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  7. Wffej87 added a post in a topic Issue with bans/whats considered harrassment   

    Well, you have a few members that should be banned by now, if not, then soon. u all are taking the harrassment to a whole new level with real life personal attacks. @CM_Jouska is there anything Daum does to those who are clearly taking their rage outside of the game and starting personal attacks on someone and their family?
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  8. Wffej87 added a post in a topic Issue with bans/whats considered harrassment   

    A valid responce. however i have already, and am still at this moment supplying SS's to the same GM who had banned me for whatever reason, and clearly nothings been done about it yet, didnt waste any time banning me tho.
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  9. Wffej87 added a post in a topic Issue with bans/whats considered harrassment   

    Rather than proving my point, disprove it? This chick stalked my personal info, googled me, found my family on facebook and was threatening me, had her friend threaten me saying they know where i live Etc, ALL i did was kill this crazy ass mofo countless times and she cried harrassment, i got banned 72 hours for this, she gets banned 48 hours for personal threats - Explain the logic in this please?
    Or you can continue to post stupid troll shit to increase your post count - I see thats all that will be coming from you.
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  10. Wffej87 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Issue with bans/whats considered harrassment
    Ok so - I was banned for 72 hours for "Harrassment" for warring and killing a guild that i had previously left which had double our members, yet couldnt keep us with us. so their guild leader screamed harrassment because we found and killed them daily.... Now, correct me if I am wrong but, this is a PVP game, with an NPC that tells u peoples locations and ur free to kill WHOEVER the ----- u want, how does this warrant a ban for harrasment? Yet i can report someone for HORRENDOUS offensive statements said to me AND my guild mates in whispers, told to either disband and quit the game or never get unwarred (This is coming from a top 10 guild and we just broke top 200) and they are STILL in game as i make this post, still sending my guildies whispers with stupid offensive shit EVEN after i had already supplied screenies etc to the GM who banned me for 72 hours (Mind you, the person who reported me for killing them got banned for 48 hours for threatening me and my family IRL, 48 hours? what? and i got banned for 72 for killing this person repeatedly? Why you may ask? Shes a female, and I am not.) i REAAAALLLLLYYYY am dissatisfied with the way this is playing out with your support team Daum.... I cannot supply SS's here, because I dont want to throw these peoples names out there. But these people are still just hangin out in game sending shitty whispers to my guild mates while im banned for 3 days for killing people.
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  11. Wffej87 added a post in a topic Missing Liverto after combining scrolls   

    Good luck man, i made a ticket on march 25th because a FULL transport of stuff including ALL my gear disappeared when servers went down for patch day. All i got was a run around about other gear ive extracted or sold etc. its been a month.
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  12. Wffej87 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    72 hour suspension
    Ok so. Apparently I got banned for 72 hours for "harrassment" because someone who has ridiculed me, insulted my sexuality, STALKED me in real life, typed my full name, mothers name out in game, Threatened to message my family on facebook and had her friends message me calling me a -----got and saying they know where i live etc.ALL because i PK'd them in a PVP game? At most all i did was reply to comments that had been made to me, and even then that was VERY rarely when something severly bad had been said to me. Explain this to me please? @CM_Jouska
    Please check the logs from about 7-8 days ago with that person from the last screen shot claiming they would not stop hunting us until we disbanded and quit the game - Did we cry? No. we got bigger and fought back. and dealt with the constant harrassment.
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  13. Wffej87 added a post in a topic Failed to receive the transport   

    Similar thing happened to me, 3 weeks ago... im getting the run around with support now after 1 month because within that time frame i have sold and extracted similar items to what i lost... this is going to be a long process
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  14. Wffej87 added a post in a topic Full carriage of GEAR disappeared   

    Thanks. However they arent understanding that I've sold/extracted a multitude of gear, +15 and otherwise over the last several weeks, and im not talking about that gear being lost i made this ticket a month ago for THIS gear being lost in transit. So since I've extracted and sold many other pieces of gear in the past several weeks is that going to make this harder to sort? - 3 Weeks ago, i set all my gear in transit from Velia to Keplan. The servers went down for patches in mid transit, the transit just vanished, the gears gone. Simple as that idk if thats traceable or not. @CM_Jouska. I've spent too much money on this game to have these kinds of issues be prevalent and not be able to get the things i've worked for back because of it.
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  15. Wffej87 added a post in a topic EDAN <Solar> Fresh Start.   

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