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  1. theo1000 added a post in a topic Wizard Gear - PvE / PvP Optimisation (GUIDE)   

    Yes it plays a small role. Many skills benefit from max mp thus making the +mp crystals a nice boost at some lower lvls. You can also try that but i think the overall dmg bonus isnt that big off a deal. 
    Better keep helm/armor heve and others agerian. 
    Hp is better! My 2 cents
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  2. theo1000 added a post in a topic Wizard Gear - PvE / PvP Optimisation (GUIDE)   

    @Wild_Instinct   : nice info all packed . Hope you are going to expand it to skills etc. 
    @Broccoli : you can even lower the attack speed since it only effects LMB and go for +2 crit - 1 att speed. Also get helm crystals like +2 casting speed ( ~ 300k each ).
    At 50 titles with fortuna without underwear you can get a +1 luck and be done with. No need to go 2x +1 luck at chest and opt for +35mp x2 . Just a heads up
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  3. theo1000 added a post in a topic I need help   

    As above 3 taritas + agerian gloves , 3 fortuna + agerian gloves is nice , heve armor and helm + agerian gloves and boots. Mind your crystals as well!
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  4. theo1000 added a post in a topic Introducing Lyfe - Witch PVP Gameplay Channel   

    Gj on the ring! 
    Waiting for new vid to come! 
    Gl on the rest of your gear!
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  5. theo1000 added a post in a topic Introducing Lyfe - Witch PVP Gameplay Channel   

    Awesome video! Really nailed it. 
    That 1v2 was crazy
    would like to see your build if you can and want. Really interested in pvping as a witch. 
    Keep it up!! 
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  6. theo1000 added a post in a topic Check out my pvp sorc   

    Hey. nice clip and discussion !
    enjoy the pvp vids! will be 45 soon (44 noob haha)
    Just want to ask if the camera shake option at 0 removes the shaking completely or just the up and down or whatever it is? And what do the rest of the effects options do.
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  7. theo1000 added a post in a topic Help - Crystals   

    oh really? didnt know that thnk u very much for the info!
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  8. theo1000 added a post in a topic Help - Crystals   

    No most of them are just gray but when i get notified that they are in the AH im already there spamming the re search thing but i never actually see them... dont know why... ppl cant be buying them in 0.1 sec..
    Also for the +2 luck its a drop from nymph king ( database says that ) .
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  9. theo1000 added a post in a topic Help - Crystals   

    Hey there.
    Im also looking for those as well but had no luck. Just bought my +1 luck in Calpheon and im still looking for the +2 as well as the +100hp but had no luck.. got a +45 vigor or whatever it was.
    Also some crystals like +2 assault and memory seem to always be out of stock in the AH and the notifications dont seem to work..
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  10. theo1000 added a post in a topic Skins   

    Thnk u very much ! 
    Thats nice to hear i wouldnt like to add them somewhere and after getting better weapon/armor drop them along with my wallet -.-
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  11. theo1000 added a topic in New Adventurers   

    I would like to ask about the armor/weapon skins. I know it was asked before or something but typing skins doesnt show me what i want to know.
    I have the pre order ones for weapon and off hand but not equipped yet. If i equip them can i change weapons and have them stay or are they bound to a weapon/offhand and then thats it? Also does this apply to armor costumes?
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  12. theo1000 added a post in a topic Low fps with 980ti   

    Sure do it helped a lot. from 28 im sitting at 70+ its a lot better.
    It was bad cause with vsync on for some reason its locking your fps to 30 and even a beast pc wouldnt do better
    I was like wtf when i saw the numbers
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  13. theo1000 added a post in a topic Low fps with 980ti   

    Hey .
    As i i had the same problems ( http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/27076-hardware-related/ ) i have to say that your best chance is to go to gforce control panel and turn vsync off , power management to maximum performance , multi core , single monitor , and AA etc to application controlled , also turn high end mode off in game. I had the same issue and i was with 28-30 fps hope it helps.
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  14. theo1000 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Hardware related
    Hello all.
    I would like to start this by saying that i wasnt able to try cbt but finally started today! Very excited!!
    Now my problem seems to be just settings but i would like to hear your opinion.
    I tried early this morning to create my char and all were fine. But as soon as i logged in my fps got a massive drop.
    Im running an i7 4790k a strix 980 16gb ram and the game is on ssd . The res is 1920x1080.
    I was getting 20fps with high end off at high textures and graphics .
    This doesnt seem normal when i see videos of people running 970s and 60+ . 
    Any1 who can help? Thnx
    Just messed with nvidia control panel will see later what happens. Forced vsync off single gpu performance mode multi core.
    Now i dont know how to force my refresh rate to stay up because i read that the game can lock it to 30? If some1 can clarify thnx a lot
    All good problem fixed.
    Changed control panel options to > single monitor - vsync off - power performance mode - AA fxaa etc to app controlled - multi core - in game high end mode off.
    Sitting at 80-90 town 70+ at very high
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