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  1. Summerfields added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    This is huge. Basically permanent +12% accuracy for valkyries.
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  2. Summerfields added a post in a topic I conducted a statistical hypothesis testing on the enhancement table   

    Very nice analysis OP. I've been doubting that table myself since I managed to get 45 failstacks on two characters trying to go from +13 to +14. I remember that my calculations based on that table was that the chances of this happening were <0.01%. People will say "that's how RNG works" but it's really not. If something happens frequently that actually has a tiny chance of happening, either the calculations are wrong or the outcome is not actually random.
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  3. Summerfields added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Returning player questions
    Returning player here wondering what the state of Valkyrie is atm. Back when I stopped playing I remember that it was impossible to kill anyone in pvp, but valkyries also never died. Has this changed with the awakening update or is it more or less the same? I'm not willing to change class, considering the amount of time and money I spent on my valkyrie.
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  4. Summerfields added a post in a topic Thank you Daum for the removal of exp loss upon PvP death   

    Sure, that could be the case although I'd rather have that than gaining no XP at all. The one who deals the most damage will get the most XP in that situation, which sounds good to me.
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  5. Summerfields added a topic in General   

    Thank you Daum for the removal of exp loss upon PvP death
    I can finally farm Sausan Garrison solo or in a party of players without the best gear. Before the patch three guilds basically owned this grind spot on my server, shouting profanities at anyone coming near and chasing them out of the area. Because of this I've been stuck at lvl 55,05 for literal weeks and I'm finally progressing.
    This patch was a relief for the majority of players and bad for the top 10%, please let it stay this way.
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  6. Summerfields added a post in a topic remove all boss armours from this game immediately   

    Thank you for this post, very vital information that all players of BDO need to know
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  7. Summerfields added a post in a topic Boss armor look   

    I actually really like the male version
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  8. Summerfields added a post in a topic Reduce Taxes of Marketplace   

    I'd like to see a lower number, but the extreme amount of silver gained from grinding needs somewhere to go. I can't really think of any other major gold sink except for repairs and potions, and those who buy armor from vendors (not me).
    If the tax of marketplace is lowered there could be inflation which is not what we want.
    Also there would be marketplace flipping. Where you buy everything of a cheap good then put it back up for a higher price to earn lots of silver. 
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  9. Summerfields added a post in a topic Anyone hate the Valkyrie Awakening?   

    I think she looks awesome!

    the picture you linked just has the worst armor and dye job possible.
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  10. Summerfields added a post in a topic What I absolutely love about Black Desert Online   

    There are so many things I love about this game. At first it was the striking sceneries, then I discovered the amazing combat, then fishing/gathering/trading and so on. Atm I'm working on my gear so I'm doing a lot of scrolls and grinding a lot.
    I also love the PvP in this game, coming from GW2 it's a huge relief that open world pvp exists, and that combat lasts for more than 2 seconds. 

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  11. Summerfields added a post in a topic New player lost in gearing options   

    I personally got 3 Taritas with Agerian gloves, Yuria sword & Vangerz Shield. I got 5 casting speed, 2 attack speed and 5 luck cause i'm poor >.< I think I'm wearing the so called "meta" but it feels way too defensive.  I got LOADS of DP but not a very impressive AP. 
    Atm in PvP I can kill anyone lower than my level quickly but if I meet someone my own or higher, the fight will last for very long until either me or the other player gives up  I need to work on my accessories as these can give a nice AP boost, but IMO you should go for a more offensive set than what I'm using.
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  12. Summerfields added a post in a topic Post Picture's of Your Musa's (Blader's)!   

    My green eyed musa 

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  13. Summerfields added a post in a topic Weapon enchanting   

    I'm seriously lost for words now. I finally gathered enough stones to try and get this stupid longsword to +14 again. Guess what? Another 45 fails. I now got a 45 fail stack on TWO characters. Can I get some kind of award for being the unluckinest person in BDO?
    I'm actually considering quitting now because I've lost an increadible amount of gold (time) on this stupid RNG system. Of course I should have forced enchant but why would I when its a loss of money 90% of the time? 

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  14. Summerfields added a post in a topic Most Beautiful Maehwa /Plum April 2016   

    I dont have any more likes to give but this one is my favorite maehwa so far!  Looks great
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  15. Summerfields added a post in a topic What was your main MMO before Black Desert?   

    Guild Wars -> Aion -> Eve Online -> Tera -> Guild Wars 2 -> Black Desert Online
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