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  1. KFC added a post in a topic Introducing "Black Spirit"   

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    A lot of things in the post make me go "wtf"
    this makes me go "wtf" the most lol

    Iv only heard of 1 person getting a TET but they blew it up lmao. I wanna see those PEN Tungrade ingame thanks.
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  3. KFC added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   


    WTB Optimization and games Memory Leak fixes!!!
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  4. KFC added a post in a topic (Maintenance Game) How Old Is Your Character   

    oh dear

    LOL @Multarix look how old you are :')

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  5. KFC added a post in a topic Ranger gear   

    Well yeah for a new player. But still have that chest piece being enhanced on the side. Roaring is = to a Ultimate PRI. By the time you are going for Crescent Rings and all the better tier stuff Roaring starts becoming trash that youd shove on an alt
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  6. KFC added a post in a topic Ranger gear   

    Full Heve Armor, Krea/Rosar Weapon until you can get a Liverto and Steel Dagger as your offhand.

    Id say Heve Helm, Gloves with Grunil Chest and Boots for a better HP bonus but for a newer player that may cost too much to enhance. Also its easier to go full Heve for when you get boss pieces so you can switch them out 1 by 1.

    For accessories : Blue Coral Earrings and Blue Coral Rings for starting off as they are extremely cheap. Then work on getting Witches Earrings and Mark of Shadow rings as they will scale a lot better. Then when you hit higher levels you can switch out those MoS for Crescent Rings. For your necklace work on making a TRI Bares Necklace as soon as you can. That shouldnt cost much and wont take that long. For belt either pick up an Ancient Weapon Core or Belt of Shultz the Gladiator. Both very cheap belts. IMO I'd go with the Ancient Weapon Core when starting off then youd move to Tree Spirit Belt or Basilisks Belt, depending on which you will get first.

    And for crystals you just stack HP honestly, some movement speed on your boots and get your attack speed and crit as high as you can.
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  7. KFC added a post in a topic If He/She wins...   

    Anything is better than the one thats "1st".
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  8. KFC added a post in a topic Confused newbie on enhancing   

    It depends on how lucky you can get. Buying gear that is already enchanced can be cheaper than enchancing some yourself most of the time. It all depends on what happens around the +12 to +15 mark as thats when it can get stupid.. Like for example Iv gotten 50 stacks before on a +14 to +15 piece of armor.... But then there are other times where I get that +15 in about 4 stacks.. (Mostly on the gear im failstacking on though >_>)

    But yes Id say going with low gear for starting off and grinding money to buy better gear would be your best option.
    At around Lv34-35 theres an area called "Abandoned Land". If you arent already past that level I suggest grinding there as long as possible and picking up all the loot and turning them into the right NPCs. From Lv34 to Lv40 you should get around 20mil+. Thats enough to get you a +15 Weapon or +15 Armor
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  9. KFC added a post in a topic 50 Stacks & Quitting   

    This topic is 3 months old.
    and i cant do anything about people reviving them :'(
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  10. KFC added a post in a topic Confused newbie on enhancing   

    You can either force to guarantee that it will enchant or you can try your luck and just put stones into it and hope that itll enchant before it loses more durability that it would have from forcing it. But it most likely will anyway. You might want to search up success rates for enchanting before you go past +5 and +7 gear.
    After a bit youll need to start building up failstacks with different items to increase your enchantment chance before putting stones into the gear you actually use.
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  11. KFC added a post in a topic Please let Sea Monsters / Small Pirate ships reward non-guild hunting   

    Tbh I agree that there should be drops that are non guild items as well or if you could just sell any of the items you get to any NPC other than the guild ones and itll go to personal funds.
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  12. KFC added a post in a topic First 62 On NA!   

    Grats to Bigandshiny for 1st Lv62
    A lot of jealously in this post it seems. Always a heap of salty people whenever someone gets somewhere or something they most likely will never get themselves.
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  13. KFC added a post in a topic attendance rewards   

    Auto receive so people cant cry about missing days for what ever reason they can come up with. I really dont see the big fuss except for the fact that it pops up on your screen. If it just automatically received the attendance rewards without the popup then that would be perfect.
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  14. KFC added a post in a topic Margoria Hunting - Bug   

    I kinda had this issue about 2 days ago. I did get loot though.. It only took a couple minutes to show up after waiting around
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