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  1. Drakon added a post in a topic <ManUp> [NA - Edan] Open recruitment   

    Hi, I am a ranger.  Let me at that application process.
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  2. Drakon added a post in a topic Are you guys happy of what ranger has become after 17/06   

    Has anyone confirmed that Ult:CW doesn't apply skill-addons?  The awakenings worked on it pre-patch afaik.  (Worked on Ult:CW not SP:CW)
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  3. Drakon added a post in a topic What awakenings did you take?   

    Does U:Charging Wind awakening work?
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  4. Drakon added a post in a topic Did we just get nerfed? WoTW no longer has an awakening.   

    My mistake.
    Is Ultimate:Charging Wind applying an awakening buff/debuffs?  I currently have SP:CW and cannot test.  Having read elsewhere that "Down Smash" only pushes targets around that are already affected by a Knockdown effect, 10% Down Smash sounds awful.
    I may go for something like this..
    Evasive Shot - 50 burn every 3 seconds for 9 seconds / 7% attack speed for 9 seconds
    Charging Wind (if it works with Ult:CW) - 40 poison every 3 seconds for 18 seconds / 10% crit for 9 seconds
    Will of the Wind - 45 pain ever 3 seconds for 12 seconds / 5% accuracy for 12 seconds
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  5. Drakon added a post in a topic Did we just get nerfed? WoTW no longer has an awakening.   

    WotW is still a fantastic skill in my opinion, it is just not as fantastic as it was.  Keep in mind, the % hp as damage applied while it was not on cooldown (to my knowledge) and I would suggest playing around with the 10% Down Smash (which applies regardless of cooldown? needs to be tested) and 5% Accuracy.
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  6. Drakon added a post in a topic Did we just get nerfed? WoTW no longer has an awakening.   

    Are you suggesting that with the 10 mana drain on Evasive Shot, chaining Evasive Shot into SP:Charging Wind will proc the mana drain on each arrow from SP:Charging Wind?  I doubt that would be intended.  However, 1 Evasive Shot arrow plus 14 arrows from SP:Charging Wind, each with 10 mana drain, would be stupid awesome.
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  7. Drakon added a post in a topic WERE WE NERFED AGAIN???   

    Just tested all of our ways to use SP:CW, it is working as it did pre-patch.
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  8. Drakon added a post in a topic HP Reduced after 5/13/16 patch?   

    You just wrinkled my brain - you're right.
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  9. Drakon added a topic in Ranger   

    HP Reduced after 5/13/16 patch?
    I was over 2000 HP (around 2066 or so) before the patch today (5/13/16) and now I'm at 1996 max HP.  Anyone else notice anything like this?
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  10. Drakon added a post in a topic [Consolidated Threads]Boss Armor: a friendly warning.   

    I've farmed enough treants to receive a Tree Spirit Belt - I have never seen a boss scroll drop from treants.  And why is everyone so vague about their drops?  What mob did these 500+ boss scrolls drop from, regardless of node level, luck level, and 20% droprate?  Bheg boss scrolls no less.
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  11. Drakon added a post in a topic [Consolidated Threads]Boss Armor: a friendly warning.   

    Drop off of what?  I haven't seen a legit boss scroll drop since I was level 45 or so and I am level 55 currently.
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  12. Drakon added a post in a topic Bow Mastery Skill   

    EES is still very efficient in terms of stam/mp used vs damage output for groups of mobs.  With big groups I will still run in with WotW, EES->umbrella, Q strafe, EES->umbrella, EES->umbrella, EES->umbrella, WotW, Q strafe for mana, etc..
    The damage reduction on EES wasn't life changing.
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  13. Drakon added a post in a topic Looking for a guild   

    Hey Ragonrok,
    What server are you on?  If you're rockin' out on Edan, take a stroll on over to www.emortals.us , scroll below that horrid autoplay video, and send an app our way.  If you'd like to chat in game, send me a PM with your character name and I'll get in touch.
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  14. Drakon added a post in a topic [EDAN] EMORTALS | Age: 21+ / TS3 / Guild PvP / Level 52+   

    FYI that Legionnaire war was an even fight... It's just that one side happened to be more organized or something..
    Either way, visit the site, ignore the autoplay video as hard as you can, and app up!  I WANT MORE BERSERKERS.
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  15. Drakon added a post in a topic Kick Cancel Animation (U:ES)   

    Great f--king point.  Would love a fix for this as well.
    One quick thing relating to the topic.  I don't have the post but other players have had issues with the screen "flashing/blinking" and a GM responded that devs will look in to it.  Grain of salt because who knows what will happen but I suppose a step in the right direction.
    Edit - screw it I went hunting anyway.
    Here is a gif of the topic issue: http://giphy.com/gifs/JwBwG8RAOLL3y (source user: Jarak)
    and here is CM_Jouska responding on April 2, 2016:
    Aaaaand topic thread I'm referring to:

    Hope this helps shed some more light on the topic!
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