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  1. Lunaus added a post in a topic Kzarka, one of the worst boss experiences I've had in an MMO   

    This is how you know when bosses are up: https://discord.gg/a6muYcj
    Or just be on all day and listen for the roar, but it's similar to the roar the dragon does too.
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  2. Lunaus added a post in a topic Changes at the daily login rewards   

    I don't like having to stay logged in for 30mins for rewards either but at that point if I don't want to be on for even that little amount of time then I just don't long on for that entire day or I'll wait until I wanna play the game for longer than 30mins.
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  3. Lunaus added a post in a topic Modify the Relic scrolls   

    Agreed on all accounts, I'd rather see tiered relics that are harder to do but offer better reward with longer boss fights, or just make it 1 really hard boss like a mini-raid for a 5-man group. Maybe even through in a level req too like the Spellbooks.
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  4. Lunaus added a post in a topic Religion found in BDO...do you know of any others?   

    I wouldn't say that they're suppose to be "easter eggs" of IRL religions as BDO was going to have a religion system of sorts in the game as an option of a guild type before they scrapped that idea prior to KR release.
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  5. Lunaus added a post in a topic When Can we have the BIG relic scroll?   

    At that point I'd just say downsize the amount you do in one sitting, have an hour in between or save for the week and spread it out. Dunno if they ever hinted towards plans to have a JUMBO relic summon scroll.
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  6. Lunaus added a post in a topic Maehwa..? or?   

    I stopped playing my Maehwa at 49 before the awakening released, I hadn't realized people still played them after the first month of their release lol.
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  7. Lunaus added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    Meh, my first couple of MMOs were all asian RNG fests - PWI, Forsaken World, Vindictus, Dragon Nest, etc. But TERA/BNS/AA/BDO are the only games I've quit with less than 5yrs played into them.. the RNG isn't a headache for me, it's the content.. although the previous games I listed had repetitive content it was fun even with having to PvP other players for grind spots. Dunno, these games just feel like they lack something, I only replay for friends and not because I wanna play again.
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  8. Lunaus added a post in a topic When Can we have the BIG relic scroll?   

    Are you talking for the entire group or a single scroll? lol
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  9. Lunaus added a post in a topic Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!   

    I feel you OP, though it's with other games I've had the issues of headaches and eye straining even with light gaming (no more than an hour), or even when looking at my phone. I started to develop motion sickness while gaming in a moving vehicle, now it's evolved to just a camera on a game moving too fast. I have to wear glasses with a blue film now to prevent the headaches, but they're primarily to allow me to have prolonged sessions on a PC since I work with a PC all day for work and play video games when I'm home.

    As stated on the first page I suggest getting checked out!
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  10. Lunaus added a post in a topic DC in Sausans' crowd of mobs and now I have to wait N hours to know if I died ◕ ∩ ◕   

    Well I hope it's fixed with the extended maint that happened earlier today.
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  11. Lunaus added a post in a topic DC in Sausans' crowd of mobs and now I have to wait N hours to know if I died ◕ ∩ ◕   

    I haven't DC'd at Sausans because I haven't been over there since getting back into the game, but when I'm using my horse the game will randomly freeze if I have my inventory or profile open... Have to force close and relog.. Never had the issue prior to leaving the game, but I did lose two RAM slots so I'm down to 8GB of RAM atm
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  12. Lunaus added a post in a topic giant worker irrelevant now   

    Before the game even released I was working from home and playing Archeage, lol, you jelly?

    But seriously, I don't believe no one is working their their break/lunch and doesn't have some downtime to check their phone and use a remote desktop app like Chrome has or TeamViewer. My boyfriend works with heavy machinery all day and has time to check his phone, and even watch an episode or two on Hulu, if you don't.. then I feel sorry for you :c
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  13. Lunaus added a post in a topic 15 Years, same PVP Flaws   

    I don't think there's a way to balance a game without making everyone be the same class, with the same skills, and the same (unenchanted) armor. If you don't wanna get 1-shot then gear up, if you don't have the time or IRL money to then join a guild of roll with friends. If you can think up a system that they haven't tried to enforce balance then I'd like to see it.

    I've given up on balance in any MMO and I'm actually planning to play a game soon that blantly tells its players "Life isn't fair, there won't be balance, time invested and personal skill will be the only thing that sets you apart from others".
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  14. Lunaus added a post in a topic [NA - Orwen][PvX] Pandorum | Pandorum Gaming Community 18+ | Website/Forum | Discord   

    I am no longer GM or apart of Pandorum on BDO. Please if you wish to join visit the Pandorum website or click here for the discord.
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  15. Lunaus added a post in a topic Medal Collectors Event   

    This is the Hunt Buffs, killed over 500+ Mobs and I only have 3 medals.
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