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  1. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    Right??!?! I dont get why they dont release the good stuff....they just hold onto it...wtf you're missing out on money and if you think I'm one of those people whose just gonna buy every costume that comes out...Wrong. Keep holding the costumes back and I'll just keep holding my money. I know what I want and that disgusting Anemos crap aint it.
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  2. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    For the love of everything holy..can you guys please stop with the stupid pearl item "updates" Add some of the freaking costumes KR has. Update after update all I've seen is crap and more ugly bs coming out. I want this outfit!!! My witch is tired of wearing the same damn clothes week after freaking week. Also, someone over at PA needs help in designing costumes for witch...also fix the damn hair, why are 98% of witch hair styles stiff as rocks with no kind of movement...I want my hair blowing in the damn wind just like everyone else! 

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  3. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic Resisting CC as a Wizard   

    The best way to avoid CC, like others have stated is to know your skills and when to use them. This might be a little easier said and done on a witch (I don't know the specific details of wiz skills for awakening as I've never played a wizards awakening) but I know that wiz has super armors and frontal blocks as well so the concept is the same. Knowing the skills of your opponent is also important and can come in handy but even without that knowledge, keep this basic thought in mind...if they are attacking you, their aim is to CC you and then finish you. 9/10 times the string of attacks will always be, CC then damage and keep in mind that their attacks will also have super armor and blocks on them. When players are attacking you head on, most times they will be attacking with an attack that grants them some type of guard while they attack but also has a CC component. If you are responding with an attack that has only a CC component but no frontal guard, you will be successful in not being CC'd (so long as the skill is active) but you will most likely take heavy damage, leaving you in a bad state for their next attacks. My method is to meet attack with attack. If I'm being attacked with a skill that grants an opponent with a block, I attack with a skill that grants me a block. The only time this isn't true is IF they are attacking with a skill that only grants them a SA/CC component but no block soo to make this easier:

    Opponent uses SA w/CC, no block = You use Block w/CC
    Opponent uses Block w/CC = You use Block w/CC
    Opponent uses Block = You use Block w/cc, grab, SA w/CC etc

    The only time you want to try to eat through someones block is if you know that you have the time/distance and AP to do it
    There's a couple different things you can do but knowing how to chain your skills and what rotations to use is the most important. Using your teleport in unpredictable patterns is another way to throw people off. If you ever wanna practice just let me know.
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  4. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic ΩOLYMPUSΩ   

    Lol what is that face though? 
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  5. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic Milren Fedora - Is This EVER Coming to NA?!   

    Wooow, the satanist in you really comes out on the forums huh? lol
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  6. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic I'm Not Getting Frames Like I Want   

    Sooo you posted this in suggestions, when it would have probably been better in Technical Support. Just saying, someone might be more apt to to offer advice there. This part of the forums is meant for those offering suggestions for the game, like UI changes or items people would like to see, things like that.
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  7. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic damage reduced after enemy is freezed   

    Normally when I freeze an opponent, I'll start channeling a skill that will take affect as soon as they are released from the freeze and are in a downed state just so I can maximize the damage.
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  8. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic Witch Awakening Pets   

    To the OP, cause I don't have time to meddle with people who don't know what they're talking about. Its completely worth having them out in both instances.

    In pvp: They can literally body block for you because they can be targeted. Many a 100 percents were wasted because someone aimed at my pet instead of me.

    They also act as an extra bit of damage, nothing crazy BUT there have been times where it was literally down to the wire in a fight and my pet got the last shot in before my opponent could get their last hit in on me on top of that, its another point of distraction, another thing an opponent has to have eyes on and potentially try to avoid which means another thing that might cause them to mess up.
    In pve: Again, an extra bit of damage. Ability to take aggro, which I have found useful when dealing with higher level mobs (I'm level 60 but even at lvl 60, there are things that can kill you). As a witch if I'm ever taking too much aggro from mobs etc, I can just put up my block for sec, let my pet take the aggro, heal up and then reengage. Your pet can take aggro of mobs that are attacking you and it does allow you to go beyond the normal aggro limit, how well it does that is another topic. But using your pet, lava/poison and yourself and thats quite a bit of aggro that you can pull at once.
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  9. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic Just some witch pvp   

    Hmmm not sure if I would like the game in just B&W its too pretty not to be able to see all the colors......of..the...wiiiiiiind...see what I did there? You see it 
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  10. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic Just some witch pvp   

    lol I'm nooot gonna take it that far =P
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  11. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic Just some witch pvp   

    Yeeeeah I don't know. I've always enjoyed the shaking effect. Makes it seem more dramatic in my eyes..like wouldn't the world shake with a big ass meteor coming down from the sky? Meh, I like it.
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  12. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic ΩOLYMPUSΩ   

    Ummm WOW Tea, I didn't even know you took those pics, you never shared them with us lol! You just keeping crap in your vault! That second one is my fave
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  13. HeroUnknown added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Just some witch pvp
    So this is/was supposed to be a promo for my guild BUT I'm behind the camera and most of the game play is pretty much of me on my witch in some gvgs so thought I would share it here cause.
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  14. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic ΩOLYMPUSΩ   

  15. HeroUnknown added a post in a topic LolisOfEdan are now recruiting Everyone! Lolis Of Edan   

    Good luck Rinku!
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