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Posts posted by mark2123

  1. After character creation and the Intro titles, the first thing is I'm asked to move my character forward by pressing a key, but it doesn't say which key I just get this <> instead. No keys work including WASD. So I can't do a single thing apart from move my view with the mouse.

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  2. Well I've been totally flamed on the www.mmorph.com forums for suggesting we've been had.

    I notice one or two on here have spent the whole day defending BDO and teaching the many that were seen off. Shows the community we are missing, if they ever stop off the forum to play the game.

  3. k bye

    What happened with archeage? The game is still running and Trion makes millions off of it. So much for "nobody is going to buy anything." 

    Game must be great if you are not playing it.

  4. I must admit I'm already done with this company and have no faith in them. 

    No communication.

    Deleting Tweets.

    Changing the website AFTER the event to make it look like they didn't confuse people.


    I've asked for a refund and submitted a ticket with paypal.  No company like this deserves my money and I've also heard the community is already pretty bad.

    Bye bye shitty game.

  5. Your explorers package wasn't a pre order. 

    If you buy something before the launch date, 99.99999% of people would assume you pre-ordered.  Only in their FAQ or news page does it say different but if you want to buy the game, you go to the package, read about it and buy it.  I bouth Explorer package yesterday, expected to play today and nothing I read during that purchase said that wouldn't happen.

  6. 24erplv.jpg

    Don't need to read an FAQ to buy a game.  They had enough places to distinguish between pre-order and normal explorers pack during the route that you buy it.  They failed and that's why they are deleting tweets and changing the website around already.

  7. and thats where you are wrong m8

    it was said on forums and twitter

    and yes you are expected to check on forums otherwise WHY Would you buy something if you wont check up on details


    That's just pathetic.  You buy a game by following the onscreen instructions, not by having to click on links or social media.  If there are stipulations and limitations to buying the game, they should be made clear along the path you need to take to buy them.  Can't believe I read what you typed.  Shocking.

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  8. Utter Bull**** Obviously this order before the 26th to get access has not been addressed clearly as so many people have been -----ed over by it. I bought the game yesterday as that was payday for me with the assumption that i am still pre ordering it and buying the package that gave early access just to find out that i in fact cant play? What a waste of taking a day off of work. Thanks for screwing me over BDO i will be disputing payment with paypal because you know... karma

    Same here mate.  If I don't get access today, then I am cancelling and will never play again as it makes it a con.

  9. If the pre-order ended at the 26th why can it still be purchased on the 29th? Also there is no information visible to the customer that they can't ,play. On the contrary there is a big text saying we can play on the 01/03. This is deceitful marketing, probably just a miss from their marketing team but still deceitful.

    Someone better not tell me that the Explorer package I bought yesterday DOES NOT INCLUDE early access starting today because when I checked out the details, it said it did.

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  10. thank god I saw this lmao, just about re-downloaded it from the account (explorer pack button) ty ty

    This is wrong.  The UTC time (if you care to Google it) is now 0854, so a whole 54 minutes past when they said the game would be up for Explorers package, but it isnt.