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Selvaria Bles

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  1. Selvaria Bles added a post in a topic Fake or Real CM   

    i kinda figure it was a fake that and i just love messing with this the quy that trying hard lol
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  2. Selvaria Bles added a topic in General   

    Fake or Real CM
    so anyone one else get a message form CM_Jouskes or Claiming to be CM?? can the the actual CM verify is the Scamming getting worse or what they got to be desperate or something lol

    • 13 replies
  3. Selvaria Bles added a post in a topic Gift giving item restricted   

    wow really stupid people buying from those people ruined it for us that actually play legit 
    thnx deska for that info 
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  4. Selvaria Bles added a topic in General   

    Gift giving item restricted
    so anyone can send other players gift like costumes or anything cause i tried the inventroy slot and the fish custome they say this itme is restricted
    • 8 replies
  5. Selvaria Bles added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Knowleged system broken
    i complete everything in  People of eastern balenos but its still says its not complete 

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  6. Selvaria Bles added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    bug quest no info to read
    church in velia priest i think this is the crimson battlefield quest or something


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  7. Selvaria Bles added a topic in Suggestions   

    Channel location of friends
    Okay so three a freaking lot of cahnnels now in BDo hard to tell where my friends that are not in guild could it be possible you add on our friends list the channel they are at instead of having to just message them make it a whole lot easier 
    • 1 reply
  8. Selvaria Bles added a post in a topic Pearl sellers not gold or sliver lol   

    chat ban only useful for actual players these sellers  need a report button for gm to look at and ban i mean these sellers are paying 30$ to play the game lol daum might make money off them lol
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  9. Selvaria Bles added a topic in Suggestions   

    Pearl sellers not gold or sliver lol
    @CM_Jouska or any of the CM OR GM OR PM. really these spammers of pearl sellers is getting out of hand now i used to see 1 or 2 that didn't bother me at first now u see it more and more hard to to keep up with the blocks now its spam after spam and i even get whisper from them now if you pass by one of them seriously put a ban or report button that does not cost energy seriously
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  10. Selvaria Bles added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Follow button dose not work
    the tittle pretty much explain it all The follow button dosent work
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  11. Selvaria Bles added a post in a topic [PVP] Needs Flagging System.   

    @CM_Jouska and @PM_Belsazar shoulrd really look into the pvp its being exploited 
    witch wizard not only buff but have 2 heals that can still heal its not a big heal but its a heal , while the partied players goes outlaw red and in party with the witch or wizard that player can heal outlaw player while the outlaw player spam healing pots as well. the healer healing outlaw in party not being penalized and turn red 

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  12. Selvaria Bles added a post in a topic Man Up - Edan   

    @Lacari i bet you don't remember me 
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  13. Selvaria Bles added a post in a topic Man Up Guild Tera Online   

    so what server will Man UP be establishing their territory Orwen or Edan
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  14. Selvaria Bles added a post in a topic Man Up Guild Tera Online   

    lol is this the real lacari lol 
    So what server is man up going to try to dominate Edon ?
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  15. Selvaria Bles added a topic in General   

    Falsely Advertised Reserved Name Save for CB2 and Launch
    This is falsely advertised should be corrected 
    From twitter 
    Black Desert Online ‏@BDO_News 4h4 hours ago Notice to all CBT-2 Testers, unfortunately Name Reservations will not work for CBT-2, but they will work guaranteed for the Official Launch.
    17.02 | 08:00 UTC
    • Everyone who reserved his name by 08:00 UTC will be able to use his reserved name during CBT2 to test this feature
    • 9 replies