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  1. Sara added a topic in General   

    Black Desert taking forever after PA logo + freezing/stuttering
    Alright so yesterday I restarted my bdo, was wondering why it was taking forever to launch, then I had stuttering and freezing, which I shouldn't have because I have a beast of a computer and I have been playing without a problem since I have built this computer.
    Anyhoo, wondering what the hell it is, doubt it's a hardware problem because yeah, I know what I am doing on that end haha, 7700k @ 5GHz / M.2 Samsung 960 / 1080 / Windows 7 - Specs
    Anyone else had this issue? I have
    1 - set all settings to low, nothing
    2 - DDU nvdia drivers and then installed newest, nothing
    3 - Set compability settings to everything and checked the dpi settings, nothing
    4 - repaired bdo, nothing
    5 - ran sfc /scannow, nothing
    Got any ideas?
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  2. Sara added a post in a topic Fix Remote collection   

    Leave it guys, this guy is a retard, after telling him if there's ANYTHING in the inventory he starts talking about trade goods, git gud noob.
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  3. Sara added a post in a topic Fix Remote collection   

    What needs to be fixed? If you have ANYTHING in your boat it will be sent to the nearest wharf...you know, this is implemented to stop people from moving their trade goods from one place to another by teleporting the ship.
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  4. Sara added a topic in General   

    While preparing for Mediah.. (quest)
    This quest asks me to level up to level 50, I haven't played for 6 months ish so I have no clue if this is a new quest or something but all my characters are level 50 so what do I do?
    Cancel the quest?
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  5. Sara added a post in a topic Pop-in issue   

    1 - This is an MMO
    2 - GTA 5 has a max of what 32 players within a lobby? They are all spread across the map, BDO has 50+ players within a city
    3 - BDO is CPU intensive, sure you have an I7 but 2nd gen? People are rocking 6th gen i7s now, you need to update and keep up with the game man
    4 - Your gpu sucks outright
    5 - Clearly you don't get that when the game drops to 2 fps, that it's a sign to say "BUY ME SOME NEW AND BETTER GEAR OR GIT GUD AND PLAY ON LOW SETTINGS!"
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  6. Sara added a post in a topic Pop-in issue   

    You need to update your machine lol, those specs are terrible to be playing anything above low quality, get a better cpu, get a better graphic card, ram is ok 16 gig is more than enough,, get an ssd if you don't have one either, playing on ultra settings with your specs - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RUN THE GAME EL OH EL.
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  7. Sara added a post in a topic Items still DISAPPEAR from the marketplace   

    If your item is above 150% of the average market price it doesn't show up, this has been said over and over by GMs. git gud.
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  8. Sara added a post in a topic WHY NO MORE BLACK SPIRIT BOARD GAME!?!?!?!?   

    If events were permanent they wouldn't be events then #logic
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  9. Sara added a post in a topic P2w only been here 2 weeks   

  10. Sara added a post in a topic New Font in game?   

    The original EU version font was a shitty non bold text, in KR it was bold and you could read it, I am pretty sure we are on the bold version these days, way before this patch though
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  11. Sara added a post in a topic Witch's Earrings Drop Rate   

    Normal skeletons have a lower drop rate of earings (archers/skeletons/soldiers) the mobs with the higher chance of dropping an earring are the green orcs / lizards / other variation of lizards/
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  12. Sara added a post in a topic Next Big Game?   

    is this lineage available in the UK for IOS?
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  13. Sara added a post in a topic Horse Problems   

    I believe you had loot on your horse, if so and it died, your horse will be sent to the nearest stable/town that it died to.
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  14. Sara added a post in a topic gathering proff 7 any exp tips?   

    Higher gathering means you have a higher chance of not using an energy up while gathering, so you can gather for longer.
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  15. Sara added a post in a topic Has Kzhaka weapon got buffed in KR yet?   

    Don't care, I don't play enough to even bother thinking about accuracy, I just spray and pray, niggas get shook with the phew phew
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