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  1. tris added a post in a topic +20 enhancement system lost me as a customer   

    if u are a real life looser and can play game 24h a day then just play. But don't expect everyone else is just a real life looser as u. At least don't come and play cool here. Thats people like us who has a job, a house, paying bills that gives people like you a chance to play bdo 24h. So be a little thankful will you?
    u talk so much bullshlt. U actually believe any words u say urself?
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  2. tris added a post in a topic How to increase max durability > 100?   

    ic. I was thinking if it was possible to make durability to above 100, etc 110 or 150 by any ways.
    But thanks. Seems there are no way for it 
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  3. tris added a topic in General   

    How to increase max durability > 100?
    anyone knows? thanks
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  4. tris added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    i didnt get new horse. not in account page either.
    so what now? 
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  5. tris added a post in a topic The day CM_Jouska rekt a hacker   

    Reminding me of when Jesus met his disciples 
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  6. tris added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    Some i know went from artisan to master 15 within that weekend in eu. I haven't gone 1 master level up since Monday to now. Fulltime fishing. It's definitely 1000% xp increase.  
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  7. tris added a post in a topic Are you happy with daum??? Survey >>>>Vote here<<<<   

    sorry. Yours isnt any better.  narrowed and kinda useless. 
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  8. tris added a post in a topic Player/Customer Satisfaction Poll   

    Terrible poll. Think u don't see the whole picture. Service is not just about how fast or good reply u get when u send tickets.  But also and more importantly how they manage the game and overall behaviour to their costumers. Totally narrowed, biased in the way and useless poll 
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  9. tris added a post in a topic Are you happy with daum??? Survey >>>>Vote here<<<<   

    Could be more options about where the problems are and how to improve. So the poll can be more constructive. Otherwise nice try to show the state of minds of the many disappointed customers 
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  10. tris added a post in a topic Is BDO your last MMO too?   

    Looking forward to Lineage eternal coming out
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  11. tris added a post in a topic ***The leaderboard loses its meaning – So the game***   

    is there any reason to be the fastest runner, best tennis player, name ''Tigerwoods'' or become the winner of world fisher championship?

    I really dont know. Maybe you ask them..
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  12. tris added a post in a topic whyman!!?? why????!!!   

    I dont know but when you show such a strong opinion about such a trivial matter, so little tolerance, narcissistic might be you
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  13. tris added a post in a topic ***The leaderboard loses its meaning – So the game***   

    I really hope that you have the guts to stand up for people in your real life when they experiencing injustice and not how u clearly do for yourself
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  14. tris added a post in a topic ***The leaderboard loses its meaning – So the game***   

    Thank you for your kindness
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  15. tris added a post in a topic ***The leaderboard loses its meaning – So the game***   

    I dont agree with you in this. the way you see things. They can back the items or close the account. I don't mind. 
    You dont sell a racer and promising him the fastest car, take his money then the car showed to be a damaged one. No apology and responsibility after that? What about the time and money the racer have wasted? Respect?
    Refund is a very small thing in this matter. But a way to show guideline of the right and wrong. 
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