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  1. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic ATTENDANCE rewards last week so much effort?! LUL   

    Sizer I've seen you post a bunch of times and generally seem to have the right of most situations but I've gotta ask.  Where is your profile gif from?   I'm positive i've seen it but just cant recall where and It's slowly driving me crazy af.  
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  2. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic What Class Did You Retire To Join The Darkness ?   

    I retired my RL to return to the game and play DK 
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  3. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic Just got the game!   

    The best advice in this game is generally to play what you like to play.   As a side note, I'd say that DK is about as new player friendly as Wiz/Witch/Ranger in my opinion.  Though until 56 it feels like a melee class, after it transforms into a very high powered darkness themed mage that is very good at farming in PVE (and a force to be reckoned with in group pvp as well).  I returned some time back and have been deeply enjoying mine.  
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  4. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic Needing Advices   

    Invest your 100 mil silver in your weapons.  Your grunil set is fine, but having at least +15 on your liverto should be treated as a priority (and going from 15 to PRI is actually very easily done too).  Since you will have access to the Olvia servers as a returning or new players, go to Susans for xp as soon as you hit 120 AP/180ish DP.  That is enough for the mobs, and most of the pvpers you run into are also new or returning players, so its not like on the other servers.   This is pure anecdotal evidence, but I went at about those stats and found myself to be more than adaquate on my DK.  Around 55 or 56 when I was closer to 130/210 I actually had quite a bit of fun when ppl flagged on me and only really ran into 1 person who was just a brick wall that I couldn't scratch.    
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  5. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic Some thoughts on why BDO is a failed game   

    Now on the other hand (and yes I realize this post was tongue-in-cheek):
    Reasons BDO Is a successful Game:
    At least 1-3 people at any given time feel so passionately about the game they feel the need to pepper the forums with posts about how the game has failed.   
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  6. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic Soldier's Grave Mob Density   

    You just gave me flashbacks to early GW1 PVE.   Wa/Mo Gryphon farming & eventually 55 Monk, the build that broke the game so hard that Anet had to introduce new monsters specifically just to counter them.    Good times!
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  7. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic Cannot force enhancement 15+ to PRI?   

    I got to +37 fs upgrading Liverto kriegs from +13 to +14;   52 FS going to +15.   Got PRI at 18 failstacks (started at 15 or 16).   Blue awakening weapon actually went easier for me (13 --> 14 was done at like 20 fail stacks successfully; +14 --> 15 was done at about 35, but I only started at 25 after the liverto experience.  PRI was also relatively easy on this as well).  
    Note:  Obviously this is just anecdotal, but that is about how RNG treated me.   
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  8. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic For everyone who is having this error   

    I legit couldn't get the game to launch with this error;  tried restarting; re connecting;  monitoring processes, nothing.  Then i got pissed and just downloaded a $20 antivirus and then the game began working again.   Prolly some sketchy shit from downloading some random shit on this pos laptop.  
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  9. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic Sorceress Gear (End Game)   

    As a recently returned player myself I feel the need to let you know that the real expense of the gear you have selected is not in acquiring it, but upgrading it.   Though you say you want to get the right gear first so you don't have to change it, keep in mind that getting that gear to Duo or TET will cost you Billions of silver in memory fragments to repair.  I'd worry that this choice may leave you in the early 50s lvlwise without the funds to continue to upgrade the gear to be able to progress further and may even cause you to lose interest in the game.   In the end it's your decision, but wanted to throw ya a heads up.  
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  10. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic How to effectively play a Musa?   

    It is a movement based class and lightly armored melee deeps class that shares a hit and juke style a bit with Sorceress.    What does your gear look like also?  (Could be a big factor-- I just grabbed my sorc's armor and at lvl 18 nothing could even damage me.  
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  11. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic Interested in this game   

    If you would like a 7 day guest pass I have an extra.  Message me on the forums and I'll reply with one once they are available at launch.
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  12. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    Hi, I would like a confirmation as to whether my items will wiped (I want them wiped as they are claimed on the wrong server.) It failed the first time but went through the second time but would not allow me to select the other server when I claimed.
    Server name: Edan
    Family Name Rofl_Stompskin.
    Again my guild is all on orwen and I have since moved there and leveled another sorc so please confirm the wipe of the preordering items from the character Rofl_Stompskin so that they are reclaimable.
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  13. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic Opinion about sorceress   

    I find sorceress quite fun.  
    I have no idea about the endgame as I'm not there yet.  
    1v1 as it's a mixture of caster/rogue and thus excels in small scale combat.
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  14. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic Help me pick a class (sorc,witch,ranger)   

    A lot of sorceress' effectiveness comes from the skills you select.   By no means is this a Bible for spending, but it gives you a general idea on what is effective.  
    I'm loving sorceress so far;  black wave and claws of darkness are awesome and make playing the class much more enjoyable.  That being said it is a bit of an adjustment moving to a caster/rogue hybrid and it's not for everyone. Wizard/witch and ranger def have larger aoes for chain grinding.  I'd still recommend playing your sorc to 25 or so to see if you like it then!  Hope this helped and enjoy BDO!
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  15. RoflStompskin added a post in a topic Server Transfers?   

    I seriously wouldn't mind paying.  I know I could just reroll to be with my friends but I've grown attached to my sorc!
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